Watch the 2014 Daytona 500 with NASCAR app for Windows and Windows Phone 8

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The Daytona 500 is less than 24 hour away. It’s regarded as the most important and prestigious race on the NASCAR calendar. Think of it as the "Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing." If you’re a die-hard racing fan with a Windows Phone 8 device, then make sure you have the latest update for the NASCAR mobile app.

Here are the new features to follow the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) season:

  • All Premium Live Features for NSCS races available for all app users
  • Updated 2014 Race Schedule
  • Updated 2014 Standings and Driver pages
  • Updated access to NASCAR Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series sites
  • Updated Live Tiles and Driver Tiles
  • Updated Lock Screen images

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If you’re a Sprint customer, you get a lot more perks. You get free access to all the live race day features including live race radio, live in-car audio, live RaceBuddy for select races and real-time driver telemetry data.  In-race highlights are also exclusively to Sprint customers.

If you’re not on Sprint, you can pay for the NASCAR MOBILE Premium Subscription. For $24.99, you get live access to all 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race events.

Our favorite feature in the NASCAR mobile app is the videos section. You get access to the highlights, final laps, race rewinds, and more. You don’t need a subscription to watch these videos.

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The NASCAR mobile app is a free download at the Windows Phone Store. If you can’t be in front of the television during the races, then you can watch or listen with your phone. Have a Windows 8 tablet? NASCAR also has an app at the Windows Store, which was also updated for the 2014 season.

Will you be watching the Daytona 500? Who‘s your favorite driver? Let us know in the comments!

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Watch the 2014 Daytona 500 with NASCAR app for Windows and Windows Phone 8


Dale Earndhart got sick and tired of making 4 left turns, so one day he said fuck it Im going right... into the wall...

If you're going to make an Earnhardt joke, at least A. spell his name right and B. make it a bit witty.


Such as "What do Pink Floyd and Dale Earnhardt have in common?"

LOL.  I disagree - but other than an emblem, there's not much taken from the manufacturer anymore.  I really wish they'd get back to the heritage of "stock" car.  Oh, and if it helps, I like RCR as well :)

You do know if NASCAR went back to its heritage Toyota would definitely be gone. Toyota doesn't have a RWD car :)

W8 just needs NASCAR RaceView. That is a killer app. You can watch the race live. It's just animated in HD.

Yes, I want a proper app. Not impressed with the web version. Still pay for it though...

Looks like all you can get with this if you aren't paying is news, highlights and overall standings. Doesn't look like you can actually follow races live, can't even see the leader board for a current race, unless you're on sprint.

I think my next purchase might be the subscription. Is the subscription to the premium services new? I didn't think I was able to purchase one last year.

Yay! Now I can watch people making left turns all day on my phone! Woohoo!
Good for the fans and nice to have official support.

When something is really popular (NASCAR, sushi, iOS,etc.), and I can't figure out why someone would like it, I have learned that if I try it (sometimes it takes several tries) and I educate myself about WHY people like it, I find I no longer have the same negative views.

I thought NASCAR was the most stupid waste time until I learned how the points system works, strategies on pitting, etc. The turning point was when I actually went to a race at AMS. That was very cool and I get it now. Am I addicted to it like I am to sushi? No but I respect it and its fans a lot more.

Still no respect for iOS and its fans..... jk ;)