Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 reportedly nears completion by Microsoft

Back in April, Windows Phone Central reported that Windows Phone 8.1 is scheduled to receive two OS updates in 2014, with one in July and another in November. Previously known as general distribution releases (GDR), the updates bring some new features, optimizations, and bug fixes to those with Windows Phone. Neowin is reporting that Update 1 is nearing completion by the Consumer Experience (CXE) team, and they may wrap in the next week. If accurate, Update 1 looks to be on schedule.

Once the Windows Phone program managers clear Update 1, the bits are pushed to Microsoft's OEM and carrier partners for further testing. An expected public release with carrier/OEM support is still a few months out, especially since the original Windows Phone 8.1 update has yet to be delivered to most users. However, like previous GDR updates, those enrolled in the Preview for Developers program are setup to get the update early, possibly within weeks.

Microsoft feature-locked the original Windows Phone 8.1 update on March 26. Fast forward to July and the official Windows Phone 8.1 update is still in the early stages of over-the-air updates for the majority of customers. However, where 8.1 was a significant OS update, requiring more testing, Update 1 is considerably smaller. Features in Update 1 include the coveted Folder creation ability, accidentally revealed by Microsoft a few weeks ago with other details remaining unknown at this time.

The Windows Phone team is on an accelerated schedule in 2014 in an effort to regain momentum in the mobile space. Apple's iOS and Google's Android are still dominating smartphone sales and market share, despite Microsoft's attempts to catch up. Combined with the co-development of Windows 8, Windows Phone is receiving high priority from Microsoft. Update 2 for Windows Phone 8.1 could be ready by November, just in time to ship with new hardware, including the flagship 'McLaren' phone launching on multiple carriers. McLaren – its internal codename – was previously known under Goldfinger and features a 3D Touch system with Mix View for the Live Tiles. Neowin claims McLaren has a 5.2-inch full-HD screen, 20MP camera along with a 64 GB internal storage.

Microsoft is expected to merge Windows Phone and RT SKUs with the next big OS update codenamed 'Threshold' for Spring 2015.

Source: Neowin


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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 reportedly nears completion by Microsoft



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If you have wp8.1 installed thru pdp, you will not be getting the ota official update. Instead you will be getting the cyan firmware only.

Developer preview is more like what a rc preview is for desktop windows(though they havent done it that often) to bad msdn/TechNet subscribers cant get quicker access to the oem Version of the update

So it's kind of like Android, except they call their Beta software "official", and the Android "official" OS isn't nearly as stable as the WP developer preview code.

This may have been true for Android 4.0x and earlier, but since android 4.1 the upgrades have been pretty rock solid and actually pretty minor. Android 4.4 concentrated on less RAM usage, earlier devices on better compatibibility, such as wearables, better bluetooth support, faster, etc.

My Nexus 7 still lags like hell (using android 4.4.4) and it has 1g ram.
even yesterday i was going to reset it, but i had some problems with some saves...

No android before Android L officially out on new device from box. ART may save android, until then they get useless without hard reset after some month usage.

I thought that I would switch back to the official release of WP 8.1 while installing developers preview as soon as it comes. But now I'm changing my mind. I mean i don't see any bug with the developers preview so why isn't MS releasing the official thing. Now if I opt out of the program,I'll get the little update (gdr1) with a delay of about 3 4 months. I didn't buy this phone to wait for the new software and compromise on everything. Im greatly disappointed. Thinking about switching to xperia Z2, i hate Android, but there's no choice left. Also i can't deal with the little gameboy like screen on iPhone 5s

How can you have so little clue? Microsoft HAS released "the official thing". Microsoft has released WP8.1 to OEMs. It's then for those OEMs to complete their firmware updates and then release them to the carriers. It's then up to the carriers to test both the OS and firmware and then release the updates to their customers. Microsoft is one of those OEMs and they have completed the Lumia Cyan firmware for some models already. I have a Lumia 925 with Vodafone Australia and they have been testing the OS and firmware for the last two weeks. Anyway, the Developer Preview of WP8.1 is the RTM. You are not going to get anything new, not even bug fixes, in the release of WP8.1 from your carrier if you already have the DP installed. The difference will be in the firmware from your phone manufacturer. So, exactly what everything are you compromising on? You wouldn;t even get a DP on other platforms. Understand what you're talking about if you're going to complain.

You will if your not using the preview. Only people getting update 1 before "official" 8.1 are the ones using dev preview. Including myself. L925.

The 8.1 Dev Preview been very stable on my TMo 925. I really can't imagine going back to stock 8.0.

How "rock solid" can it really be without official Cyan firmware and drivers to go with it? Have to be a few annoying glitches like decreased battery life, etc. I would imagine based on what many other users are saying.

I have it in a Lumia 920 and its perfect, my battery life is better... the camera is a bit slow... but other than that... Love it.

Well, keep imagining.  My L920 is running just fine and has been demonstrating great battery life with the Developer Preview.

Why??? just because you are incompetant doesn't mean other are.

Sick of all these whiners that got the preview thinking they have a clue about how software works and then bitch when their incompetance shows up.

So that's the only thing that you could say? I remember you saying the same thing on some threads. Maybe you're the one who's incompetent.

If this is anything like PC... I haven't updated my computer's BIOS/uEFI when I updated to Windows 8.1, and graphics and other drivers are the same for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. I cannot see a reason why it wouldn't be the same on Windows Phone OS.

Not rich sold but better then just beta. I still get random restarts, laggy performance in podcast, music app and battery issue.

I have T-Mobile Nokia 925.

Me too. Dont Microsoft dare to NOT add DATA 3G to action center. I swear If they dont add it in this update I will spam their support with rage mails.

There is a Microsoft app in the store called Cellular Data "that enables a tile to be pinned to the WP Home Screen to navigate the user directly to the Data Settings page". Is that what you were wanting or was it something else?

Nope. I got that already via app Connection tiles. I want to have Cellular data in ACTION CENTER right next to Wi-fi.

Why can't they give DP members Cyan already? My 1020 is basically a glorified brick as 8.1 keeps degrating further and further. Even paul thurott has the same issue. 8.1 is a terryble experience on an 8.0 device and I'm hoping Cyan will fix it.


What's the point of a Dev preview program by MSFT if we can't get the firmware updates from micro-nokia?

Have you tried a hard reset, as Paul said he as not. My 1020 was acting up after 8.1 a hard reset and it is better than ever.

Interesting, how does Apple and Sammy get these done ? do they also go through carrier approval ?

if they can give Dev Preview update w/o carrier approval why final release needs thier approval .

Apple does go through carrier approval, it's just a different test plan and approval process. Much shorter and much more coordinated.

How could we sneak in through developer preview were those not approved by carrier

What about people whose phone was contracted from the carrier but is unlocked now so why should we wait ?

   if Apple can get approval and MS can't from same carrier is that not fair treatment to all OS or manufacturers..  why different test plan to rip off some features which make money for the carrrier ?

   and we expect users to stay loyal to WP after this discrimination..

Can people not read? How many stories said that installing the DP could void your warranty? The DP was not approved by carriers so anyone who had an issue with their phone and took it back to their carrier for support with WP8.1 DP on it was likely to be told to go away.

Well those devices bring millions of users to the carriers so they likely get faster approval than the 3-percenter Windows Phone.

Haha yeah for most of the world, true. Got an answer from the one responsible for hw support at my carrier and they don't get involved in any kind of updates for any phone. And no other carrier here seems to do that with WP either according to the information I've got from their support people. And still no updates earlier than anyone else. It's plain stupid that an unbranded and unlocked device should have to wait for carrier approval, which doesn't even apply here, if I can switch carrier everyday if I want to.

Not really, people who buy unbranded devices are not at the mercy of bloody carriers.
My Lumia 920 is unbranded therefore the release of Cyan is in the hands of the OEM... which is MS.

Not to sound harsh, but it's called "Developer Preview" for a reason. Read the fine print, you are testing. It doesn't automatically give you any special rights or a higher priority to newer software. You are a lab rat for Microsoft. By participating in the program you give them that permission. Nothing more. If you were under the impression it makes you special for any reason, you need to re-read the fine print. 

The point is you are giving them feedback, in this case, it looks like 1020 users may have to do a hard reset in order to make it a stable install.

Developers Preview on Lumia 920 and odd hiccups but no real issues and no,hard reset.

Getting the 930 soon and if a dev prev comes out in the future will consider it seriously to gain the benefits.

I agree.  Considering all you had to do was sign up and install an app we are nothing but testers, nothing more, nothing less. 

Strange... I've been using 8.1 since the first week of the developer preview on my 1020 and haven't had any problems. It's working great and I love it!!! It might be a problem with your specific phone and not with the missing firmware update... Or your phone is just too full, it's sure to slow down if you only have a couple of megs available.

My wife's 1020 is working perfectly with 8.1 but my 920 is not behaving as it should but is one per week or so. Also my friend's 1020 is really giving her a headache.


So it seems to be random.

Since I installed Windows Phone 8.1 on my 920 never had any issue other than the battery drain that was fixed with an update. I love my phone more than ever now and would only get 930 even though I'll need to give up glance. My 920 just looks new everyday

Most are just making the point that they hope to receive the "official" update, bundled with the "cyan" firmware update for Nokia phones. This would correct the sluggishness of the 8.1 DP, and make the WP8.1 experience much better. I concur.

My Icon acts up with 8.1 so I keep going back to 8.0 I did determine the getting hot problem was only with the WPCentral app installed. Also with 8.1 my phone overheats when wireless charging and stops charging. My 928 works perfectly with 8.1 all the way around. So I'm keeping my Icon on 8.0 for now.

My Icon was getting really hot also and periodically getting the "Loading..." or "Resuming..." screens.  Sometimes they would clear in a few seconds but sometimes I had to do a soft reset to get it back.  I even did a hard reset to try to get it to clear up. I tried to turn off all kinds of things. Finally, I took it to Verizon and he said "I've never heard of anyone having that problem before.  We'll just order you a replacement."  That was about a month ago and I haven't had any problems with it so far but it's still running 8.0.  I've been waiting on Cyan firmware before I do anymore updates.  But 8.1 sure is tempting...

Ridiculous is advising dev preview for normal users, who will not like to void there warranty after installing it.

Find me a case where someone's phone was rejected for warranty coverage and who had Preview for Developers installed. I haven't heard of a single case.

Also, language: "you may void any warranty from your MO and OEM."

Once you have dev preview installed, your phone warranty is at stake. As far as Nokia Care is concerned. T&C state that it may void warranty, yes it doesn't happen necessarily but any issues will be directly linked to your "act" of upgrading forcibly. An average user like me why would get into hassle of installing dev preview and then do a rollback for claiming warranty?

NokiaCareUS refused to help me with my Icon once they found out I had 8.1 Dev Preview installed.  Given, they didn't say it voided my warranty or anything that extreme, they simply won't help if you have 8.1 DP.   I know I can roll back to 8.0 with the Nokia software but I'm going to wait for official 8.1/Cyan to see if the phones issues get resolved.  If problems still exsit then I'm assuming they WILL help once 8.1 is officially rolled out.

It is released genius, your carrier is just slow at releasing it, plenty of phones have it officially out including some 925's

I have it as a "pilot" on my 925, but even that smells a lot like beta. Might be it's officially released somewhere fully and I'm simply wrong, but it has still been very slow. Of course, it is better they do it right than do it quick, and the update itself is mostly great, but for an underdog Microsoft has been remarkably slow and uninventive.

Doing so will void my warranty. I've had to send in my 920 for repair once. If it happened again I would be screwed. I have to wait.

I happen to think installing dev preview without firmware and drivers is ridiculous. No need for anyone except devs (thus the name) and maybe tech journalists to have it installed IMO. I'm perfectly happy to wait for Cyan and OTA to roll out. My phone has worked just fine with 8.0 up til now and I expect it will continue to do so until 8.1 is released.

Normally I would agree with this sentiment. However, 8.1 isn't an incremental improvement -- it is lightyears ahead of 8.0 - particularly Cortana, the notification center, and the myriad of UI improvements. When I see other people's 8.0 start screen I literally wince. My phone has become just more useful and more pleasant overall.


That being said I'm not 100% happy. I have my share of battery life issues on my (heavily used) 920, and the music experience is flat out worse. However, I would honestly rather deal with those shortcomings than wait indefinitely for MS and AT&T to get Cyan out to us. 8.1 is seriously that much better.

That's basically the point I'm at too. I got the preview knowing full well that it was not going to be perfect. For me it was just a matter of getting a taste of what was coming. However, now that I have that taste I want even more.

Before, when I was on T-Mobile and unlimited data, I didn't understand why people needed to turn off cellular... now, on Verizon with a 1GB plan... yeah, a cellular data toggle would be most welcome!

I'm praying your wrong but only time will tell. My contract is up at Mclaren release/announcement so either way ill be ready.

ditto, but 64 will likely be an option instead of the standard (I assume)

I'd be happy with 32 and a SD Card Slot

Yeaaahhhh.... Lets see when does GDR1 comes to preview for devs program..... Waiting for some more new features:)

Hopefully we will get parental controls then I can buy them. Smooth running budget Windows phones. Budget Android phones don't run well after a couple of weeks and I phones are too expensive

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

What kind of parental controls are you looking for? I can restrict apps, games and purchases on my son's phone through Family Safety.

Probably Developer Preview for Update 1 in the middle of August...

Now, if McLaren is the 1030 we wil get only the "half of the 1020 sensor"... :S

Hopefully they will finally have parental controls so I can buy budget phones for my children that actually work. Android budget phones barely work and I phones are too expensive

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

If they had listened to their users and sped up development years ago as we had been urging they wouldn't have to be scrambling now. And what momentum are they trying to regain, didn't know they had any in the first place....

I am hoping it would. I have NL 720 and I bought last december and I knew what i was getting into ( OS wise, with not so much apps and other wp 8 issuesand limitations), but to my surprise I have recived nokia lumia black, gdr 3, and wp 8.1 and now its gdr 1. I am more than satisfied I must say. And If My NL 720 can somehow be updated to WP 9 then my experience be at "delighted" level.

According to Daniel in a previous article:

"Current Windows Phone 8 devices are expected to be fully upgradable to Windows Phone 9."

I really hope so. I purchased the most future-proof Lumia (the 1520) so if that can't run WP9 then nothing else will ... !

Yeah .. I am sure 1520 will surely be upgradable but If with any chance NL 720 or 520 could get the WP 9 update, it would be huge bouns for all of us. Furthermore MS should keep in mind is that largest chunk of WP users have NL 520. if they can't be upgradable to WP 9 then MS has to regain these customers. So in terms of business strategy its a must, but I am not sure about its techinical aspect.

All phones will be running WP 9, if not Microsoft is not doing the correct job, also to avoid fragmentation like Android and also to continue supporting low hardware

Yeah. I'm not buying a new phone until I find out. Already got burned by the l900. I want a for sure this time.

I hope we'll get the new lock screen with GDR 1. it has been one of my most wanted features since the build conference .

Word! I want a sexy "music screensaver" for lockscreen. There is a possibility though that we get the new lock screen but MS fucks up the music player even more, or just removes it completely by mistake, or just give up and add the text "Buy an Ipod" on the music-tile.

I would be happy to have, actually have back, the ability to show more than one appointment listed in the lock screen.

I can see where this is go. When I finally get Cyan I'll install GDR1 and it will break all the things Cyan fixed. I'll probably wait a bit this time lol.

I would like to see some prove, because this means that the build number went down instead of up, which is impossible. Also, the last known build of Windows Phone is version 8.10.14130.0. There is no "8.15". I would like to see some screenshots or so from you.

The problem here is that a build number can't go down. The latest official release has build 12397, your log shows 12349, thus this build is older (or made in a different branch then Windows Phone 8.1) then WP8.1. I've got serious doubts here.

Completely pig sick of waiting for 8.1 to be honest, the posters around where I live that say 'windows phone 8.1 coming soon' have faded and are starting to peel from the boards.
For a company thats desperate to hold court with Android and IOS they're making a rod for their own backs.

I used Android for 3/4 years before WP7 & 8 and they've never blown their own trumpet as loud as MS have over a scheduled OS update and todays article makes them a laughing stock, 8.1 Update 1 before 8.1 even starts rolling to the masses, sounds like something is wrong somewhere or they've tried running before walking more like.

Fully agree with you. It's all bells and whistles, nothing more. I would say humiliating. What's the point of Update 1 to 8.1 when even 8.1 seems light years away as of now. And what is this selectivity of some country some model some person who get the release! I mean it seems like this news is just a gimmick to pacify the mass. Talk about release of Update 1, that too would follow the same course.

Wht abt the roumors abt releasing official cyan update with in 1st 2weeks of July in India.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

This 8.1 general release is taking too long.  I'm not going to install the developer version.  By the time WP8.1 is released, iPhone 6 and iOS8 will be out.  When that happens WP will be out of the news and will loose any momentum since Apple will take all the oxygen in the room / building / country.  WP8.1 really needs to be released now for general use or risk loosing its already small market share.  It's been over a year which is too long for mobile OS updates and versions.  

I agree. But I feel there have been many bugs to iron out in this update as mentioned by many on the DP. I tried it for a few hours on my L920 and didn't like everything they've done. Some things they could've left as was. A few were good. The preview felt very disjointed as an OS on the whole when compared to 8.0. Whatever Cyan brings, I hope it will just patch up those holes.

Windows Phone 8.1 has been official supported since 24 June 2014. Just be patient, it's only for 14 days officialy on the market.

I hope the leave the old music app when the final bits are released because Xbox Music App sucks. I have't touch that crap since the old hidden app was discovered.

I tried the new update last week and it still sucks. Usability is poor. Too much going on that playing screen, it needs a dedicated playing now screen.  Haven’t they notice that people Instagram and tweet what they are listening to? That screen should be more attractive and clutter free. I also shouldn’t have to click three times to get to the rest of a particular artist collection. Album art is missing as well as wrong artist background images. Sure it's faster but not as fast as the old app.

The only think I like is that they made the fonts smaller for Album name, track list. At least it’s not cut off like the original app. We need the NEW as well as HISTORY sections back. I want to open the app and start playing music. Not search.


Attractive screen: 





Great news. Hope in new update loads of stuff would be seen. If Microsoft is hearing what if the windows icon on handsets is used as notification light may be included in update.

Well, I just hope that they will add Wi-Fi direct so that I can share big files with my friends' WP and Androids. Bluetooth sucks for sharing large data.

Thanks for pointing me to the app. But we need a standard that can allow sharing between devices regardless of OS and that's Wi-Fi Direct. It was present in WP8.1 emulator images but not included in final ones. I hope it is included in this WP update.

At least this update should remove those loading and resuming stuff while switching between apps... Then its complete...

Preview for life. Warranty doesn't worry me. Using a Nokia not a shitty cheap overrated Samsung device. Ive used Samsung since flip phones became the hype. They're shiny and thats all they had going for them. The "ONLY" phones I had to pull out the battery with daily. Disgusting. And they STILL need to do that lmao. Fucking cheap bastards