Vodafone Spain offering Nokia Lumia 720 with Joyn app pre-installed

Lumia 720

Vodafone has today announced the launch and availability of the Nokia Lumia 720, which will be the first Windows Phone with Joyn pre-installed, according to WindowsPhoneApps.se. What's Joyn exactly? It's a service that provides instant messaging, file transfer, video calling and more. It will be launched and supported by multiple mobile operators, as opposed to being a third party service.

So how much is the Windows Phone available for? Vodafone lists the Lumia 720 on 24-month plans with rates from €49 and €0, depending on which contract you go for. Be sure to check out more information over on the Spanish news source.

Source: WindowsPhoneApps.es


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Vodafone Spain offering Nokia Lumia 720 with Joyn app pre-installed


Joyn is an Messaging client of all carrier to earn money because when people use Skype or whatsapp they doesn't earn money.

Yep, it does. But for everything, the good and the bad: sun, food, women... Economy, industry, politicians... Kind of a joke how the world is arranged... Also when it comes to carriers as well. It's a pitty how th crysis has changed carriers as now all of them are not giving terminals and now we've got to pay for it (either monthly or in one single blow). Formerly just chasing another company ment you received a counter offer with the unit you wanted (and 18 month more, that's true). For me it's even worse as the WP8 units like the 720 are a scarce compared to droids so, even if I'm willing to pay for it, it is hard to find one (don't ask about 920s and similar)

VF-ES here. It was near impossible to find a white 920 a good month after it came out in Spain, not because they were selling out but because they just weren't stocking enough. Flagship phone for February and March, too.

The phone will cost around 350€. I know this is something Americans aren't familiar with but in Europe people seldom buy their phones with contracts.

Hmm, I'm wondering when joyn, or another RCS client will come to a carrier other than metro pcs. Yay for living in America!