Voice-chat app TalkBox gets teased for Windows Phone in new video

TalkBox is coming

We've mentioned that popular messaging app TalkBox a few times here at WPCentral. The service is not only a way to send messages and photos to your contacts on the go but it also allows you to send those popular voice-clips, you know for those too lazy to type.

That'd be us, actually.

Speaking into your phone and sending the message, especially if you're like us and bathing in AT&T 4G LTE speeds, seems like the next logical step in instant messaging. TalkBox has that service down pat and what's more, it's cross-platform meaning you stand a good chance of your non-Windows Phone friends being able to use the service (it's available on iPhone and Android).

The app went into a public beta a few weeks ago and the developers behind it are putting on the final touches as we speak. Tonight they've released this teaser vid which shows you what to expect.

So should you be excited? Yeah, you should. We've been using it off and on for weeks now (going back to the alpha days) and the app is fast and sharp looking. It's just pretty. Plus it works well.

We'll keep you posted when the app is finally available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for all, which should only be a few weeks at most. Or if you wish, sign up at the TalkBox site to register your interest.


Reader comments

Voice-chat app TalkBox gets teased for Windows Phone in new video


HeyTell UI is terrible. The video TalkBox made looks awesome so I'll definitely be using that more than HeyYell.

I have yet to use this app, but it seems like it's about the same thing as whatsapp.

I will most likely give it a try, if only to see if it can improve on whatsapp's interface which is already pretty good.

So what's the difference between this, Viber and Whatsapp? Or what's the advantage of this comapred the 2 most used services?

Looks amazing, even better looking then WeChat, which I have switched to, and cannot wait till the release.

I know alot of friends that use Voxer (no WP app) for their messaging & this will be a great alternative for the rest of us. I'll try it when it is released. Thanks for the heads up.

I find it interesting that these types of apps catch on so well.  Why don't people just talk in old-fashioned phone conversations instead?  I'm not criticizing this, as I use Voxer off and on, but it still causes me to wonder.  All of my Voxer conversations are initiated by the other person.