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User experience report praises iOS 7, slams Windows Phone 8 on customisation, OS annoyances

With both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C announced already, just how good is Apple's iOS 7? We've been using it for a short while and we'll admit that it doesn't feel half bad, but Pfeiffer Consulting has taken a rather in-depth look at how Apple's new OS ranks against Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10 and Google's Android (note the firm used Samsung's implementation of Android over the stock version).

So how does iOS 7 fare against the competition? Quite well, according to the report. It's worth noting that the team looked at software alone, so forget high-end hardware and the best Lumia Windows Phones - we're strictly talking about the software layer. Here's what the firm scored each platform on:

  • Cognitive load - The difficulty users face when familiarising themselves to use the operating system spontaneously and intuitively
  • Efficiency - How efficiently key features and services are integrated for ease of operation
  • Customization - How many options an operating system provides to allow a user to tailor it to their personal tastes
  • User experience friction (UEF) -  Pfeiffer describes this as "the bad stuff, the aspects of a device that can annoy you in a niggling way, or, in extreme cases, drive you crazy"

Some of the results aren't good for Windows Phone 8. For cognitive load, Microsoft came in a joint second with iOS 6, behind iOS 7 but ahead of the rest. It's a simple UI and we'll agree with the scoring provided. Moving onto efficiency, Windows Phone was hit hard due to offering "limited notification management and basic multitasking." We won't disagree there as these are some well documented suggestions from consumers.

Lumia 925
Lack of customisation in Windows Phone?

Customisation is an interesting one. Windows Phone came in last, by a clear mile, but it's strange to have the OS slated for lack of personalisation. Granted, you can't customise the start screen to have a pink background and white tiles, but there's the emphasis on a sleek look, which is achieved by the level of customisation presently available.

To give the platform a 2/10 simply because you can't place an image as the background is ignoring other areas that are easily customisable. Lockscreen, Live Tiles themselves and the system themes available are ample enough to get cracking while developers ensure their app experiences are unique enough to draw attention.

Lastly, for user experience friction, Windows Phone came in the last spot again. iOS 7 scored 14, while Microsoft came away with 51 (lower is better). The "lack of customisation" is once again brought up. There are numerous niggles with the system that we've highlighted in the past, which Microsoft needs to address. The system wide volume control, no way to close apps easily, lack of a unified notification centre, "Other" storage issues, severe battery drain and more all ruin the experience for some.

Wrapping up the report, Pfeiffer Consulting rates iOS 7 as the best operating system available for mobile devices. While Windows Phone fared better than Android and Blackberry 10 in some of the tests, it was shot down for lack of basic functionality and limited features (notification center, multitasking controls and more). Here's the overall picture:

Mobile OS UX Results

Windows Phone 8 sitting in last place. We will agree with some of the niggles pointed out, but look forward to seeing what GDR3 and major Blue updates both address. Head on over to Pfeiffer and read the full document.

Source: Pfeiffer (PDF), via: Register


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User experience report praises iOS 7, slams Windows Phone 8 on customisation, OS annoyances



Windows Media Center and Zune are both waiting for minor updates to turn them from half-hearted but highly promising products to market juggernauts.

Oh wait, Zune was dropped and Xbox One won't have WMC extender support?

Yay, Microsoft!

Yes, every WP user wants those issues addressed. But then also there would be loads of such "studies" just changing the parameters or raising some different issue, thus making the same rankings. A sheep will always be a sheep.

Could someone please tell me why on earth one would want different volume control in apps and for ringer... That's the thing I hated about iOS. Not knowing which volume I changed and the status of the other. A single volume control is one of my favorite features of windows phone. Far less confusion.

Because, if you listen to a music, you might put the volume down like 10% to avoid from hearing impaired but this 10% volume also applied to the ringtone which causes you to miss important call when you are sleeping. You need to change the volume up to 100% after listening to a music and change it back to 10% when you want to listen to music.. This is why people want to control the volume separately.

Ugh I suppose I will have to accept that people want this feature but I would rather not have it... Or at least have a more obvious solution than iOS. For example if the volume rocker controlled all sound except notifications then have a slider for notifications or something. I hate on iOS that you can only change volume for the app you're in, it's confusing. If you're in a game and you want to know how loud your ringer is, you'd have to leave the app. Overall I like it the way it is, but I hope if MS implements the idea, they do it in a more smart way.

For example if the volume rocker controlled all sound except notifications then have a slider for notifications or something.
this is exactly how ios works already.  in the settings app under sound there is a ringers and alerts slider,  you can turn off change with buttons under the slider and then set your alerts to what volume you want, and then they always stay that way. 

Another example: when you are listening to a music with 10% volume on earpieces and at the same time, you have whatsapp message's sound notification from your friends which uses ONLY loud speaker to notify you, and the way to turn it off only by reducing the volume down to 0% and this will also silent your music. Frustrated.

While some ratings here seem fair, the thing that perplexes me is how do you reasearch and publish user experience for an OS that is less than a week old. I mean, IOS 7 was released on the 18th. This company needs to have a set of criteria, a user base that does the rating based on a few weeks of usage. Without that, I am not sure how valid the research is!!

Do you have a link or something that states that info?
If true, then the whole survey truely should be trhown out as not being valid.  This would be no different than if Microsoft did something similar and it was said that WP was beter than IOS
I HATE companies who disquise being neutral when really they doing something to falsly elevate one product over another

I agree but still apple always have their work done on time with quality and hardly any bugs, so i don't think they had to consider a criteria for iOS7.

Except for the glaring security bug that allowed people to makes calls and see and share your photos on your locked device...

Not true, I have IOS 7 on ipod Touch, I found bugs and inconsitancies in the UI. The first bug that I have discovered is in the app store. There is no intuitive way to delete all the apps that I have updated since the system update to IOS7 from 6.0.1. They are always there no matter how many times I kill the app and restart. That is a very annoying bug. Worst of all I see that I have updates on the app store ICON but I dont see the "update all" option inside the app
Slightly digressing but, since we are discussing UI experience here, there is another UI issue with the apps thingy, the motto is "there is an App for that" and not all apps are designed the same. the facebook app and the design principle of IOS. I have to move my finger and tap all over the place to get a job done. There is no consistant experience. In WP my finger always is near the 3 soft keys and there is vertical or horizontal swipe. It is the same with every app.
what about this, some apps don't follow the IOS 7 guidelines, some apps do follow. how come Apple with all thier control have no control on the developers. The philosopy "There is an app for that" is itself becoming questionable?
What stupid colours IOS 7 has, it hurts the eyes, its is too bright, when you exit an app the screen suddenly gets flashier it is not at all pleasing I am getting pissed as to why I updated to IOS7
I think this review is totally biased and I think the credibility of the reviewers is questionable?

Why, I think it is a bug, why would I want to see all the apps that have been updated when I expect to see of list of apps that need updating. This list belongs in history and anyways, I would like the ability to purge it. The other thing is, what happens if there are 50 apps that need updating, do I want to scroll down and see all of this. I think this is a half baked feature. They did not have place for a history icon/option below that is why they may have just left it in update list. The other thing is this page does not refresh itself, if I have scrolled 50 apps below and the app store icon show 1 update when I launch appstore again, the update page remains in the same position and I have to scroll back all the way to check which app is getting updated.

I think you're right & you should switch to Zune bro.

Oops! that Zune thing failed & died the death of FLOP FAILURE Product in competition to iPods :P

Just tell me why would you even want to waste your time watching which app got an update, at the end you just update it.. Since they had it earlier and made it more practical and time saving by doing auto update possible, so bro you cant call it a bug.

I never mentioned Zune, this is a discussion about IOS 7 and WP user experience. Apple screwed us by giving a half baked update which performs inferior to the previous update, after charging a shit load of money, I am not happy, they should give us an option to go back or fix the issues. M$ also has these issues, but they don't charge us a shit load of money, I don't have to dark goggles to use the device. but wait why am I wasting time arguing with isheep. Apple is god to all you guys

Seems like he is technically challenged :D
He calls a feature of auto updating the apps in app store as a bug :D
Be thankful that you've so many features in you iPod that your WP8 doesnt have I use Nokia Lumia 820 + iPad Mini and I can see there are very few bugs(4-5) but those bugs have nothing to do with this test..

"Just tell me why would you even want to waste your time watching which app got an update, at the end you just update it.. Since they had it earlier and made it more practical and time saving by doing auto update possible, so bro you cant call it a bug."
That is exactly what I am saying, if I don't need to watch which app is being updated or has already been updated, why have a list of apps that have been updated, keep it blank or don't have that option in App-store, The behaviour in IOS 6 is correct, the behaviour in IOS 7 is broken. Looks like they wanted to have 5 options at the bottom and they have it that is all.
This may not be a big bug, it is annoying, but it shows that IOS 7 UI still needs work and is not complete. User experience is last on thier minds. they are playing catch up game with WP and android.

Say Anything to prove your point but iOS is the most practicle OS with least bugs, which is too common with ANDROID & WP.

I personally don't understand why people want to put a picture on the start screen. The tiles cover the entire screen, so a picture would be useless, you couldn't see anything. Idk, even if you said "its a personal preference" I would still point this fact out. I of course have a custom background on everything I own, and even I see zero point in a start screen wallpaper

It's called OS/App envy. People see something another OS has, and immediately want it no matter what. Despite the fact that it simply won't work with whatever OS they are using. Give people what they cry about wanting and soon enough WP will completely morph into ios or android.

If you go the store there is a background picture there. Why does Microsoft allow a background there and not on the start screen? It's there because it makes it more attactive so they should allow users to put a picture on the start screen.

Go to your photos hub. Viola background picture with your apps on top. Perfect. They even allow you to choose your favorite pictures. I wish that was my start screen.

There's empty space where you can actually see the background, not so much on the Start Screen. I suppose you can make an argument for the app list though.

Actually if you allow for transperency then it looks pretty nice.

Had that option in an android launcher I had (launcher 7) Also had to option to change tiles and text I could have yellow tiles with black texts (looked SUPER nice)

Just wish wp8.1 gives more customization options..

Well, you can also swipe to the right for apps list, that's like 90% of the screen just white/black, could use an image at the background ;)

The betas have been available for months.
And as Josh points out Apple is Pfeiffer's client, so really this report is rather biased.
There's some fair points about the report, but it's one sided approach slants things towards Apple in most cases and against Android and Windows Phone.
Saying something like "notification centre" is missing is unfair because if you were a new smartphone user you would have no concept of such a thing. There's a lot of similar bias in the report and while I agree WP could be better in some areas few of the benefits are mentioned and too many false negatives are there.

The other thing to take into account is other OSes have been out quite a bit longer. At this point everyone knows how to use icon\row-based layout. WP is far departure from that so yeah, different. It isn't that iOS7 is so much better its that everyone knows how to use it already. IOS 7 just provided animations and flatter icons. ZOMG so much easier!!! Android is same kind of deal but I personally feel its disjointed and have been frustrated with it everytime I've used it. WP isn't perfect but personally don't think its anywhere near as bad as this report makes it out to be be

Agreed. The problem with studies is that the conclusions they draw can be skewed/biased based on sample groups they target, or that there may be alternate explanations for the results. To the point that iOS7 is only 1 week old, you might be looking at a biased sample group(those that upgraded that quickly - clearly fans/passionate and aware of the new product likely to give more favorable ratings). There's also happiness/favorability with something that is new.. W8P almost a year old now.. will iOS have the same satisfaction ratings in a year with a larger (more general) sample/install base, and when its no longer so fresh? These are only a few questions that the bring into question the assumptions made in the study, and the validity of its results.

Well the issues are valid but they point out stuff that ios can do for once that others cant do and forget about all the other stuff other systems can do and not even mention that.. but well we know never to trust a statistic you didnt create yourself

Technically on what they hit on, its somewhat accurate, it's not a full view of using WP by far, but can't say its far off. Of course, its all YMMV since there are a lot of things with the OS that i'd like, but wouldn't rate high enough to note it as friction. 

I really looked at what they rate against the OS and most of those things I don't find massively important. I would love more apps but It doesn't really detract much and the customization of the OS was one of the things that ran me off from android. Constantly messing with the OS and never really getting it just right. Don't have to worry about that with WP it just functions right.
Really if WP is the least usable OS then we really are in a new golden age of tech.

I agree. I hope 8.1 is sooner than later. I'm on Verizon and I'm upset for att 920 owners. Even if Microsoft gets it out on time att could hold it up for some time.

Many of these issues should of been fixed a long time ago honestly.  MS has been VERY VERY reluctant to make a notification center, saying "Live times works" but only if you have that tile pinned.  Notification center will save a lot of scrolling and guessing.  Also universal search would GREATLY help my experience, and the ability to close spacific apps.  These are coming in later patches, but really should of been there from launch without having to wait a year for common and needed features other OS's have had for years already.

Yeah, I've never got the "You don't need a notification centre, you've got live tiles" argument.
Live tiles show the state of App. A Notification Centre shows the change in state.

So who's the one that picked up the WP for 5 mins to do this study? I've heard nothing but jealousy from others about how much customization my WP8 does. Is it perfect? No, far from it, but it's not last.

Wow ok, I just read through the full report and this is just ridiculous. Blatant ignorance of the OS like this is the reason why people think that the WP isn't good enough.

Windows Phone is not half baked. Different, yes. Buggy? Every OS has bugs. Remember iOS6 mossing a "sense of direction" with Apple Maps? "Unseen Important functions"? This is two sided. One sode of it is microsoft jad to rebuild Windows Phone a second time, for Windows NT, which means that they lost a number of features. In the long run, this move was necessary, but this meant Microsoft would be devoting more time to restoring lost features than adding features. One the other side, some features are not even necessary. Notification Center (the kind used in android and iOS, that is) is pointless, simce most developers utilize tiles instead of notifications within their apps on Windows Phone, for instance (some "Notification" center that pooled notifications and numeric tile updates for apps that are not pinned or are disabled could be potentially more useful. Theres other ways to do a NC besides Apple's and Google's way).
Windows Phone is no worse than the rest of them, and better than some of them (id say its a step up in most departments from everything but iOS7, and only a step down in a few departments). Yes its missing some valid things, which hinder the OS, and are fairly basic. But its not missing any "urgently" needed functions to my knowledge, and its anything from half baked.
And remember, part of baking is ingredients. You wont see the egg in the cookie, but a better egg makes a difference. The same is true for Windows Phone. you may not "see" nt and every little background enhancement Microsoft makes, but it could make all the difference in the end.
(please pardon any spelling errors)

Lady I respect that you wrote too much but you should be precise and make one liner sentences/Points, as I wont read that big of a comment that weight 25% of the article.

I love my Lumia, but I too feel like the customization is lacking. No custom email or text sounds, and honestly the color choices for backgrounds and tiles are pretty limited.

Same thought. Agreed cant always keep background as white as its too bright for dark & night and black feels dull and boring after 6-8months of use. :/

GDR3 is coming soon I hope to delete and remove all the annoying matters that caused them to give the OS such a bad review.

GDR3 is almost entirely a hardware support fix to allow for next gen phones before Christmas, it will have next to 0 improvements for the UI and UX. Nokia may include some UI and UX improvements, but that is for Lumia phones, not for WP8 in general. The soonest we are going to see any any real OS level improments is going to be WP8.1 which will not be out until Q1 2014 at the earliest.

However, between GDR3 and WP8.1 MS should be done playing catchup on hardware support for a little while. This means that after WP8.1 is released they will have the time to focus on features and usability improvements.
2012 was the year of resetting the core OS (again). 2013 has been the year of hardware support. 2014 will be the year of added features. 2015 will be the year of finally unifying app development and seeing mainstream acceptance. 2016 we may finally see WP eat enough Android business to potentially take the 2nd place spot from Apple.

You are too slow really and no user has patience to live with such excuses about what Microsoft is thinking or executing. The disappointment right now wil lead to slow and no adoption or abandon the platform all together. What are they trying to catch up when most basic features are missing which users are using since ages in other platforms.

say what????? ehhh i dont understand how its less customizable than the iphone o.o either im living in a world where static icons are more customizable than live tiles or i am missing something

Because you can have your own picture in the background covered by static icons so you can't see it :P

well doesnt that make it super innovative and customizable ! but in all seroiusness i rather have my start screen stuff that is relevent to you and not just have some company that locks the home screen to have it look like the other iphone users ....thats just me :)!

Exactly. Static icons that you cannot arrange to show a blank space for your picture. I had to jailbreak my 4S, install an app market for "other" apps, follow a tutorial to create "invisible icons for fake apps" just to see my daughters face on the wallpaper behind some invisible app icons.
Atleast on Android and Symbian I could just create a blank page and look at them. I am content with assigning a picture to the lockscreen on my 1020 and just seeing my daughters everytime I pick up my phone if I would want to do so.
To each his/her own thoiugh...
For the record, I own an iPad 4 with iOS7, iPhone 4 with iOS7, Lumia 1020, Lumia 920, Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia N8, Motorola Droid Pro with Android, and other random phones around the house like a Nokia C7, 5300, a none touch Blackberry and I have own several Android flaghips of their time, Galaxy SII, HTC One S, G2 (not the new G2) and more. I am not speaking from  just a Windows Phone perspective.

There seems to be a pretty obvious bias steamroller at work here-- the vast majority of regular jackoffs with iPhones that I've talked to have said they hated iOS7, some to the point of deliberately not updating. Something about it being buggy and poorly organized.

Don't forget the fact that you can't use custom tones for text or email messages, which I've been able to do since the days of my old Blackberry Pearl...

I think he is talking about one for email one for text. I believe you are talking about setting one for wife kids or boss so you know if you want to look at the phone. That is GDR3 or 8.1 don't recall off the top of my head

I mean if I have a sound clip from Metal Gear Solid on my computer I can't load it onto my phone and use that for my text tone. Even iOS has had this since 5 I believe.

You can put custom tones for call ringers, but not texting and email. That's a legitimate ding on WP. Oh, and no GDR2/Amber for my 920 yet. That's another ding. Users are complaining about iOS 7, about the motion it causes and overly bright design hurting eyes; amazing that fanboy reviewers don't acknowledge that.

Lol, sounds like a worried ios user that's concerned about how quickly were catching them up. WP may have its problems still, but it gets so much better every update.

No it absolutely doesn't. Its been almost the same since WP8 launched. Next to zero new features and nothing that's been noteworthy. Its still worse functionally than 7 was.

You failed to mention in the article that Pfieffer is a partner of Apple.
This "study" has been widely reported and no one has pointed that out, this is rubbish.

Since Windows or Microsoft doesn't have any such partner to do such studies / surveys Microsoft suffers & apple wins... Tell your fanatic MSFT to get a survey company partnered and do an analysis show Apple down.. Till sushh..!! Fact is any damn day Apple or Android is way better than WP8

you know he wont... he is a stupid troll with no Windows Phone, but still comes and trolls every thread. he is not even a smart troll but he still loves to talk crap. dont waste your time, but its annoying when he responds to other people comments like if people wanted to hear his stupidity.

Hey buddy you telling me GTFO or you getting angry doesnt change the fact that Apple will do another survey & will again dominate MSFT and you'll nag and Apple would still win over MSFT. Reelaaaxxx :P :D 

You're missing the point, sites are reporting this without disclosing Apple's relationship with the surveying company, a very essential, basic rule of journalism.
Then you have psycho fan boys who roam the internet trolling comments, ignoring facts and reason... like you.

Hey Bro Missed ya a lot..
You're right Apple had se* with that Survey company & produced a baby result which did pee on MSFT's face.
But the fact here is despite the survey:
1. iOS is better than WP8 OS. 
2. They'll do a same kinda survey again to showdown MSFT.
3. MSFT will again do an adv saying SCROOGLED.
4. MSFT will again do an adv mimicing Siri say "Oops! I dont have that feat." but fact is MSFT RT tabs or phones have a Voice Assistant that is much worse compared to Symbian's.
5. We both can nag but fact is Apple won this Survey & MSFT sold many RT tablets via that adv against Siri or Scroogled.
6. Nobody is clean Apple, Google, MSFT.

It's hard not to agree.  Had this been conducted 8 months ago it would be reletively understandable.  However, it's hard even for the most loyal of WP users, such as I, to overlook some of the features missing in WP8.

Its because of the background. I agree this option should be added regardless of the fact it will make the OS look ugly and with the tiles in the way you question the point.

MS should offer options to change the colour from black or white to multiple colours like we have with tiles

But they don't take into account the lock screen or the tile sizes. They're more worried about folders(which I wouldn't really put into the customization section).

Same here bored of this dullness with black or white color.. It was all good untill iOS lockscreen wallpaper or Android's live wallpapers... :/
Feels like I'm using MS DOS in the days of Augmented Reality..

To be honest, I have never once even considered that there would be a need to set the background color.

Yeah in the beginning I too felt so but I feel a bit jealous in heart when I see that iPhone lockscreen or Android Live wallpaper. But WP8 wallpaper needs to be a bit more interactive like going to Viber/Phone/Skype/Facebook or a chosen app from the bottom when dragged upwards. Just writing text on a pic and making it a weather wallpaper is like a lot less funtional then that of its counterparts like Android or iOS or Jolla, etc.

I agree to that Apple iOS is so rigid to customizations but then always or daily customizing Android is also being very choosy and time waste. I dont know its more of a personal choice.

I'm glad they have done this. When I read the title I though "here we go again, another article swayed by hype and marketing"

As I read on I agree, poor notifications, other storage issue etc.

Microsoft are taking too long to develop Window Phone.

I also feel that if the notification centre is actually just an app and a live tile, this again will show MS not working hard enough in the right areas to develop the OS

If that notification is an app then Screw MSFT I'll be selling of my phone to any fanatic troll fan here of WP8 and get my money as much as possible.

Kiddo learn some basic english as this YESTERDAY word cant be taken as a typo. :D
You should say "I think you should sell it tomorrow"
Now repeat 5 times below this :D

Wow, isn't it past your bedtime?? STFU with all the crying, because you offer nothing but complaints. Sell your WP and move on with your miserable little mobile existence.

^ This. The new study is a joke, "How iOS 7 stacks up" basically means they asked iSheep to rate other platforms, and its no surprise iOS came out on top.

That report came from people who are sponsored/partnered with Apple, thus this report will be invariably biased toward Apple products. This should be noted.

Your nit on the customization measurements/unfairness is enough to say "no thanks" to reading the full report.  Sounds a bit biased.  I can't help but think about how we (WP users) all complain about the ugly app ports from iOS - which is actually an important point that WP does well at.  That is, having the apps compliment the overall platform's UX model.  That's something I really like about WP.

iOS7 lacks TONS of customization that WP8 cant even change the color scheme LOL. what a joke that scoring is.

I would say they were favouring iOS7... but they are absolutely right. It's been four years and the idiots in charge of WP haven't addressed a single customization request from their own uservoice page.
They were slammed and rightly so. And until Microsoft starts taking their own OS seriously, no one else will. And there's no point in blaming Nokia and propagating the lie that an acquisition will solve this. It won't.
Yeah, yeah, we have Live Tiles. So what? If they want to thrive they have to offer what the others do and then some more. Not offer different but less and expect miracles.

By the way, there's more to "customization" than colours alone.

We HOPE we're getting. Nothing has been confirmed. But still, took them 4 years to bring features all others had (including Symbian) already? Seems more like sloppy work...

Idk man... Every leak I've ever seen regarding windows phone has come to fruition. Even the majority of ones NOT reported by wpcentral. Its to the point that if the rum'o'meter says anything about 4, there's some truth to it in my book and I therefore believe it. From mango til now. Ok the only rumor that didn't come true wad that we were getting instagram last spring but still all others have been true

I mean...yeah, ok, but I think it's better to take these with a pinch of salt. Specially when it comes to the features that are supposed to come with GDR3 (namely the custom sounds). I'd rather think they won't be coming that "soon" (albeit almost 4 years late) than to build up expectations and see them unfulfilled ;)

Agreed and WP8 feels like using MS DOS phone in front of ex Android phone having fluid Live wallpaper and iPad with great iOS7 now...

Yes, Apple atleast have colored icons whereas MSFT offers some 16 bit color pastel tiles. Tsk Tsk Tsk  LOLZ Miserable OS with handful of colors to choose from :D
I Use iPad Mini + Nokia Lumia 820 and I'm fully entitled to stay here and express my views about my product. ;)
Now if you've a problem you can GTFO of here.. :D

And we need to get it in Blue. Hopefully Microsoft officially reveals what will be in blue in the near future. But, judging by how long it is taking AT&T to deliver GDR2 I may have a new phone before Blue makes it to me.

We are getting or will get. All these are same. They cannot compare with a future phone yet to come from another universe. The truth is - Microsoft is too slow to react in this fast changing smartphone market and if they don't listen to users, they will be screwed sooner or later.

I have to agree completely. Sure, there have been some new features added since I first got my Lumia 800 but I don't feel they have done enough to get rid of the problems the OS had to start with. Seperate volume controls as I use my phone for music all the time and it annoys the hell out of me. Not being able to customise the msg tone also winds me up and it's about time they got sorted.
It's all well and good people saying 'well these things will be corrected in GDR3 and Blue' but there's no evidence yet to suggest that and the fact this report is focusing on now, not another year down the line.
Microsoft need to get their act together. Supposed to be a software company and they can't keep up with the competition. Quite embarrassing.

This report is garbage. Poorly crafted parameters and the tests were not structured in a manner that would remove bias. Not to mention that the organization that compiled this information had its palms greased by Apple. Its unfortunate that this report is gaining traction on the internet.

WP will never score high on usability because ppl are afraid of new things and seem to only claim ease of use when it comes to a grid based UI.... I have used iOS in the past and I find the lack of a back button unforgiveable.

Oh that drives me nuts when working on clients iPhones. The ones that are sheep. No back button blows my mind.

BB10 is a joke in customization, you just can change your wallpaper, and it has a better score. Yeah right.

This report is dumb. How do you rate WP so low on "integration"? That's one of the biggest strengths with things like the pictures and people hubs! As far as customization, please, there's a lot more to it than changing a background image. I think these "ratings" are ridiculous.

I'm a huge fan of user feedback and user experience studies, but I find this study just doesn't add up right. Some valid points, but mostly junk. Having used Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, I would definitely rate Android as the worst. Maybe most customizable, but the overall experience is a freaking clusterfvck.
And given Windows Phone has an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, how the heck does that fit this user experience study? Most of the people that have picked up my phone and used it, or I showed it to them, think its awesome. And it's certainly more customizable than iOS7.

I am a WP user. One should distinguish between loyalty and satisfaction. I am not happy about wp, but still using it.

This my friends is bullshit once 8.1 is out they wont be able to talk down on wp8 id choose wp8 lumia over android or apple or blackberry any day!

Ridiculous. Is iOS7 truly any different from 6? Not according to my son. And after only one week? I'd say this study is suspect.

That firm is just a paid advertisement for the new iOS7 to look official and pan the competition. They partnered with Apple to provide this comparison to effectively praise the new revision, so while it works, it can in no way be unbiased. =/

Yeah, fck the icon grids emporiums... If iOS7 would not borrow some inspiration from WP then they'd have to call it iOS6S... Silly posers ;). Actually, long since WP7 I never felt like turning back ;)

Multitasking windows are highly required in WP8. When using Facebook Beta there is no option to close it at once. Instead we have to go back to the first news feed page before it closes. That is pathetic.

So Android (Touch UI) scored the highest in Cognitive Load because it can have 104 apps and  widgets on the home screen?? Yeah that totally makes sense in a real world usage scenarios...smh
in other words, they want every phone to be exactly the same. Swipe from top for notifications and grid of icons, folder, etc

That right there truly says it all. That is the basis of what is wrong with this entire industry. People have decided that apple is the standard, and have refused to allow themselves to look past it in any way. If you don't do it like apple, you are doing it wrong... do it like apple and you are copying them. Thinking outside the box is just not a possiility.
But that is nothing but ignorance. And that same ignorance and flood of the same tired, basless, uninformed garbage is what's messing things up.

Well true that no wallpaper but live tiles at start screen makes a good messy wallpaper / Notification center, with each app having a different color tile or with an image on like already mentioned UNIQUE, so each unique tile on start screen makes it too bright with White background which is too bright for night thus you cant have it 24x7. And having black all the time w/ different colors is too joyful until you see that nice wallpaper on a iPhone or Water rippling on an Android phone. And that's when it start to get boring.

I cant disagree that its too common to open Nokia Music with an album art instead of opening Photos app or similarly Settings icon instead of Lumia Storage check.

Its a great UI/UX design of MSFT but not being pursued nicely like an eye candy widget on Android or iOS lock screen.

Meh. I don't need wripoing water because of battery drain, use it for win 8 instead, and I don't really need wallpapers to be happy.

Well there are several others who are actually living in 2014 & not in 1995 MS-DOS era to bear the Black & dull UI.
I agree there is a battery drain(very little) but not a dull blank phone for a year or 2.

I like Windows Phone, but compared to Android for instance, I love android's live wallpaper on my tablet, group apps in folders, and a screen that is mostly clean. However, Windows Phone is faster in starting apps most of the time. What WP is lacking is the main apps everyone uses in ios and android. Whether they are crap or not, people love them. I tried to make my gf try WP on my spare 920. She loved the camera, but she missed her pinterest, the real app, also instagram. How hard is for Microsoft to even pay these companies to make an app for windows phone? Unless they have someone paying them not to make it

But most of main apps are there !! this argument would be valid 1 year ago ...  you have some 3rd party apps for pinterest, some of even better than official 3rd party apps for instagram ... every time i see someone complaining about instagram i go instafacepalm ... 

3rd party apps are not free. they are full with ads. People like me dont like to use app that have ads. I rather pay it or don't use it.

Wait, Apple partner? Bullshit, then this whole "survey" is a scam! How like Apple to resort to trickery like this...

WP has its faults as does every OS but it seems like the media is always rating WIndows Phone starting from -10 and looking for pluses to make it neutral.

They ding windows phone because the settings are difficult to adjust (apparently swiping to the left and hitting the settings tile is hard to do) and for not being able to have a background wallpaper. Seriously? The report loses all credibility. There is no category that measures static icons vs live tiles. Clearly, this study was designed from the ground up to lead to the conclusion they already wanted to make. They claim it is a "scientific study" but I assure you, it is not.

WP8 is a completely different OS paradigm than iOS or Android, and even Blackberry. I can see how the testers, obviously Apple fanboys, can come to their conclusions. I agree that WP8 needs some tweaks, and others have pointed them out well; but I like WP8 because it's different. For someone coming over from Apple or Android, it looks totally different than what they are used to, but once you get to understand how it works and what you can do with it, basic tasks are much easier. Hopefully, upcoming improvements will address some of the concerns. I've never been an Apple user (MacOS or iOS), but I came to WP from Android. While Android is okay, I prefer WP, and that's why I'm still sticking with it.

This is complete bullshit. For example in the study they say you can only fit 12 tiles on the screen why on iOS 24 fit on the homescreen. They just counted the tiles on the picture, and ignored that you can make tiles small so exactly 24 fit on the startscreen, and on the leaked Nokia Phablet it would even be 60.

I've said this before: windows phone feels like a beta, its missing sooo much and microsoft is mad slow upgrading the system and giving users more customization, okay we can resize tiles in a black or white background, so what? , the OS is simple but just way too plain, i like it but it need a lot of improvements and microsoft seems not to listen to what users want and how we want it ..

So according to them, iOS offers better customization? Last I checked, iOS doesn't offer any kind of customization apart from moving icons on the grid.

F*ck blabla-consulting-blabla. Anyone has his price, also this "serious" consulting companies. Nothing more to say!

Already after reading the first paragraph this company should be completely disregarded. Using TouchWiz and saying its the same as Android? Can't do it.

Don't care. It's basically an opinionated review with some numbers thrown at it. Reviews/comparisons from Engadget, Gizmodo, The Verge, and the legions of other tech blogs hold more weight. The fact they used a skinned version of Android and not a Nexus device just tells me their clueless.

I shall add, most android users see my Lumia and say, woow, that start screen tiles and colors look awesome. MOST. so there you go, they're all tired of those boring icons. Yet, they stick to android and iOS for APPs. Lol. Sigh

jajajaj bullshit... recently i play a lot whit a IOS7 device... and i found it boring and difficult to manage... i rather preffer android... and of course Windows Phone at least for me its way better than ios7 (customization and UX)

Agreed. The reason I'm getting away from window phone is the loading and glitching I have to endure. Multitasking fails in browser tabs, if you switch tabs and switch back, too often the tabs refresh and you lose your progress (very annoying with forum posting). Music services are bugged and navigation is bugged. Too many bugs, Windows Phone Is the most frustrating OS out there. It takes too long for OS functions, and loading screens are very slow. I abandoned Windows 8 because of glitches, mainly in the browser, but as a long time fan and Windows supporter, I've had enough with the annoyances. Windows UI was attractive to me, but now these tiles seem overwhelming in term of to-the-point functionality, not to mention the many bugs associated with using them.

I enjoyed Windows, but I think they rushed into this, and should have waited. All the great things about the OS are hindered by the bad, and its been like that for too long.

Sorry. I can't wait for them to fix their issues, because in order to do that they need to go back to the drawing board, and we all know Microsoft is too stubborn for that.

And this is why apple sold over 9 million device in a weekend not because they suck. What's the most wp device we sold in a weekend?

One word..... Marketing!!!! Same OS, different icons. I wonder where they got the idea to 'simplify' the look of iOS?????

People will choose whatever OS they want and give the finger to pffeifer consulting,what the hell people stop listening to crap like this ,if you like wp go for it

Freaking annoying that I cant create a playlist on the music app without adding tracks to the now playing que and saving that que as a play list.
So basically If I have a playlist called (I ROCK) and i want to add the song (LETS ROCK) to that playlist. Instead of directly adding tah tsong to the playlist I have to first.
Play the playlist. Search for the track, add the track to now playing que. Save the new now playing que. So then I have 2 playlists named teh same and I have to delete the old playlist.
Horrible exectuion. And the ability to spam the fuck out of the back button to close an app. Its been like that for 3 years already. WAKE TEH FUCK UP MICROSOFT. Those annoyances are just 2 of teh many currently present on the system.

Yeah, praising iOS 7 for sending people home suffering from vertigo....see the story posted on the verge.

Completely biased report ungrounded in facts but rather opinion of what is important in a mobile OS as well as the features and aspects that take priority in a mobile OS.  

I can accept ios7 being above due to what we all know and want (notifications, kill an app etc) but bb10 above? Are you kidding! Its the most unintuitive, jarring experience there is out there!