Verizon Lumia 830 specs rumored to include 20.1 MP PureView camera, 4.5-inch display

Although all eyes are focused on the imminent release of the HTC One (M8) for Windows, Verizon is expected to get also get a mid-range phone dubbed the Lumia 830. The Lumia 830 goes by the codename Tesla/Superman, and as the model number suggests, it is a 2014 replacement for the aging Lumia 820.

Over at TK Tech News, a site that is making waves recently with some of their leaks (which they shamelessly pay for), a new photo reveals a Windows Phone lit up in the dark, and it is supposedly the Lumia 830 for Verizon. The image in the video is unremarkable as it could be any Windows Phone, but the phone is being sent directly to TK Tech News who will presumably do a full hands-on if it proves to be accurate.

While the image in the video does not show much, the specs for the Lumia 830 – at least the Verizon variant – are teased. Assuming these features bear out the Lumia 830 may be an interesting mid-range device for Microsoft.

Verizon Lumia 830 specifications (rumored)

  • 4.5-inch 720P display
  • 20.1 MP PureView camera
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1
  • Micro SD

Whereas the display is perhaps underwhelming, the 20.1 MP PureView camera is not. It is no secret that Nokia – and now Microsoft – like to push technology down the product line as costs are reduced, and PureView is cited as one such candidate. The Lumia 820 only came with Carl Zeiss optics, but it lacked the Lumia 920's high-end PureView technology, which includes optical-image stabilization (OIS), better sensor, and more powerful software.

According to the Verge, Stephen Elop recently described 'Tesla' as an "affordable high-end phone" during a recent company meeting.

Supposed photos of the Lumia 830 from a few weeks ago show a device similar in design to the Lumia 930 but with a thinner, less bulky profile. Interestingly, the back of the device reveals a Lumia 1020- esque camera design, reinforcing the notion that this phone comes with a more serious camera than the previous generation.

We will have to wait and see if the phone TK Tech receives the phone in question. Evan Blass, who recently retired his @evleaks Twitter account, considers TK Tech a rival who could take his place in terms of scoops on phone leaks. This Lumia 830 for Verizon may prove the point, but for now, we putting this under plausible rumor. Evleaks reported that the AT&T variant, codenamed Superman, is also due around the same time as Verizon's version.

Source: TK Tech News; Thanks, asd4589, for the tip


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Verizon Lumia 830 specs rumored to include 20.1 MP PureView camera, 4.5-inch display



I bought my Lumia 920 almost two years ago and it seems nothing hardware wise has really changed in the WP/nokia ecosystem....and its quite sad that I'm considering an iphone6 if nothing comes out that sparks my interest. Love my 920 but I don't want to get the same thing again...was really looking forward to the mclaren/3D touch.

What's so big change in iPhone design. All have the same shape only screen is getting little bigger. Where as Lumia 620 has different shape than 720, the 630 has the best shape in Lumias now.

Yes you are most correct. But he is talking a high end device -L920 to a iPhones6 with two choices 4.7-5.5 where as with the Lumia line everything under the L920 is middle to low end devices. I sort of know how he feels .my line of thought is if T-MO doesn't cone in with a high end WP I could very well look at the iPhone6 as well.

What does the iPhone 6 boast as of right now that makes it a better choice though? I for one am certainly awaiting a 1020 like phone on all carriers with a microSD and dual or quad-core CPU, but honestly, 5 to 5S what made that a "must buy", vs the jump to a 20 mp cam, WP 8.1 and Lumia design? Just curious. All I see for the iPhone 6 thus far is the bigger screen. I've seen the iPhone mockups and as with every iPhone it is probably best experienced in person but, how can you claim that a mid to low end phone with these rumored specs is a poor choice vs whatever we DON'T KNOW about the iPhone 6(or whatever it will be called...I'm betting on just "iPhone" as car manufacturers have known for years and Apple themselves with Macbooks the numbers become irrelevant after awhile. Like a movie series except The Expendables or Back to the Future, they are welcome to go to at least 10)?

It sounds to me like, I'm tired of "square", I will go for rectangle this time." Whats so different with square from rectangle aside from its length or heght?

A square is a rectangle with all sides equal ie. a special rectangle. Therefore if Lumia phones are squares and iPhones are rectangles then the design is the same thing but Lumias are special.

Try the Lumia 930, the screen is full hd oled, and the camera is 20mp, it also has windows phone 8.1 out of the box. It also has a bit of an iPhone look to it =) I would never get an iPhone, the camera on the latest one pales in comparison to the 920 alone... and I know, because I've compared with my friends, who thought my photo's were amazing - they were actually blown away... not bad for a two year "out of date" phone! The good thing with Windows Phone's is they age better than anything else out there =) After all it's much harder to improve something that's already great! =)

I'm considering an upgrade from my HTC 8X to the Lumia Icon as it is free on Verizon. It is still intriguing and so far I haven't seen much in the pipeline to say ill be disappointed with my choice if I do.

I just upgraded to the Icon, and it's an incredible device. I've had the Lumia 900 and 920, and the Icon is better than both in just about every aspect. I was never crazy about bright colored devices, so my white Icon is actually preferred. I'd say go for it, I haven't been disappointed yet. 

I've basically already come to the conclusion I'll be owning an iPhone come Sept. It's kinda sad I've invested three years into WP and now I've gotta start all over again.

Enjoy the iPhone6... Friends of mine jumped ship to iPhone and they loved it. That is, until the next round of Windows Phones were released. Have patience, young grasshopper, there are awesome flagships comin! ;)

Exactly. One of my friends had a 720 during the WP8 era. Then he thought the platform isn't maturing, its boring, blahblah and got a Blackberry Z10 (I know, I called him stupid too :D). But soon, the 8.1 came out and now he's planning to sell his Z10 on ebay and get an 830/730.

I have a friend that changes his phones every 3 or 4 months. Android->WP->IOS->Andriod->... He is never satisfied with phones and there is always something that he wants in a competing OS... Always.

He seems to completely forget that he switched because something wasn't perfect and then... he does it again.

LOL that's pretty much every single one of my customers. I've urged them to try Windows Phone because for everything this OS lacks there is so much more to love about it.

But they won't because "there's no apps".

You are absolutely right. I have a L925 and have been wanting to test an Android device so as to experience it. I didn't want to buy a new device just for testing moreover I wanted to install Sailfish in the droid device that I was going to purchase. So for that reason I settled down with a used Nexus 2012 16GB.

But after experiencing the smooth windows phone os, I really don't see any plus point in android other than apps. I am not a fan, but I love windows phone OS- it's intuitive, smart, simple and not resource hungry at least from my short experience.

Mention the number 300,000 to them ;) and counting....and going up in spring 2015 with Threshold! That'll shut them right up.

1520/930 are nice updates. However, you probably want something new, so lets wait for 1030!!! Ok I am using my free 1520 to reply you now...

I feel the exact same way.  When I heard they canceled the mclaren/3D touch, my first thought was, "I'm probably gonna buy the new iPhone if it has a screen that is 5 inches or larger."  I'm going to take a wait and see approach but none of the new hardware coming out for WP is holding my interest at the moment.

I bet you 5 dollars you never would have used the "3d" touch. There a reason they stopped it. It was probably just like Samsungs useless apps.

I am sure everyone thought the same when touch screens were introduced. Even if none of us will use the 3d touch, WP ecosystem still needs those exclusive features (both hardware and software) to grow further. 

I would assume that the reason they cancelled 3D touch is because the technology was not fully ready. 

I think Microsoft wants Samsung, Apple or other OEMs to come with a 3D touch first and analyze the sales figures. They will then plan and bring back the McLaren as a competition.

MS had always been this way.

You wouldn't use that feature everyday, however, these features are why Samsungs sell so well, becuase one phone has a feature that can take a picture with your palm, and the other one doesn't. It's useless, but a person who doesn't know anything about technology will buy the gimmick in case they need it.

People Jumping ecosystems all because of a phone that doesn't match their criteria, too funny. What is wrong with your current hardware? It is not like it is not going any updates lol.

"What is wrong with your current hardware?"

Well, I'm pretty sure I made it clear that I want a phone with a larger screen.  So that is one problem.  WP8.1 has slowed my 920 down a little too so it would be nice to have somehting that is faster.  The 920 also doesn't have PurView. Nevermind, that I originally used iOS for a number of years so I still have access to most of my apps.  

Actually, no, I didn't.  I knew the 808 was the first phone to have the tech but I thought the 1020 was the first one for WP.  Plus, I thought the PureView phones had "PureView" written close to the lense.  Nevertheless, I would like something higher res...

Lumia 1520: 6", best battery life, yet not too heavy, has a uSD slot and OIS camera (20MP), 4xHAAC microphones, Assertive display for bright sunshine, Miracast, gloves-on super-sensitivity (good on cold mornings), etc - and I know a trick how to use it with one hand ;-)

I've considered the 1520 and I like it, but I'd really like the latest and greatest.  The 1520 isn't that old but it's not exactly new either.  I've considered waititing to upgrade once it's successor is announced.  Unfortunately, my lust for new gadgets is hard to tame.  

If you're so concerned with a larger screen and wanting a better version of the 920 then what's wrong with the 1520/Icon/930?  I have the Icon and love it, best phone available IMO, tho I'd like the 1520.3 on TMO just for the cheaper plan, larger 6" and Icon features that ATT didn't remove. How is it possible that the 1520/Icon/930 aren't superior enough to the 920 that you would want to jump to the iPhone 6? Yeah, the 6 will probably get a larger screen, but it still runs iOS, so where's the real advantage here other than more apps? Either of these upgrades would give you a larger screen, better performance and a better camera. You literally gave no valid reason to why any of these phones are inferior to your 920, sounds like someone just wants to complain and nitpick for no reason....enjoy the apple bandwagon.

Oh boy.  Did anyone bother to read the part where I said I'd take a "wait and see approach"?  Nope.  You see the iPhone or iOS and it's off the races to see who can convert the heretic.  

Whatever.  I don't have to jusitfy anything to anyone, but since you seem to think I'm some Apple fanatic who doesn't know what he's missing with WP I'll enlighten you:  


I actually like the Icon and the 1520 quite a bit.  The problem is I'm not leaving ATT anytime soon and my contract is up in November so I won't be getting the Icon.  I could get the1520 but it's been out too long and I'd rather wait for its successor.  Thanks for thinking you know what I need though just from reading my brief post here.  

Oh, and you don't sound any better than the people who crap all over WP when you start accusing people of nitpicking and jumping on the bandwagon.  

Don't worry about the hecklers. Its perfectly acceptable to consider all options for a phone you'll have for the next 2 years. I have Verizon so i feel its more than likely have this rumored phone or the HTC One M8 Windows Phone. With that said I won't lie and say I haven't considered the new iPhone. I wish I could have the Windows Phone OS and all of the apps, games and peripheral support iOS enjoys. I'll never go for Android anything however its good to have options.

LOL, probably one of the best replies I've ever read. That was so awesome. But I wondered the same... Glad I didn't ask haha.

No one is stopping you, I also like all tech things...but ur reasoning is off radar, admit it. How in the world you know iPhone is gonna have latest and greatest hardware? Please tell me and show me the processor comparison, whatever name they use A10000 with the latest and greatest Qualcomm one. Wait and watch is ok, but put some valid points to the arguments, pls.

Oh boy.  Did anyone bother to read the part where I said I'd take a "wait and see approach"?  Nope.  You see the iPhone or iOS and it's off the races to see who can convert the heretic.  

Whatever.  I don't have to jusitfy anything to anyone, but since you seem to think I'm some Apple fanatic who doesn't know what he's missing with WP I'll enlighten you:  


I actually like the Icon and the 1520 quite a bit.  The problem is I'm not leaving ATT anytime soon and my contract is up in November so I won't be getting the Icon.  I could get the1520 but it's been out too long and I'd rather wait for its successor.  Thanks for thinking you know what I need though just from reading my brief post here.  

Oh, and you don't sound any better than the people who crap all over WP when you start accusing people of nitpicking and jumping on the bandwagon.  

I was only replying to the specific comments you had made in that one post that I replied to.  It sounded like you were saying that nothing was currently better than the 920.  I went back and did see the comments that you referred to, and then I saw the post that you made ~10 mins after mine so it makes more sense now and we actually have a very similar viewpoint.  I agree with you that with the cancellation of mclaren there doesn't appear to be any truly high end flagship device to be released in the next few months, when you'd be finished with your contract.

I constantly see new phones that are typical minor revisions to currently available hardware and people really only buy them cuz they're newer, not because they truly change anything. I carry two phones, android and windows phone, and I patiently waited for a great wp to come out on verizon, getting the icon the day it came out, always frustrated with the att exclusives and having to wait.  I had the original iphone as well, so I'm definitely open to any and all devices, whichever I think is best.  Since I'm not tied into any ecosystem I have the flexibility to move when I feel something is better. 

If the iPhone 6 came out with some amazing new features other than a simple screen size upgrade and adding the other basic features that're already on WP/Android then I'd definitely consider dropping my current android phone.

What I'd like to see is a combo of the 1520 size in the Icon case with an improved 1020 camera and more advanced software features with a snapdragon 805 and other advanced hardware.  Other than that, my bad for not getting the full context of what you were saying, I realize now how similar our view is....

The iPhone doesn't even have a 720p screen yet, forget NFC or Qi charging or a 20MP camera. Maybe 5 years from now the iPhone will have all that.

The comments I've read really escapes logic, oh I'm getting the new iPhone because it has a big screen... Eh the 1520 and 930 plus has qi and nfc which the new iPhone most likely won't have.

I think the unhealthy obession a lot of us have been acting out with next gen smartphones will soon have to find a different outlet. the progression is slowing down and it's becoming almost impossible to justify upgrading year-on-year at this point. all the best phones have been basically the same for several years now; lumias, iphones and galaxy phones have all pretty much stalled design wise. sure, one may have slightly more megapixels than the next one, but the differences are negligable and the companies can't really fulfill the demand for innovation that they have created. i'm saying this because i've been considering getting the new iphone, but based on leaked images and rumours, there's simply not enough there to justify the purchase. 

I can see plenty of areas to improve. I want to use a stylus to take notes like I did with WM in 2009. And the stylus needs to fit in the chassis of the phone as was standard until the POS consumer-based iPhone took over. I would love a real keyboard again. Better zoom would be sweet. How about night vision? Why not?

A stylus on a WP device makes so much sense. A 1520 with stylus IS the surface mini with rt basically now. I'd buy in a second!

In the same boat. Next 5" inch phone with wireless charging and 20 mp camera is what I am waiting for on ATT else maybe iPhone on TMob as payback to both.

Lumia 1520? Better camera, better display, better processor, more ram, built-in wireless charger, micro SD... No hardware improvements?!?!?!

Technically a phablet is anything over 5", although I always thought it was over 5.5"-6". I've seen the 1520 and it's definitely in the ridiculous, phablet, comedy-phone size.

I'm in the same position. Love my 920, but I'm looking for something to get excited about when my contract is up in November. If the 1520 were 5" it would replace my 920 as my all-time favorite, and I'd get it and be briefly excited by its newness and all the many incremental improvements. But I want all of that AND something new/different. I was excited by iPhone 5S Touch ID and Moto X multi-processor X8 architecture. These innovations allow for new kinds of experiences. It may not be entirely rational but who cares. I'm not going to apologize on this site for being a picky enthusiast.

1520 might get a refresh this year, but "mainstream" high end phone is unlikely to be released until about a month after MWC.

You are not alone. I am officially sick of windows phones. I have had it since 2010 and I'm gonna buy an iPhone6 since I've never owned one any apple products.

I don't get it. A colleague of mine been using an iPhone for many years. Now seeing me with a Windows Phone went out and got himself not one but two Windows phone. One is a 925 and the other is a 630 or something and is so happy with it.

fuck off with your big screens, not EVERY single phone has to be 5+ inches! There is also a market for "small" phones, but 4,5 isnt really that small.
If you dont like it, get a 930 or 1520 and be happy.

4.5" is actually small if you've used 4.7"+ phones. I went from a Titan II to a 920 and that 0.2" actually does make a difference, even though you wouldn't think it.

LOL I jumped from the 925 to 1520 (same size as 1320) and after two weeks, my 925 feels like a tiny toy.

i dunno about .2", but i went from the 920 to the 930, and the extra .5" helps... also maybe the higher resolution and the fact its oled... although the lcd in the 920 doesn't blur when you slide, something i noticed immediately on the 930. However i can live with that, as the screen is so beautiful otherwise =D

Oh yes! The SlowMotion or whateva name it has is great! Awesome! Marvelous! Love my 920, 930 does not worth it. Waiting for 940+

Interesting,I see no indication in his post that he was demanding that all phones have 5+ inch screens. He merely said he was hoping for one. No need to go on a rant...

If you haven't noticed:

There's currently ONE Lumia of the x30 series at ordinary screen size.

And it's the 530, which is the lowest of the low end in terms of specs, making it seem that Microsoft/Nokia gave it a small screen for a price reduction instead of for practical purposes. It's starting to look like small screen size is seen as a lack of features by Microsoft.


You should understand that a certain portion of users is very irritable by this point. They've shown us five phones, (530, 630, 730, 830 and 930 - And don't forget that 1330 and 1530 will be phablets) of which only one is small, and there's constantly people in the comments who seem to be offended by the idea that a phone is just very large instead of ultra large.

It gets obnoxious after a while.


And the death of the 8s' support just made it worse. It was the Chinese twin of the 620.

+1. Ideal size is 4.3-5. Any larger and it doesn't fit in your pocket well or it looks stupid when making calls (all phablets)

Thank you.

I almost thought that I was the only sane man on this website.

Seriously, the internet seems to be full of guys who can't comprehend the idea that not all phones should be xbox size. Meanwhile, in the real world, everyone agrees that modern phones are way too fucking large, to the point of not seeing any possible options for buying a device in the near future.


I'm still waiting for a current gen WP with a sane screen size. It should be slightly smaller than the 620. Either less thick or with a smaller bezel or, if nothing else, a 3.7" screen (instead of 3.8").

I want a 620 successor with 1GB RAM, higher pixel density screen (The "show more tiles" option looks atrocious due to the low pixel density of the 620), a slightly better camera, slightly better battery, Qi and a radio module.

Man I am sorry. But I don't see in the near future that any companies are going to announce any devices of such specs... More possible buy a smartwatch or so.

Even Apple that created the myth of the perfect size phone as being 3.5" has stopped producing phones below 4". Apple soon will be moving to 4.7" and 5.5" screen sizes. I think you should stop expecting small size smartphones to return in the near future. If you want small phones, the only to get them will be to buy a feature phone.

I don't get your point. I shouldn't complain because people like me somehow have less valuable money than people who follow the phablet boom?


I'm a customer. If the companies don't cater to me, I won't buy their products. And I know at least one iPhone user who won't buy the next gen iPhone if the size rumors are true. And she really wanted to upgrade her obsolete device.

Chill....  if you compare the Lumia 928 to the Icon, the phones are almost identical in size, with the Icon only being a slight taller, even though the screen is a .5" larger.  I would expect the 830 to be the same size phone as the 820, even though the screen will be .2" larger.  I had the 822 and liked the size.

I kinda agree with that, you could also add 625 and 1320 to the big phone list

I currently have the 3,8" Lumia 620 and the 4,5" 830 would be a great update, because I would like a bit bigger phone (with higher resolution), but not too big

The Lumia 830 has a bigger screen. 4.3 vs 4.5. Frankly that's one of the things I love of the leak of today: 4.5" screen.

I'm with "vb4". There are enough big phones! I have an 820 and was looking forward to a successor with a 4.3 screen. The one in the picture looks huge. I'm starting to worry I won't have a 4.3 option anymore with WP.

"Was hoping for a bigger screen, but yes time to upgrade my 820!"

If you want a bigger screen, there's already 2 phones from Nokia to you: 1520 and 1320. Why would you want another one?

screen size is also dependant on ratio. i.e. my mums 635 is narrower than my 1020. both are 4.5" measured over a longer diagonal on the 635 and so thinner! 5" 16:9 is the same width roughly as 16:10 4.5" i.e. the the 930 is only taller than the 1020 not wider!


I know stating the obivous! but we need to remember this... as the older generations were all 16:10

Nope, the ratio was not 16:10 - it is 15:9. That means the 4.5" screen of 920, 925, 1020 is the same width that a 16:9 4.7" screen would be.

With carriers moving to plans like VZW's Edge, I think the mid-range phone is really compelling.  It is an area that Windows Phone could do really well with to compete against the iPhone and Samsung high end phones.

Why does Verizon's Edge program make mid-range phones more compelling? I'm not following the logic. I thought it would make high-end phones more compelling. Please explain.

Under a traditional 2 year contract, consumers paid up front, one time for their phone.  Most phones fell between $100 and $200.  People easily justify paying more one time for a good phone.  Under the Edge plan, they pay monthly for their phone (cost divided by 20).  More expensive phones will increase their monthly bill more than a mid-range.  Therefore; I believe that more people will move to a mid-range phone to help drive down the monthly cost of their plan.

I am one of those "more people". I simply do not wish to spend $700ish on a phone that I don't utilize to its full capacity. This phone is enticing because it suits my current number one desire in a phone: a great camera to take pictures and videos of my family. This is why I moved from my old iphone to my current L920. Now I'm looking for a camera upgrade, while not having to buy a flagship, which this phone looks to meet. Either that or buy a low end phone and a point and shoot camera *shudders*.

Midrange is the most exciting range. Most have many smarthphone features and less fluff than flagships. Flagships are super expensive and have gimicky features I just dont use.

Is there seriously some binding contract with MS/Verizon prohibiting new phones on AT&T? The last good phone we got was 9 months ago. Sorry for complaining but I think it to be relevant.

   Would be nice. Still really like my 820; but the upgrades to become a 830 would be right up my alley. Bought a 925 to upgrade the 820 a few months ago; but after using it awhile gave it to my wife (replace her 520) and went back to my 820. Reasons; removeable battery, SD card slot, wireless charging, same CPU etc as the 925, smaller size phone. Hear the new 830 will have a 4.5 or 4.7 screen. I can live with that; but nothing bigger. I have two tablets; 7" and 8.9", don't need another tablet to carry in my pocket. Here's hoping it comes pretty soon.

i love my 820 as well. if this a a true 820 upgrade then count me in. i dont think it will be 20mp cam, maybe 10-16mp with pureview. as long as it has a SD slot, removable battery, same size screen as the 820 with higher res, glance screen, capacitive buttons, camera button, i would be very happy. the cpu could be a snapdragon 800 or 600 (cost saving) also have at least a 1.2 mp ff camera, would be cool if it was wide angled.


i think reason why the camera hole is big bc i believe the sensor could be a little bigger for the next generation pureview tech.

Right now all they have is 630 and 521 refurbished


Seems like it's always "hoping" on T-Mo. Pretty sure I'll be joining my wife's Verizon plan to get the W8 later this month.

He doesn't even know the struggle of being on T-Mobile.smh All AT&T got was the 920, 1020, and the 1520. Those poor guys.lol Just teasing. But seriously.lol

Yeah I left att with my 920 to t mobile because I got tired of paying inane amounts of money every month. But t mobile has a crappy coverage once you get on the road

Try being on U.S. Cellular. Still the only WP phone they have, and one that came way late to the game, is the Samsung Ativ Odyseey.

I left Verizon for att. U need to hear some 1030 leak info. Have an upgrade in November and i can't wait to burn it.

Really?  And I thought AT&T got all the good Windows Phones.  Verizon got the 928 seven months after the 920.  Eight months after that, they finally release the Icon.  Meanwhile, AT&T got the 925, 1020, 1520 and has had the 520 all this time.  I assume that the 930 will be available soon as well.  With all that said, I can't wait for the day that you can get any Windows Phone on any carrier.  I would have had the 920 when it was released, except I didn't want to switch to AT&T.  I got the 822 instead until I upgraded to the 928.

Yeah and they will continue to do a piss poor job of carrying or pushing the phones in their stores. Verizon's master plan to kill WP in the US!!

Well until now they aren't really doing anything special to promote WP. Do they even carry WP in their stores or just carry them online? And their sales reps push other platforms. And any Verizon commercials I see on TV for phone sales always show an Android phone.  #Fail 

One word and one hope:unlocked. We can't count on Windows Phone parity for T-Mobile but if you want the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, or LG Android phone you wont have any problems at all.smh

This. Finally a WP on Verizon that isn't a phablet, I am now holding off getting a nw phone and seeing if this pans out.

But this has 720p and a better camera.  The screen is slightly bigger too.  I'm sure it has the Snapdragon 400 quad core too instead of the old S4 that came in the 822.  It sounds like a good upgrade to me.  I like that 822 had a front camera, user replaceable battery, sd slot and a back cover that can be swapped out.

Sure, on paper, the specs are better. But in my useage (yours may be different), I haven't had any issues with speed and from what I can tell, the camera on the 822 works great (I do not fine-tune anything other than to make sure it's taking pictures in hi-res).

As for screen-size, is .2" really that significant? Remember, you're gonna have to pay $199 when you "upgrade" your phone on contract. Is that worth it? Nope.

How is a 20 MP camera, 720P screen, and who knows what else no better than the 822? I look forward to replacing my 822 with this as long as the rest of it checks out.

Sure, on paper, the specs are better. But in my useage (yours may be different), I haven't had any issues with speed and from what I can tell, the camera on the 822 works great (I do not fine-tune anything other than to make sure it's taking pictures in hi-res).

As for screen-size, is .2" really that significant? Remember, you're gonna have to pay $199 when you "upgrade" your phone on contract. Is that worth it? Nope.

Well, if this camera is anything like the Icon's then it's much better than the 822's. The size of the screen isn't significant, but the display quality is. The 822's screen is pretty good, but a higher resolution would definitely make it look better. And I wouldn't be surprised if it's $99 on contract to start with. I got my 822 from Walmart.com for free with a $100 gift card a month or so after it came out. I don't expect to get that good of a deal, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it as low $50 within weeks after it comes out.

I personally want a high end phone with a 4.3-4.5" screen, but I don't think we're ever going to see that from this point on.

Hi-res is always a good thing, but are you or anyone else, really going to notice on such a small screen? You could be right on pricing, but again, I don't feel like spending money on what is basically the same phone (in my eyes, anyhow). An Icon with an SD card is more what I'm looking for.


The difference is definitely noticeable. Have you compared the Icon's screen to the 822? I'm always amazed at how nice the Icon's screen is.

The perfect phone for me would be an Icon with SD card support, Glance, maybe lighter (I like to run with my phone, otherwise weight doesn't matter to me), and with a smaller screen. But that's never going to happen so I'm never going to be 100% satisfied.

But Icon's screen is much larger than the 822's so the effect would be worth it. The analogy I would use would be that HD on a TV of 19" would be wasted unless you were mere inches from it.

Yep, been biching about this for a LONG time now.....As said the ICON would of been epic if it had expandable storage but, I upgrade a 928 to a ICON and I get 0 extra as far as storage goes....and my 32gb is 3gb away from being full, same as it was on my 928...., always deleting something just to add something...dumb for a modern device.

I am really looking forward to seeing the new HTC, if it's that nice with 32gb and MicroSD, I might get rid of the ICON...and UPGRADE

But you had to pay big bucks for that "honor", too, I bet.

I'm sorry, but I cannot justify having to pay $199 to "upgrade" my 822 for basically the exact same phone.

I think this phone will be that phone, and it will be global. Other than that, I have heard nothing regarding something better in terms of a Lumia for '14.

I'd replace the 1020 with 930. So far the 930 has just been a joy to use and everyone who sees it compliments the display because it's so clear and size seems just right. One of my mates with iPhone is now seriously considering it.

Personally, I am thinking that MS won't release anything high end this year. They have their eyes on threshold, Spring 2015 is 1030 time, and possibly an Icon replacement.

I am. I'm also noticing only Verizon is mentioned in a great many articles about newly announced WP phones and they're the only US carrier with the 930. So it does indeed appear to be a lost year for WP on ATT.

Actually, as mentioned at the end, AT&T is rumored to get the 830 too. But since this article is about a Verizon leak, it is less relevant.

Cool thanks. Sorry I didn't catch that the first time around. Really hoping AT&T has some good announcements soon!

Looks interesting. My 822 is starting to limp a bit and the 930 lacks SD and Glance, which is anoying.