Grand Theft Auto V and Windows Phone

Virtual Windows Phone spotted in Grand Theft Auto V, used for selfies

File this under ‘mildly interesting’ but it looks like the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5, a game that has never been accused of lacking a sense of humor, has a little mobile surprise in it.

The gaming site Kotaku published their GTAV walkthrough video today, which in and of itself is worth your time, but at around the 0:50 second mark a virtual Windows Phone is spotted. The device is used by ‘Trevor’ one of the optional protagonists in the game to snap self-portraits.

Charlie Murder
Windows Phone is a key tool in the hit game 'Charlie Murder'

Like a lot of modern games, virtual smartphones are being used more frequently and not just for gimmicky purposes like selfies but for mapping, calling other characters and even emails. For instance, the hit indie game Charlie Murder on the Xbox 360 makes use of a Windows Phone for tips and instructions and Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One uses SmartGlass to enhance gameplay by actually calling your phone.

Sure, the spotting in GTAV not a huge deal but seeing the iconic Windows Phone more often in pop culture helps reinforce its legitimacy with users, so it’s a good thing to see.

There is some irony here though. Rockstar Games features Windows Phone as a tool in gameplay, but the company created a real smartphone app—for the iPhone—called iFruit. No word if we’ll see a similar companion app for Windows Phone.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Watch the video from Kotaku above and wait for the 50 second mark for the fun.

Source: Kotaku; Thanks, WTapper, for the heads up


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Virtual Windows Phone spotted in Grand Theft Auto V, used for selfies


Yeah, but the logo on the front shows a pear (Apple) phone, but this is nice too

Later in the video Michael (one of the other characters) pulls out his phone which looks more like an iPhone. So the one in the article (trevor's) might be the WP of the in-game world.

After watching the video, I guess each one of the main characters has a diferent OS parody phone. One has a iPhone (iFruit) other has an Android (looks like a Samsung but is not branded) and the other as a Windows Phone.
I know it would be nice to have only Windows Phones but the fact there is no Blackberry reforces Windows Phone as the third Mobile Operating System (which is some kind of a win for us).

Seems like all three main characters have a different brand. The business guy has iPhone, the kid has a Galaxy and apaprantely the psychopath has Windows Phone... Not sure if it's a compliment. But at least we're part of the big three!

I doubt it was "really MS", but they have marketed every where else. I have watch some of the TV fall preview shows and I see Surface tablets and WP8 phones all over the place.

Not marketing... Rockstar have been known for doing this parody kind of thing. Good though.... WP got recognized as one of the big three.

nice nice nice
You forgot to mention in the article at which mark we can see the WP phone in the video

So you don't read the article, but accuse the author of not including info in the article you didn't read.... Fascinating

I have now corrected someone who has corrected someone who has corrected Mr. Rubino. Haha.

*Ha ha!
I have now corrected someone who thought he couldn't correct someone who has corrected somenone who has corrected Mr. Rubino on correcting someone who has corrected somenone who has corrected Mr. Rubino and at the same time corrected someone who has corrected somenone who has corrected Mr. Rubino.

Makes sense as iPhones in real life wouldn't be able to last a single mission, and androids?  The game will end up about the main character trying to remove malware from his phone or something.

Looks like a Windows Phone... but it has instagram.
EDIT: In the video, it's called "snapmatic"... so I guess it is a Windows Phone.

I can, I don't care for their games. GTA isn't that fun to me, never has been. I never found the appeal to Rockstar games, they don't do anything new or innovative with their games, and their story lines just aren't that interesting. They ruined a great series with Max Payne 3. It had a beautifully dark storyline, with amazing themes and just brilliance all around. Yet RS turned it into a blank faced copy and paste 3rd person shooter with a shitty story line.

I can't disagree w/ the Max Payne 3 comment... in the grand scheme of all things Rockstar, its probably my least favorite Rockstar game, one notch above table tennis.  Lucky for me, I bought it on sale brand new for $30 and then sold it on eBay for $20, 
But otherwise, I love Rockstar games.  Only Rockstar game I never tried was LA Noire.

I agree about IV but I'm excited about V. Brings back the vast land of III for me. Hell I been a fan of GTA since I and II

I'm ready to pick up my reservation on this game.  It's good to see the branding starting to increase everywhere.  I seen a billboard for a health company and if I didn't know any better, the features they had for service were in Tiles like format like on WP.  See it everyday on the way to work.

Don't ever. Ever. Ever ever ever mention anything Android on here again. Ever.

All bs to the side I agree. Would entice me more for W8 tablet. Surface Pro(2) with Xbone compatible joystick would be perfect.

As much as I enjoy GTA games, I do not want this. We need more NEW games, not ports of 10+ year old games.

Yeah....Trevor uses Windows Phone, Michael uses iPhone and Franklin uses an Android. Kinda cool :-) and with Trevor being the toughest amongst them, so is Windows Phone :-)

The iFruit Mobile Application

Now available for iOS devices at the App Store.

Coming soon for Android devices via Google Play as well as for Windows Phone, PlayStation Mobile and Vita.


Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual

Coming later today for iOS devices at the App Store.

Coming soon for Android devices via Google Play and Windows Phone, as well as for PC/Mac as a desktop application.

It was called the iFruit in GTA 4.... Man I cant wait any longer for GTA 5...I'm actually losing sleep waiting for this game...
Confirmed by MS that it shipped and will have it by the end of the day tomorrow...

Any word on the manual app and the app to train chop?? I no its out on ios and they have said a couple of weeks for everyone else, just wondering if ure gonna give us a link as soon as it lands??