Windows Phone 7 on parade...literally


And to have a little fun, looks like the Windows Phone OS team had themselves a little parade to celebrate that whole "RTM" milestone last week, to which we also give a salute.

While it's too early to tell if Microsoft will regain market share, we think that Windows Phone 7 certainly goes the distance in amping up the competition. For a such a turnaround in 20 months, Microsoft seems to have their mojo back and we're pretty psyched.

(Oh and yes, the joke is that these photos were taken with a Sprint HTC EVO)

Check out the rest of the gallery over at Flickr for some cheesy fun.

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Reader comments

Windows Phone 7 on parade...literally


Oh, dear.

I thought this was pretty funny actually, however I am sure all these Apple Fanboys have had their feelings hurt and will bash it.

engadget already is saying this was in bad taste..... not surprising.

Who cares? It's not like the Apple Fanboys as you put it will ever take anything MS does seriously no matter hwo good it is. I'll just let the market speak for itself and see how WP7 does in the long run. Numbers and sales speak volumes.

ya, that's me in the blue behind the junker (between the baloons) sporting all the previous smartphones ms has delivered. that was phase one, what you dont see is the shining overhauled gt350 behind me representing how we have overhauled our services for wp7!

Though I think I will get an WP7 phone as a former WM user I still think this is corny. Lame at best. They set themselves up for an epic fail.

Why not deliver first and celebrate later when you have actually gained a significant share in the market.

They could have used the time needed to prepare this parade to port copy & past over from WM 6.x to WP7.

Oh come on, let them blow off some steam and have some fun. The damn team turned out a whole new mobile OS in 20 months and it's pretty freakin' compelling. They're excited and so is the community.

I thought it was funny as hell and glad to see MS getting serious about mobile.

Please let the copy/paste thing go and let them roll out their phones. They'll do copy/paste and multitasking in iterative OS updates.