Ubisoft uses Kinect's leering eye to get you to Shape Up

Shape Up leverages Kinect's camera to bring you into the game

Ubisoft is launching a new fitness game called Shape Up exclusively on Xbox One that will hopefully get you into better shape. The game uses Kinect's camera tech to project the user into the game, sort of like bringing a user into a virtual world. This way, Kinect isn't staring and leering at you in the hopes of making you feel guilty about being a couch potato.

"Using the Kinect camera, players will have a head to toe image of themselves projected into the game which will aid in keeping track of their workouts and calories burned each session," Ubisoft said.

"Workouts can be mundane so it was a real challenge to adapt all of these crazy activities into exercises that are truly effective," said the Creative Director of Shape Up, Charles Huteau. "Shape Up is set to revolutionize fitness games by proving that the more fun you have while working out, the longer you'll stick with it to achieve better results."

The game is coming November 2014.

Source: Ubisoft


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Ubisoft uses Kinect's leering eye to get you to Shape Up


For those who are challenged to get to the gym the Kinect has great potential. I want to set mine up upstairs to get in shape. Interested to see what this offers over the Xbox fitness apps

I have Shape Up for the Xbox 360 and it's a kickass game/app using Kinect. Really good programs in there, even for gym rats like myself.

Can't wait to get this for the One, Ubisoft makes some great titles.

I was really hoping Ubisoft would announce a Kinect-controlled sequel to Child of Eden. Alas, they did not.

I don't understand why no one has made a Kinect-controlled platformer yet where you literally run, jump, and attack by running, jumping, and attacking. That just seems like it would be fun and good exercise.