The Walking Dead invades your living room with new Windows 8 app from AMC

Do you have a love for the undead? How about a love for AMC’s "Walking Dead"? If you are watching this season of the hit horror drama, you are going to want to make sure to download the new companion app for Windows 8.

AMC’s latest application for Windows 8 PCs, StorySync, allows viewers to watch their favorite AMC shows, while interacting with other fans simultaneously. The first show available for AMC StorySync is the “Walking Dead” and engages viewers in polls, trivia questions, exclusive video, and more.

Application users can also view flashbacks, instant replays, and other information from previously aired episodes. So even those of us who are behind, can catch up on the fast packed zombie gore action.

Microsoft is working hard to create exclusive experiences with their SmartGlass technology, but other companies are beginning to see the benefits of a second screen.

Do you watch the walking dead – will you be trying out the new AMC StorySync app for Windows 8?

You can download "AMC SyncStory" by clicking here.

Source: Microsoft


Reader comments

The Walking Dead invades your living room with new Windows 8 app from AMC


aww man i thought i was going to be able to see the new episodes... not at all what i expected when i read the headline.

Lol, no. Just see you on here alot, I remember you saying you go overseas to fix something or other. So I figure you must have some age but you text like a 15 year old sometimes. Hence you mad bro? You like the word bro, don't you? You puzzle me. . . Is this dude 60 or is this dude 15.

I tweeted Windows, windowsphone & AMC asking and I didn't get any response and normally WP will get back to you.

There is nothing more annoying than people who feel the need to Tweet/Facebook their every thought about a show whilst it's on.
If this app keeps them all in one place it is something to be applauded!

The app was decent but it was very buggy. Hopefully they can push some updates soon. It was cool to take group votes of what was going down in the show. When the app was working, I thoroughly enjoyed it

Worked awesome for the first five minutes! I loved asking our viewing party the poll questions.
Sadly, after I backed out to check an email, it would never reconnect. Hopefully they get it ironed out by the next episode.

I downloaded this app after I saw the first new episode, definitely going to try it out next Sunday ☺ so happy "the walking dead" is back❕❕❕