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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers is now live

It’s finally here. Windows Phone 8.1 is now available to download for those in the Preview for Developers program. Windows Phone 8.1 is the next big version of Windows Phone that introduces new features like voice assistant Cortana, a notification center, automatic app updates, VPN support and much more.

Even if you’re not really a developer you can join the Preview for Developers to get Windows Phone 8.1 today. Every handset running Windows Phone 8 in the wild now is capable of the upgrade. Here’s how to get Window Phone 8.1.

To get Windows Phone 8.1 today you’re going to need to be a developer. That doesn’t mean you need to actually understand a single line of code or how it works. Today everyone is a developer, so long as you can follow simple instructions.

  • Sign up to be a Windows Phone developer at for free using the Microsoft account associated with your phone.
  • Get the Preview for Developers app from the Windows Phone Store (QR code below).
  • Run the app and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Check for updates (Settings > Phone update > Check for updates) and download/install any that are available. You’ll have an update to download and install before Windows Phone 8.1 shows up if you’re downloading the Preview for Developers program for the first time.

That’s the abridged version of joining the Preview for Developers program. Check out our massive guide to the Preview for Developers program if you have any questions or want to see an expanded version of the instructions above.

That’s it. You’re now enjoying Windows Phone 8.1 on your device. This will work on any current handset running Windows Phone 8. That means devices from the Nokia Lumia 920 to the Samsung ATIV S to the HTC 8X to the Lumia 1520 and everything in-between will pick it up. Your OEM specific firmware remains untouched.

Look forward to much more Windows Phone 8.1 coverage throughout today and the rest of the week. We’ve got guides, tips, opinion pieces and much more coming your way.

We’ll be doing our best to answer all your questions, but be sure to head to the forums to ask your fellow Windows Phone 8.1 users if we can’t get to your questions right away.

Download Preview for Developers from the Windows Phone Store; Thanks for the tips, everyone!

QR: Preview for Developers


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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers is now live



Mayday mayday!

Data and Wifi not working. I may have to do a hard reset. It looked like it installed properly but something went wrong. I cannot activate data or wifi. :(


I am probably the first one who had to wait twice as long as everyone. Well, I did a hard reset and both cellular data and wifi working again. Thanks to backup/restore, most of the stuff will come back. I had already transfered my pictures over to a computer in anticipation of this update, so that I wasn't worried about.

Anyway, WP8.1 (finally) up and running... Woohoo!

Not anymore. I think during the install, I was taking snapshots of screens. That somehow forced skipping on installation of some files. It would say installing step 12 of XX, and then it would jump to 13. It seems if you don't touch anything, everything goes well. but the installation is not clean enough to handle or accomodate any button presses during progress.

that's my problem too, it always been an error everytime i tried to update, i have my phone a hard reset but it's still the same..

As per the first announcement the official 8.1 updates will be roles out to current 8 user will be on 31st May'14 right, Then y we have to download preview for developers? When vl be the official release of 8.1 for current 8 users?

Hi! I have a question - what happens with Nokia additions - as example Nokia Glance - do they remain after update or dissapear? Thank You in advance.

Nokia additions will stay on your phone.  OS updates and Nokia Firmware updates are seperate, if you update one, the other is unaffected.

Unless microsoft were to changew something that caused one of nokia's features to glitch out, then obviously that feature would be dead until nokia updated it, but that would be a huge rarity, plus, i think nokia's already updated everything they could without an actual firmware update for 8.1... you should be fine :P

At 73% then I had to goto work. Won't let me download without WiFi. Uhhhh. Won't be able to get it until tonight.

Yeah, that freaked me out.  I thought I was getting 8.1 at first.  I had to go do the update again.  Now, I am preparing to install.

FU Comcast. You choose a horrible day for an outage in my area :( nothing wrong then an update ready, can't install

When you say step 1, do you mean when the gears are spinning?  Mine has been spinning for about half an hour now, no text on the screen, a little progress bar that hasn't moved at all.  Is this normal?  I have the T-Mobile 925.  My storage only had a little over a gig free, so I'm not sure if the more used space makes it take slower (by converting the filesystem or something)... but the progress bar has hardly moved (if at all)...

Thanks, yeah it just finished.  The progressbar was basically at 1% for about 50 minutes and then in 10 seconds went up to 100%... migrating now.  I didn't see step 1 or 2 come up at all, but it's migrating on step 3 of 6.

Not sure what I picked up, I checked this morning and nothing. But there was a update when I checked now. So I am updating over data. Not worried, I have 10GB a month to use, since out of my 3 lines, I am the only one with a smartphone, I get it all to myself. Spinning wheels.....

Now it is moving. Thanks. I was afraid too much seeing that spinning gears.


Spinning Gears - A Windows Phone Horror Story

My 920 is taking a much longer time.. almost 1h with the spinning gears.. but it alsways took a long time for him so I'm confident :)

Took my 920 37 minutes to install the first update. I agree, my 920 has always taken a long time to install updates - the progress bar always stops near the beginning, nothing happens for a long time and then it jumps to the end.

actuall I sometimes stare at the gears and raondomly make them change direction in my mind. Top turning clockwise, bottom counter clockwise; then flip directions, or make both go right, and lastly both go left. Although I have a hard time making them both turn the same direction in my mind because like you said gears shoudl be touching and logically the should go in agreement with each other. One clockwise the other counter clockwise.


Anyone else do that out of boredom?

They go either direction. The gears are really just two images that make it appear as if it is spinning. It is really just rocking to the left then the right.

Our brains are wonderous things you are right it is just two alternating images that aren't animated at all yet our brains fills in what it seems to be motion. I wonder if someone who has never seen gears in motion would even realize that they are "moving" in any direction or do they just see the two flashing images.

Now, I could tell that this is a long update, hence people making fun out of an image of gears on a phone.

My cogs are spinning and YES you are right, think they are goong clockwise and they do. Think anti clockwise and they do.

Wonderful, well spotted :D

yes, I agree. I'm still having my 920 installing the updates, i hope it would not be a troublesome..

It seems to have a lot to do with what's on the phone.  We have 3 920s in our household.  Mine has many more apps, e-mail, photos, videos, etc. that the others and has taken an hour to update in the past.  The others are usually done in 15-20 minutes.

I installed one update this morning which took 50 minutes.  It then told me I was ready for future updates including 8.1.  I'm downloading that now assuming it will be another 50-60 minutes.

I can't wait--its certainly worth a little phone downtime for an update as massive as this one!

I too am trying to figure out how to download the update over the air. Can't seem to find the proper settings to allow it. On Bell in Canada, not sure if they have restrictions.

You can't. Need Wi-Fi to download update. I am currently in travel and have to wait till I reach home. Then only I can update from my home Wi-Fi.

I know right! I had my battery 100%, Screen Cleaned with Extra Special Screen Wipers, All the BS Apps removed from my phone. And a Cozy room set up for just me my phone and Cortanaa!! :S

There are two updates, one that prepares you for WP 8.1, the other that is WP 8.1. Make sure you check updates again.

Talk about Murphy's law...

My Lumia 720 decided to fall out of my pocket and now the screen is out of the polycarbonate shell... :(


Going to buy the Lumia 525 until my company decides to pay me back for the slavery at the end of the month so that I can grab the 1520...

Hats off to you, Daniel

You did what you said.....

You are indeed the first one to say it

haha, I jucted checked The Verge. Daniel is on top of things. He beat Tom Warren like he said he would. Well, done!

it could of just been the icing on the cake, could of met their lifetime love, won a few million, and got the update. lol


It seems... Faster...

No, seriously. The update download and install are going really fast, I just downloaded it within a minute and it's now just about to reboot to install

Edit: shit, that's just the pre-update to prepare your phone...

The file is about 2MB as usual. It will extract and then reboot the phone to do the install.. that's where the spinning gears come in.. (and where I am now..)..

They really need to work on that progress bar during the 'Gears of worry' time. It's been stuck at what seems to be 5% for more than 5 minutes now, but I read online that it then suddenly jumps to 100%. Stressed..

920 just restarted to install 8.1 :)

Did a 'check for updates' on the off chance it was able to update, and something started to download :P

Getting way too excited about this update to be an average person lol.

U got be kidding me i was waiting for it from all morning checking the phone update and just when i arrive in office i open wpcentral to see it is live streaming ohhh god this is going to be the longest 8 hours I'll spent in my office

hi after updating could you tell me whether it supports installing apps on sd card + is cortana available to use after changing our region from INDIA to US

Yes after updating it supports installing apps on sd card...
I tried changing region....even after changing region to US cortana doesn't appear in settings nor after pressing the search opens up as usual.

Just updated my UK 920. Adjusted settings and tried press and hold search key, just text someone by voce only, did this before but IS better now.

More to discover :D