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Windows Central Roundup

There are thousands and thousands of Windows Phone apps available over in the Windows Phone Store.  To supplement our app and game reviews, our Windows Phone Central Roundups are designed to give quick snapshots of apps and games that we may not get to fully review.  Most of these roundups follow a common theme such as Spy Apps, Photo Editing Apps, Target Games, and Ninja Games.

While we put together a small collection of these apps and games, our Roundups are also an opportunity for our readers to offer their recommendations on apps and games of the same genre.

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Best Classic Games for Windows 10

Classic games for Windows 10 can be an enjoyable way to pass the time. These games include board games, card games and other casually paced titles. These are the best classic games for Windows 10.

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Best Hidden Object Games for Windows 10

Hidden object games can be a fun, challenging and relaxing way to pass the time. The Windows Store has a respectable collection of these puzzle games that test your skills at concentration and observation. These are some of the best hidden object titles available for Windows 10.

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Best Time-Waster Games for Windows 10

Life is full of situations where you find yourself waiting ... and waiting and waiting. Luckily the Windows Store is packed with entertaining, time-wasting games that can help life's little waits go by a little faster.

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