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Windows Central Roundup

There are thousands and thousands of Windows Phone apps available over in the Windows Phone Store.  To supplement our app and game reviews, our Windows Phone Central Roundups are designed to give quick snapshots of apps and games that we may not get to fully review.  Most of these roundups follow a common theme such as Spy Apps, Photo Editing Apps, Target Games, and Ninja Games.

While we put together a small collection of these apps and games, our Roundups are also an opportunity for our readers to offer their recommendations on apps and games of the same genre.

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The Best Trivia Games for Windows 10

Trivia games are a fantastic way to pass the time that not only tests what you know but may teach you a thing or two along the way. This gaming genre is well represented in the Windows 10 Store and we've pulled together a small collection of the best trivia game the Store has to offer.

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We are knee deep in the Holiday Season with Christmas quickly approaching. For those with young children, the anticipation of Santa's arrival can be nerve racking. Fortunately, the Windows Phone Store is packed full of apps featuring Santa that might channel that excitement. We picked four of the best offerings to highlight in this week's roundup.

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