Unlocked White Lumia 900 Windows Phone available on eBay

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An unlocked white Lumia 900 is available on eBay with expected shipping dates between April 3rd-9th. The handset joins the black and cyan versions that were previously available on the auction site back in January. The only difference separating the previous listings and this new one is the colour and price tag. The white Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone will set you back $829.

You never know with eBay listings such as this so proceed at your own risk. Check out the auction (and make your purchase) by following the source link to the item listing.

Source: eBay; thanks Cole for the heads up!


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Unlocked White Lumia 900 Windows Phone available on eBay


That picture seems to be a white Lumia 800. You can see the curved glass, no sign of the front facing camera, and the capacitive buttons are placed in the exact location as the Lumia 800.

Yeah, the price is pretty laughable but 5 have sold already, so there is a demand for this phone. That is a good sign. G:
Can't wait to pick two up for $99 each give or take...

no way this is 900, look at it.. it's so small in his hands...i hv black 800 it's exactly covers the same area on my palm.. it's small even if he has super monster hands..

829$ US, 499$ CAN  ,, hmmm its cause the CAN $ is worth 1.01$ VS US...its almost double the price in the US Even with the exchange rate!   your better off driving to canada to buy one!!! ROLF!! 

Not sure I get the logic here.. You'd still be paying on usd once the price is converted back.. Since the person is coming from the usa

499$ CAN = 498$ US .... we sale the nokia at 499 , US sales it at 8**$ , the exchange rate is almsot the SAME (off by 0,01$) so ur lossing like 300$+ in the US.  even with Duty tax or w/e ur still saving over 200$(min) , so if ur not far from CAN come on down!

Oh you mean like that? My bad I misunderstood what you said. In any case, it's $899 in USA because you get a Purity Headset, and a NFC speaker (or something) and who knows how much the drive into Canada will be if you're not near the border! Best to just wait for the Lumia 900 :)

I paid $870 for my HTC Mozart on 18th Oct 2010. Not a bad price if you think something is worth it. I always say if you care enough about something you should be willing to support it with your pocket.

so instead of flooding the stores with these phones we are forced to look at ebay to grab em. what the hell is MS/Nokia doing. its the 5th of March and not one word about a release date.

Rogers in Canada will have it $500 off-contract, but still carrier locked and not available in white. Is white worth $300? Not when black is still so sexy imo...

if the release date is april for US ATT version and this version were set to ship ASAP, then i'd think about it. But otherwise it's better to wait