UC Browser updated, more browsing features available

UC Browser

UC Browser has been updated for Windows Phone. The popular third-party web browser offers unique functionality that's not offered by the default Internet Explorer. We last looked at the app back in January when optimisations and synchronicity were added in a previous release. So what's new in this latest update?

This release sports some interesting additions. The ability to cache online videos on selected websites is now available. Users can then watch them later on without an internet connection. Desktop mode is also reported as a new feature. The full change log for version 2.9 contains the following:

  • Watch Offline
  • View It Later
  • Visit as PC
  • Smart Cache

Updated numerous times, UC Browser is a well-rated app and a favourite among many consumers. It's well worth checking out if you're looking for a different web experience on Windows Phone. You can download UC Browser from the Windows Phone Store (both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x).

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Reader comments

UC Browser updated, more browsing features available


The ability to save and watch videos later- does that use the same amount of data as just viewing it with a data connection? Also, does this apply to just you tube videos?

I think the point is to save it for later while on a WiFi connection if you want to save data. Otherwise, bandwidth is essentially the same.

I like to switch it up sometimes. The app is nice as long as you don't get the "out of memory" warning.

It has many features IE lacks, but ultimately it can't substitute IE. Doesn't work at all on some sites. Why can't IE have a back button? Makes me mad sometimes.

It may go back, or it may switch tabs or exit the app.  The result of hitting that back button in IE is often unpredictable, which makes for a lousy user experience.  And where's the forward button?

Excuse me, I don't seem to be able to tell back from forward. I meant a forward button. Why can't IE implement a forward button?

Yeah, we lost a few features like that in the upgrade to Mango. Not really sure why Microsoft has stripped away functionality...

Installed it, it froze, uninstalled....though if it works in windows 8, I'd give it another chance. It does look good.

Me too! Don't see it in the near or far future, unless MS and google decide to partner somehow. Google has already stopped or are planning a future halt of a majority of their services on the WP platform. But, I like the chrome browser so much better. The settings, incognito ability (instead of the all or nothing "block some" or "block all" cookies in IE, and the non-problematic pop up settings are better for me. It just seems for me that chrome is a bit faster as well. Anyway, hopefully they will update IE to be just as good.

Is there any browser on Windows Phone that works with nexbus.com?  The lack of this is killing me.  No app I have found in the store comes close.

Is there any browser on Windows Phone that works with nexbus.com?  The lack of this is killing me.  No app I have found in the store comes close.

Don't believe you ;)

When you use the stock browser on WP8 it just says "Determining your location" forever. It should show every bus at every stop nearby.

I like the style of it and it has some nice functionality, but unfortunately it also has this weird behaviour on one of my most frquented sites where it just reloads a page over and over again until you hit cancel. That makes it hardly usable for me. Which is a shame because i like the Speed Dial and dedicated back and forward buttons. 

I'm content with IE. Just wish Firefox existed: not Chrome for obvious reason (switched from Android because of Google).

It's better in most cases than IE.  Only problem I have is Speed Dial still have the default icons on most sites.

Doesn't log into any website! 
unless you put speed mode on but then you get a very light version of the website...
doesn't save password if the web page is https...
when I browse purevid.com, to play a video, it says i should install flash, while this website is working on android and iOS
because it have also an HTML5 version, but browsing with the lumia and UC, you only reach the Flash version...
So even the design is nice and have a rotation lock, it didn't solve my issues...

i m not able to install it on my lumia 620 when i open the store then i try to find in store but 0 results for my phone.
after that i downloaded it from windowsphone.com manually and put into SD card, when i open store on my phone, it is available in SD card but says it is not compatible then what i should do

1. Fix the "Recovering memory for you" issue.
2. Change the live tiles of selected pages to show a screenshot of the page instead of just an icon, this would be much more appealing. That is how IE does things, but it does decorate the start screen a little more.
Thanks for offering alternatives,