Verizon offers $10 discount off Nokia Treasure Tags

Verizon offers 0 off Nokia Treasure Tags

For Lumia users who lose their keys or valuables, Nokia's Treasure Tag will help you find those treasures with your smartphone. Now, Verizon Wireless has a big $10 sale on the $30 accessory, bringing the price down to just $20. The tags are available in either black, white, or yellow, and features a nice loop that you can attach to your keyring.

Combined with free shipping, the tags may be a good accessory for your phone.

What do you think of the deal? Is this an accessory that you'll want for your Lumia phone?

Thanks, Joe W, for the tip.

Source: Verizon Wireless


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Verizon offers $10 discount off Nokia Treasure Tags


I'm using mine. Bought it from Verizon, but I'm on AT&T ;).  Think I'll get another at that price. Then I'll figure out what for.

Actually works pretty well. First of this sort of thing I've picked up. It does tell me when my phone and my tagged item get separated, but that happens a lot in the course of the day. I worry I might get desensitized to the notification. It has also not picked back up on occaision when back in range, subsequently failing to notify the next time. That could be the time you need it. It seems useful, but you have to get used to how it works for a bit.

Keep in mind that those on Preview have agreed to terms regarding intermediate incompatibility. Loss of functionality, etc.

Flash your phone to a generic country variant firmware so you don't have to wait for your slack Telco ever again. I just flashed mine, as Telstra are my Telco, and their after sales support for handsets over 12 months old is awful, even though they sign you up on a 24 month contract.

Nothing for me to blame Microsoft or Nokia for.

I'm glad I found this online and sent it in... Everyone can thank my infant son though... He hid my keys and it took me three hours to find them... At that point I said to myself I am biting the bullet and buying one... Which led me to verizons site

Does anyone have one of these? I'm interested, but I'm not sure if they are actually practical or if they are more of a gimmick.

It is very practical actually. I bought mine from Verizon about 5 months ago. It does not require Cyan update. works as far as I know on any lumia, as long as you can install Treasure App. I use it on my AT&T Lumia 820. I do not use all the time, mostly i keep it turned off to save battery and my ears from annoying beeping, but when i need it i turn it on. The best feature that if you leave behind your keys your phone will signal you and you can Treasure App will open GPS based mode to guide you to the point where your phone lost connection with keys/wallet/girlfried/wife/kid/whatever has Treasure Tag attached. keep in mind you can use up to 5 Tags with one phone...


Works on mine. 1020 Cyan, 8.1.1. Was a bit fidly to get set up, but some persistance paid off. Hard to tell if the device is actually on, in pairing, or what. No guide on what the assorted beeps mean. I just played for a while and it picked up. Been solid since.

"We here at Verizon care about our customers. So we're selling this accessory that the majority of them can't use until we enable them to at a majorly discounted price!"

I don't. WP isn't so big a community that many don't know about DPP. It's free, it is safe, and it gets you the bits way early. I expect the percentage of DPP adopters at any carrier is pretty high.

It's not as safe as you might think- the bitlocker issue for example- why do you think you agree to terms and conditions which state that MS is not responsible for any software problems whatsoever on the program?

Because that sort of disclaimer is on every piece of software. It is no more dangerous than any other update. Plain old patch tuesday updates have cause serious issues. Not limited to MS either. Apple has had to pull general updates as well. And Google. Point is this, is not Beta software, but the RTM bits supplied to OEMs and Carriers. As far as the Bitlocker bug, not devastating. Nokia Software Recovery got you back and you could be back to where you were with some time lost. Wasn't immediately known, but was promulgated rapidly, and has since been fixed, and normal rollouts re-initiated.

I'll grant that some carriers indicate that your warranty is void if you install DPP, but that is their hedge against supporting a product they didn't release. Still easy to restore to 'normal' if you have an issue that would require warranty support.

The DPP still is not totally safe. Bugs can occur. The reason you get things early is because there are unknown issues, that may not affect the majority of users but may still be there, and that carriers are lazy. However you cannot conclusively say it is 'totally safe'.

Read it again. The words totally safe did not leave my fingers. I said as safe as any other update you are likely to get. As safe as the ultimately generally released version. No, you are not getting DPP early because it has bugs, that would be a Beta. That would be incomplete code where the expectation is that you find bugs. The DPP releases fully baked code. Does that mean it is bug free? Of course not. No such thing as bug free code (after you get past a certain level of complexity). There still are bugs in the version that has no been 'officially' released. Some have been noted. Some are still unknown. My assertion is there was no more danger, in the DPP code as any other update/upgrade.

The 8.1 SDK was released to developers on February 10, 2014.   The DPP availability was on April 14, 2014. The developers had two months to verify there were no issues. Even with that there are developers that didn't bother until the final full release. Again, no more of an issue than any other update. I personally had no apps that didn't work, and didn't already have an update waiting when I installed the DPP for 8.1, on Apr 14.  When the final bits were available, I installed those along with CYAN, then immediately reactivated DPP and loaded 8.1.1 (or whatever we call it). MS has found a very clever way of getting us the updates we want, without having to wait for the glacial carrier testing process. Enjoy it.

Any phones running Windows 8 with Lumia Black firmware, or 8.1 with Lumia Cyan firmware.

DP 8.1 w/o Cyan will not work, because they lack BT LE.

Might pick some up. It's range is 131 feet. It would be good for my dog, just in case he gets loose from the yard, your young ones at theme parks or crowded areas, even a make shift silent car alarm. Possibilities are almost endless.

It lets me know I have left my item at 15-20 feet. Haven't played much with how far it can track. Just so you know. With a dog in a normal house, it'll be beeping a lot.

LOL, did Microsoft not aquire the Nokia hardware division? Today would be a great time to release Treasure tag app for non Nokias

Agreed, thats why I stopped using mine. The beeping and notification center was getting full of did you forget something notifications.

I wouldn't call that useless... But overly sensitive maybe. If it didn't beep at all or you stepped out of a cab/lyft (most likely Uber) and it didn't go off until you shut the door and got inside wouldn't you wish for this 'uselessness'?

I live in a small apartment and my keys can't be in the living room with my phone in the bathroom without it going nuts...even if the door is open. The distance between the keys and phone at that point is like 15ft

Well,that's  annoying. I wonder if Cortana can be utilized to setup a geofence for your location. So when you are home the Treasure Tag stops notifiying, When you leave Cortana turns it back on...

Yeah but the Dev program has so far been the same as the official release. So if it doesn't work in Cyan with WP 8.1.1 that could be trouble. Unless 8.1.1 requires yet another firmware update to be fully functional.

It is a dev preview so devs can test their apps with it prior to launch to the public. Bro above demanding an immediate fix is not feasible and reeks of the entitlement stench. When using the dev preview you should *not* expect everything to work.

I can feel how I want! I payed for my phone. There were minor changes in update 1. So why does it not work? I can be entitled all I want!

Again, works just fine on my AT&T 1020, Cyan, 8.1, and DPP to the update (8.1.1). Not a general issue.

Who exactly are you talking to? I don't think anyone that will read your comment can fix it. So yeah, go talk to Microsoft if you want to complain.

Do I need a Lumia to use this? I want to get a few for my fiancée and I but she has an iPhone and I have an 8X.

Edit: I've seen up above that it requires Bluetooth LE apparently so it can work but won't fit devices without that enabled.

Can't comment on it's functionality, but there is a Treasure Tag app in the iOS app store. By the same guy/company that does the one in the Android store (Google Play). The Android one has a 3.1 rating, only 36 reviews. The iPhone has no ratings yet.

Under testing, coming soon. That's the only word on it so far. A yeah bulletin has been released to tell us to tell you that. Wish we could say more.

No. I wish we KNEW more.

Unless you're in Canada, this is a worthless piece of tech. How does Verizon sell this? You can order but it doesn't work..... Sorry.

I agree. And I  would like to add a word to your sentence so that it becomes 'This is the most frustrating thing about cyan update and Verizon!'

Before the last update to the treasure tag app you could disable the on device notifications using the app. Not sure why they removed this functionality with the latest update.

Nice, I have not been able to find these for sale anywhere since they launched a long time ago. They are finallly on Amazon now, but around $50. This is a little more reasonable.

Got mine in the mail today. Works as advertised on my AT&T Lumia 1520. I have Treasure Tag app Installed, Bluetooth and NFC enabled. Through treasure Tag, I was able to easily name the tag "Richard's Keys" and tell notifications what I wanted to happen if the pair became separated. I get notification that have left my keys behind if I go approximately 30 feet from them.