True Calendar 8 for Windows Phone

True Calendar 8 is the scheduler Windows Phone owners have been waiting for

Back a few weeks ago, we brought you the news on Chronos Calendar, a powerful and sharp looking Windows Phone calendar replacement that actually hooked into your account. While we rather enjoy that app a lot, many of you shrieked at the design noting it wasn’t “Metro” enough.

Well, we think we have something for you vocal bunch: True Calendar 8. Yes, it’s a rather powerful calendar replacement that also hooks into your Outlook/Hotmail account so that you can directly add appointments and sync your other imported calendars.

True Calendar 8 for Windows Phone

The app pales to the feature list and customizability of Chronos, but it is version 1.0, so we’ll cut the developer some slack there—things can always be added later. The fact of the matter is this is a very nice Metro/Modern UI calendar and it can easily replace the default system one. So what does it have?

True Calendar 8 for Windows Phone

  • Views: Month, week, day, agenda,
  • Add dates
  • Add, edit, delete from Live/Hotmail dates
  • Search by dates
  • Edit, delete Google dates is planned

We’re not going to pull punches: it’s a pretty awesome app and we have no problem telling you to go and grab the trial. If you like it, it will set you back a modest $1.49 and considering how important these things are, we think that’s fair.

Scoop up the one and only True Calendar 8 right here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. Thanks, jcw108, for the tip!

QR: True Calendar 8


Reader comments

True Calendar 8 is the scheduler Windows Phone owners have been waiting for


I like the listing in the full size, wish it had at least your next apt. On the mid size one

Also find it strange that the adgenda doesn't default to todays date

Not yet, but I imagine it's down the road. Haven't heard of Simple folks need to stop keeping these things to yourself ;)

Simple Calendar is nice, but you still need to use the default calendar to add/edit things, which is a bit of a pain. Then again, free.

Hi Daniel, this is the developer of Simple Calendar, I sent you guys tips to review Simple Calendar before it was released (with links to the beta xap) but never heard back, so I went to the forums to announce it once it was released... the wpcentral community is great, lots of good feedback :)
I have a big update coming if you want a sneak peak, I can share the xap with you before the update goes live, just let me know.

Wow, I don't know how this app was missed.  I downloaded Simple Calender, and it's everything I was looking for.  Great app and keep up the good work!

Not having exchange support is huge deal breaker. Since all of my appointment/meetings are handled through it for work. Simple Calender is an amazing app.

I have three calendars on gmail but only syncs the first one. The same with chronos. Still looking for the perfect calendar app

VsysCalendar WP8 syncs multiple Google calendars. It has some rough edges but gets updated once in a while.

I believe you have to go to on you phone and choose which calendars you want synched. As well google is make that more difficult because they want you to buy Android to interface with there stuff.

This thing does not work properly.  It does not display the right date on the tile, and in agenda view it always goes to the date that was set to instead of todays date.  Also the goto button does not work unless you have something scheduled that date.

Thanks but this won't replace Chronos for me. It might not be as ModernUI but because of how fluid it is and how easy it is to use, I'll let that slide. Chronos is one well done app and it keeps its job on my L920.

Many users don't like the default calendar. The month view doesn't tell you anything about the appointments, there's no week view, and the agenda view still confuses me after using a Windows Phone for almost two years.

Says it isn't available for my device, I suspect they have limited the regions... I live in Australia.
Oh well, no money for them from me. Talk about not wanting money, considering Australia is one nation that isn't in recession and we have money to spend.

I still like WeekView 8 better. I use non-stock because of the week view, show multiple appointments on the live tile, and better searching.

I am in dire need of good calendar app and once week look lonigly over to Blackberry and wonder why we are not treated to something that nice. I am using Chronos right now and for the most part am quite happy with it although i have some issues. The style beeing one. 
Can you select month view as default?
Is it the stock WP appointment creator? With that i mean is it equally as cumbersome to set a reminder for an appointment?
Can you sort appointments by people?

Have been reading the whole article only to see it was WP8 at the end of it (yes the app name should have been a clue).
Too bad for us poor forgotten legacy WP7.8 users ;-)
Knowing that I opened WPC because I wanted to see if there was any alternative to Chronos (great, by the way, apart from the non-metro style), you can guess how I went from happiness (kinda) to disappointment ;-)

Please WPC team, do something to put the targeted OS at the top of the article and visible in your app (title color? little pic?)... Thanks!

Will facebook EVER release an API for their Calendar? If not I just have to wait for MS to wake the f up and improve the native one. :|

You should have a look to WP Calendar.
It's available on WP7 and WP8. More customization but currently got the WP limitation regarding modify and delete appointment. It also open way faster that True calendar.
More player on the ground is good for everyone :)

FINALLY an app which has a perfect looking week view. All the others I've tried have been horrid.

The week view is definitely my favourite part of this app, too. The live tile, on the other hand, really needs some work (design & functionality).
Edit: Actually, I have come to appreciate the month view even more, as it is so clearly superior to the version found in the native calendar.

The agenda is all wrong, the days left to a birthday don't match. And does not sync with Google Calender. Not A good start

Is there a calnedar which can handle : Exchange, Outlook/Live Calendar, Name Days and Facebook calendar ( events, birthdays etc. ) too?

Amazing the first photo shows the battery indicator full and charging. Is it what they call solar charging?

did you give a shot to Week Calendar?
it's available for both WP7/8.
warning: I am the author! :-)
anyway this True Calendar 8 is great.

Does anybody know of any calendar apps that do background sync? For example if I added an event on my PC the live tile should update to reflect this, without me having to enter the app. That has been my major gripe with Chronos calendar.

Should probably change the heading to "...Windows Phone 8 owners" have been waiting for. Disappointed to see this is not available for WP7.

Appointile rocks and is frequently updated. Plus lock screen support as well as Exchange. Been using this since day one of WP

There are a number of good third party calendars out there but the one thing they all lack is the ability to edit existing appointments, or view details of private appointments, which means I have to launch the default MS calendar if I need to do either of these two things.  
Microsoft needs to release this ability to developers or give their own calendar a major upgrade, because it's so annoying to have to use two separate calendar apps.