Windows Phone 8.1 notifications settings screen revealed in new mockup

Back in December, a really poor (but accurate) photo of the Windows Phone 8.1 notification settings screen was revealed on Twitter by a Salman M. At the time, we confirmed internally that it was real, though possible older.

Now, a clearer mockup of that photo has been posted by the site WinSource. We say ‘mockup’ because it is technically not a real photo of the OS in action. Rather, it’s a re-creation of that photo and what it conveys. Having said that, what is shown in truly based off of Windows Phone 8.1.

Specifically, we are looking at just the Settings page for Notifications, not the notifications themselves (or the new notification center). In that sense, this really isn’t too newsworthy. But since we know many in our audience are yearning for something real, here you go. It’s about as close as we can get right now.

What is shown in the image are configurable ‘quick settings’ for the Notification Center, allowing users to add certain system functions for quick access. There are also more advanced options to allow users to fine tune how and which notifications come through on their Windows Phone.

We should add a caveat that this is an older design. Sources familiar with Windows Phone 8.1 have told us that since this design they have added “…fine grained control over the sounds of each type of notification.”, so don’t take this to be the final way it will look. But it is a close approximation.

Microsoft is expected to discuss Windows Phone 8.1 in April during their Build conference. Windows Phone Central will be there to cover it live.

Correction: An earlier version of this article cited an incorrect originator of the mockup. It has now been fixed.

Source: WinSource; Thanks, Salman M., for the tip


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Windows Phone 8.1 notifications settings screen revealed in new mockup



Looks pretty solid. Can't wait to see what it actually looks like after being polished by the Windows Phone Design team. 

That's why I didn't even bothered to watch that fake video. What's the point if you are gonna be disappointed?

I doubt it. It looks like MS is incapable of polishing UI effects on the level Apple does. (No I am no iFanboy and I own 0 apple-products.)

I think you are forgetting that iOS is an imitation of Windows Phone flat UI. The copycat is never as good as the original. iOS 7 is a knock off.

I LOVE WP but to be very real, the translucent effect in iOS 7 along with the backgrounds look very classy. I really really like the swivel transition on WP though. After all you cannot get everything.

Couldn't agree more with you. Currently the WP UI does look a bit too simplistic. If they could add those translucent layers to WP for a bit of sophistication that would be nice....

I hope the notification center is going to pop out when you swipe to the right on the main screen and when you swipe to the left, app list is going to pop out

I think the multi tasking screen is a better place for it.  This way it is accessible no matter where you are or what you are doing.  if it is a swipe from the start screen then you have to go to the start screen to get there.

I would also like the multitasking screen to allow swiping down to close an app.

Totally agree with the swiping down, just makes more sense. And the multi tasking screen would be more accessible, a one stop shop for open apps and any and all notifications. I think it would be very elegant and futuristic if as the screen zooms out to show the multitasking area, the other open apps and recent notifications are present further from the previously visible area. That might give the illusion that they were always there just out of sight until you "take a step back" (by holding back button etc.) from your current app to see what is around it. Of course, they will only end up going with one thing, and who knows what exactly it will look like. We can dream though.

I like that idea; as if the Notification / Multi tasking screen is actually "on top" of the app that you are in.  So it zooms out and shows that everything is there and then zooms back in on the app that you open or the notification area.  Clever

My thought for a while was to have the notification center available when you hold the back key.  So right now, all your currently running apps are spread out to the left.  I thought putting the notification center to the right would keep with the WP design, and not steal the swipe down that Android started.

It's going to be a slide down from the top like iOS and Android. That way it's not hard for people to find since they two largest mobile OSes do it the same way. 

It would make it easier for people to learn but I hope they do something different.  I like many others, think the multi tasking screen is the right spot for it

The only real issue I see with the multitasking screen is that it's an extra step...hold back key then swipe vs just swipe

How often to you go to the notification center that one minor extra step would matter? I know with android and ios, I constanly swipe the notification center accidently while using an app. Using a button would eliminate that.

It wouldn't be an extra step if the notification screen was the first item that was visible when the back button was held.  Moving to other apps would require swiping.

Press the back button again and you would be taken back to the app that you just left.

it will be from the top, have you even read the rumors?...

and from the left it wouldnt work, or how would it work in an app? you know, where people is most of the time? or what? developers should re design their apps because apps with panorama wont be able to get notification center?... I wonder if you even used your brian when you thought "swape to the right" was a good idea.
again, if you live in Start screen, it might work, but for the 95% of the rest of the phone, it wont. and if people want notification center so much (I dont care about it) I guess they want to access to it everywhere not just from start screen.

Most notifications on the start screen please, so just double tap to see what's there.

Notification screen slide from left, want WP to be different from Android/OS. Plus, reaching to top of screen more difficult with larger screens. But keeping simple and functional.

What kills me the most is that the cellular on/ off was changed from being a toggle to being a drop down menu of two items, not like WiFi for ex.

That either means we will get a 3rd option soon, or they are just bad at consistency.

Regarding structure in the settings, just these few changes to the settings page would make all the difference:

  1. Allow the user to "long press" a settings item that would put the Settings page into an edit mode (similar to the Home screen edit mode).
  2. While in edit mode, allow the user to hide a settings item.  (The icon could be an 'eye' with a circle and line through it.)
  3. While in edit mode, allow the user to pin the setting to the home screen. (Icon could be a 'home' pic.)
  4. While in edit mode, allow the user to drag the settings item up or down in the list.
  5. When a setting has been pinned to the home screen (and is an "on/off" feature like Airplane Mode), it toggles the functionality directly.  If it's a feature with multiple settings, it opens the corresponding settings page.


This would make for a very flexible settings experience.  What do you think?

Its mind blowing that there is no option to sort by letter, jumplist, or search in settings.

That's the settings for the notifications, under the settings app. It looks exactly how every other settings screen looks. I don't like it by the way, but that's how Windows Phone design is right now. I would love that they did a complete redesign of WP, I wan't more colors like Windows 8, DITCH THE BLACK AND WHITE!

And it already looks dated, especially when you put it side by side with Windows 8. It's time for Metro 2.0.

While some variety would be great, I can also see why they'd want to keep the design language consistent. I think a subtle background like in windows 8 would be good. As for color schemes, I think it would be a good option to allow different "themes". Either keep the black on white/white on black or have different options for those, along with customization options. I can imagine they would want to keep things simple though.

Swipe to left would be better, because there are so many things that you have to swipe to right... ;)

Swipe from left, yes!

Swipe from the top like Android/OS is wrong for 2 reasons, its difficult to reach the top with larger screens, and I want WP to be different.

There is much more than this. This barely newsworthy, as I've stated. Cortana, Notificaiton Center and VPN are some of the big changes. Everything has been touched up and polished in 8.1. Truth is, we know waaay less than we care to admit about 8.1.

VPN is much needed.  We also need some Win8 RT updates for VPN access.  The king of enterprise needs to lead the way in mobile accessibility. 

Please let it be that I can connect to home and work server over private network. Please please pretty please!

The Windows Phone team has done an amazing job of not leaking and not spilling information on 8.1, which everyone and their dog knows is coming. I don't know if the tight lipped nature of this is a good thing or a bad thing. Honestly, I wish they would talk a lot more. WP is too incomplete, and it would be nice to know whether or not we're going to get an improved version to bring us closer or up to feature parity with the iPhone and Android.

I think it's great, they are building perfect momentum and when they'll reveal it officially, it would get much hyped response in the media!! I wish they continue this and don't leak anything!

I'm all for the big reveal, as long as they announce enough to make the secrecy worth it. I really hope they do.

Fingers crossed it really is a 'big reveal' this time as opposed to the Windows Phone 8 reveal where they really had nothing at all new to tell us that hadn't already been leaked and yet kept insisting that they had amazing new things to show. Bless 'em, almost had us fooled too...

Though I do imagine this time will be different, so much stuff WP needs to have to build mind/market share and feature parity for the next cycle.

But if 8.1 is so big, why just the .1? Simply because they are forced to keep the number in line with windows 8.1? While actually, relatively speaking wp8.1 is much more than a few tweaks that w8.1 was.

They may not be innovative, but just these two alone: Notification Center and Cortana, would completely change the user experience of Windows Phone to a higher level. That's why I'm so looking forward to WP8.1, together with all the new hardware that would come along with it

True that. It looks like there won't be massive changes to the core of the OS, so being quiet isn't necessarily a terrible thing. Also, from the OS reveal to people having it on their everyday phones may be months, so there will be a lot of time for developers to update their apps. 

Developers didn't have that time luxury when WP8 first launched.

It might be a bad thing when you compare it to Windows 8.1 leaks. But, I have high hopes for WP. I hope Microsoft won't screw us this time.

Would be horrible if they did this again.

"...And that's Windows Phone 8.1. Now, for current devices, we are here to report that windows phone 8 devices will not get 8.1... We care deeply about our current users, so I'm pleased to report that for our current users, they will be upgraded to windows phone".

  and LOL. I'm more worried that this time it will be smth like "Devices with 512mb of memory will not be getting WP 8.1". This will be a bummer for all the WP users with such phones, especially considering that that's where the majority of WP currently is.

If they pull any of the above tricks or similar I will just go back to Droid as although likeing my WP a bit I think we are waiting too long for a few features every other phone has had for ages.

I agree; just a few leaks to let us know where we are going would be great.  I hope that it is a secret because it is good enough that they don't want other stealing the ideas.  A notification center can't be revolutionary but other features might.  Early leaks talked about the abitlity to reponse to texts and other notifications directly from the Toast Notification.  That would be awesome.


I couldn't care less whether WP8 has the same features that iOS or Android do. If someone wants it to be like them, they should get one of those phones. I want it to have sensible functionality, not what they have. Like it or not, MS has limited resources, and constantly just sitting around trying to follow whatever Android just came out with is a waste of them. This constant comparison with whatever Android has is annoying. Yes, Android has a lot of things that makes sense. But that's not why WP should have them.

It's not that I want it to be like Android or iOS, it's just that I want the features that they have that are relevant to most of the population. Adding a notification center is the main thing for me. Also, Cortana is something I've wanted for a long time. Better voice recognition and API access for smartwatch developers also come to mind.

I don't WANT Android on my WP, I just want the features that make it a top notch choice against the other players in the market.

Android may be feature rich, but its not secure. I believe WP (or even iOS for that matter) is moving slower introducing new features and enhancements, I know MS has really done a lot in that department since the WinXP day.

I have to wonder... how many Microsoft Windows Phone Team members own an iPhone or Android. I know that there are other ways to get information... focus groups, surveys, researcher insights, and so forth. But owning one of those might give you really good information on how people use those phones. I personally know very little about how people use those phones. I certainly see people staring at their phones... a lot. And I see Instagram photos pop up every 1/1,000,000th of a second!

I'm happy with my Windows Phone, in part, because it's all I've owned for about three years now. Before that, I had a Blackberry Pearl, so there's no real comparison. There was also a lack of apps on the Blackberry, but updates and reboots were extremely painful and slow on the BB, so Windows Phone is so refreshing in comparison. And the camera is much better. But I wonder how things like Google Now change the experience for an Android user, or as mentioned, VPN.

Honestly it'll come as no surprise that they own the latest android device with the latest updates and a few iPhone 5s. Knowledge is power.

That's my story. Was on blackberry before windows phone. So app selection or lack of, is something I've always been used to. And therefore don't complain about

No, I disagree. Most apple products haven't been leaked, and not much information about them, and creates a LOT of suspense. Like when they revealed IOS 7 and the new mac pro, many (not all, of course) were wowed.

For me, it's not that they're keeping tight lipped, just that they like to keep tight lipped until the last possible day. iOS 7 was annouced in June and released months later. Plenty of time for developers to get everything ready for the new OS. The Windows Phone team hasn't been that good about giving developers lots of time recently.

I don't think that will happen with 8.1, since it will take carriers a long time to roll it all out.

Rumours aren't really newsworthy but I do find this kind of thing interesting. It gives us something to look forward to. I'm fairly confident that Microsoft will eventually give us all the bells and whistles of a mature OS, sooner rather than later.

I would like to know this too. Considering how some blogs are hopeful for a March release but it looks more like May for end users so that Update 1 comes in October.

All i care about is that 8.1 is out by December; that is when my next upgrade is available.  i will take whatever Nokia/MS flagship that they have available!

Me too, as I am holding out for the surface phones MS was working on as a plan b if Nokia didn't stay on board. Does anyone find it strange that no images have leaked like the Nokia Android renderings?

No no no. We've been waiting long enough, and I'd hate to wait till December. Microsoft said their new announcements wouldn't be announced many months before released, except Xbox and windows, of course. WP8.1 should be released by May, June latest.

I'm just so excited idc if this is final or not. I want it not just as bad as I want Black for T-Mo 925 and 8X right now

Let's hope those quick settings are more than just shortcuts to the settings pages. I want to be able to turn bluetooth and wifi on and off with just one button press.

I don't want that option...don't want to accidentally turn on and off settings. I like how it is right now with a tile "link" to the setting.

I think that is a great question; I asked myself that too.  Is that the language that Win8 uses for notifications??? 

If I had to guess, I would say it is a new form or upgraded form of toast notifications.


More like, "It better have 6 or I'm going back to android! Having only 5 settings is a tremendous fail for microsoft!!!!"


Goodness, I was even annoyed just by typing that.

All of my phones so far have been Symbian in some shape of form, apart from my current phone, which is a Windows Phone (^^)

I could live with 4 (like on Symbian), but it would be nice to also be able to control screen rotation without giving something else up, in the same way it would be nice if my phone could expand into a 10" Windows 8.1 Pro tablet with an i7 and two crossfired GTX Titans and a 100TB SSD. That was an over exaggeration but hopefully you get my point, it isn't a dealbreaker by any means but it seems like quite a simple thing to implement which would be useful.

Not really :), it's just I have 5 settings shortcuts on my home screen, all of which I use regularly, and it would be convenient to be able to access all of them on the notifications bar/screen/thing.

I think Daniel definitely knows how 8.1 looks, but uses term "others told us" and similar. It is logic to invite WPCentral stuff for testing purposes...

How come Tom Warren always says that he seen WP8.1. What does that even mean?? Does he mean he ACTUALLY seen it??

It means he's seen it, the test build, either on a real device or just got screenshots sent to him, via his sources.

I don't even have GDR3 yet on ATIV S, and I'm well pleased with WP8, but I can't wait for 8.1. We need 8.1 in order to help inject a little new buzz into the platform and hopefully bring some new non-Nokia devices (even though I want to switch to a Nokia for camera purposes).

I appreciate your loyalty to Samsung, but I think its time you went ballistic on them.....even HTC moves faster than them. I personally think Microsoft should weed them out and replace them with Sony. Let them have their PS4 hub. This could open the door for new Xbox/ XboxOne titles and vise versa.

Wow, what device are you using? Marked or unmarked? And did you manually check for an update?

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I pretty much cant wait!!!!! Microsoft wants that big unexpected release of wp 8.1. Blowing everyone out of their socks! bastards! :P

Which OS? Win 8 has only been out for a little over a year, and IMHO, they are moving pretty quick considering how big of a project this has to be.

Will Windows phone 8.1 be for new unreleased devices or for our existing windows phone 8 phones? Probably a stupid question

Both. Though the new WP8.1 devices will go on sale first then WP8 devices will get WP8.1. Same thing with WP7 and WP7.5

Don't get your hopes up if you're on AT&T. They'd much rather have you buy a new device. With a contract of course.

Ha, we're still waiting for ATT to get us Black. On the Nokia page instead of it saying waiting for carrier approval it should say, oh, let us go fetch that update we stuck in the back of a cave in the most remote location in the world and pass it along as an OTA because the natives are really getting restless in our forums. :-)

Who is, I'm on att and have had black for a couple weeks now. My girl friend for a couple months on the 1020.

Stupid idea!! how will anyone access notification centre when they are inside any app with "swipe left"

Exactly...i want the option to turn the notification center off...but that's just me...i would like to use the ME tiles to access all my notifications!

I know I'm only one of a handful that will say this, but I'm a little disappointed that I'm not seeing a on/off switch in that screen shot. Maybe it's lower down(or higher up). I'd really like the ability to not have a notification screen(center, area, or whatever you wanna call it) since I really have no need for it(much like kids corner).

Wait, I can pin special settings in the notifications? Am I seriously going to still have to click an airplane mode button so that I can toggle airplane mode?

If so, this is the one thing that really bugs me about windows phone. I should NOT have to go to a separate page from my browser or email to toggle airplane mode or rotation lock. Thats how it currently is and it makes no sense! For something like WiFi or Bluetooth where you actually select something, it makes sense, but please remove the damn context switches for settings that are by nature toggle only!

You are so wrong it hurts. You can choose WHAT settings to toogle in a pull down menu. If you haven't been following the rumors and leaks, why start now?

Sound to me like allot of people in here want same thing as android basically. From the bottom, but look exactly the same big deal. It's the same. How ironic

As I scroll through the messages I'm getting a sense for how rumors are started, and spread. And how people disappoint themselves with their new-found expectations, and blame that on Microsoft.


It's quite fascinating... and frightening.

This TBH... people always hype themselves up way more than they should.  Just be patient.  I actually love that Microsoft is being top secret about this.   It's setting momentum, it's building excitement, and that way others can't copy either.  Surface was super top secret, and that was an awesome new product.  When they  unveiled new tile sizes on WP8 everyone creamed their pants because that was unexpected too.  
I have a feeling they have something BIG in store for us ;)

The thing is this. I am SUPER Happy and excited for this but the UI for the Notification Center looks BAD. I don't see first of all it being that much fluid and easy to use. I know this is just a mock up build but still. It looks like a badly made app just about to crash. I mean just look at the quick access settings. Disorganised. How exactly are any third party apps supposed to utilise the notifcenter with such constricting User Interface?

cant people like you start reading articles and pay attention to the ONLY picture that Daniel posted in his article? I mean... 5 seconds looking at it, its all you needed to understand it....
or its just you need some special article just for you to understand?

did you miss the SETTINGS words over "notifications"? again... this is NOT notification center, this is the SETTINGS to what notification center will show when you swipe from top.
nobody here is showning how the notification center will work or look, its the SETTINGS to the notification center... but again, if you READ the article in first place and paid attention to the picture, you wouldnt write such a ignorant comment.

That's ugly. If I have to stare at that everytime I need to toggle my network settings. Id rather do it through settings. I know its a mock up but I really hope Microsoft has people that are more capable of attractive design.

Sigh. I don't even know what to say to you cause I'm afraid you might not read it (same way you didn't read the article)