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There are thousands and thousands of Windows Phone apps available over in the Windows Phone Store.  To supplement our app and game reviews, our Windows Phone Central Roundups are designed to give quick snapshots of apps and games that we may not get to fully review.  Most of these roundups follow a common theme such as Spy Apps, Photo Editing Apps, Target Games, and Ninja Games.

While we put together a small collection of these apps and games, our Roundups are also an opportunity for our readers to offer their recommendations on apps and games of the same genre.

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Microsoft has developed or helped develop a boat load of Windows Phone apps and games over the years and to help you get pointed in the right direction to find these titles, the Windows Phone Store has a Made by Microsoft Collection.

If you do a keyword search for "Microsoft" in the Store, you'll come up with three pages of apps and games that Microsoft has played a role in developing. The Collection pulls twenty-eight of these titles under one roof and includes a nice selection of Windows Phone titles. For this week's roundup, we will pull a handful of titles from the Made by Microsoft Collection.

If you have a favorite app or game from Microsoft that isn't mentioned, feel free to toss out your recommendation in the comments below. We understand that there are other quality apps and games from Microsoft that (for whatever reason) did not make the Collection such as Crimson Dragon, Wordament, Shuffle Party, Microsoft Health or any of the Bing apps ( Sports, Weather, Food and Drink, etc.). Please understand we are only spotlighting apps and games that are in this Collection and there is nothing afoot if your favorite isn't mentioned.

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If you enjoy long, drawn out games then city builder games can be a great option for your Windows Phone gaming library. These time management games call on you to build up a city from scratch and often include a number of missions your growing community will have to conquer.

There is a vast selection of city builder styled games in the Windows Phone Store and we've plucked a few of the top rated choices to highlight in this week's roundup. We have cityscapes ranging from those where dragons rule the skies to those that will take you to the Dark Side. These games take the original city builder concept that most of us learned about through SimCity and takes it up a notch by adding combat/action elements into the mix.

As with all of your roundups, we try to highlight several Windows and Windows Phone titles that might spark an interest with our readers. However, we cannot touch on all the fantastic apps and games in the Stores so we will rely on you guys and gals to fill in the gaps. If we've overlooked your favorite city building game, feel free to toss out your recommendations in the comments below.

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Windows Store Collection: Comic Book Fans

This week we are setting aside our Windows Phone and taking a look at one of the Collections in the Windows Store. As many know, the Windows Phone Store has a series of Collections that pulls together Windows Phone games or apps that are from the same genre such as shopping apps, photography apps or racing games.

The Windows Store also has a large selection of Collections that focus on Windows 8 apps and games. These Collections are very similar to those we have become familiar with in the Windows Phone Store and cover categories of Windows 8 titles such as hidden object games, apps for music lovers, racing games and more.

For this week's roundup, we are focusing on the Windows Store Collection Comic Book Fans. It is one of the smaller collections but focuses on apps and games that delivers the comic book experience to your Windows 8 device. We've pulled four of the titles to highlight this week that you may appealing.

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For those who may not be familiar, the Windows Phone Store features a series of app and game collections that groups Windows Phone titles into a wide range of categories. Microsoft does a good job of rotating these collections and one collection that we haven't notice recently popped up on our radar.

The Into the Shadows Collection is an assembly of Windows Phone games that will allow you to be immersed in a world of intricate shading and shadows. The gaming titles are described as featuring "slick graphics with a shadowy atmosphere". When combined with challenging game play, these shadowy Windows Phone games can be an entertaining way to pass the time.

We've plucked a few of the gaming titles from the Into the Shadows Collection for this week's Windows Central roundup. There are a few notable omissions ( Dark Lands and Darklings come to mind) and if you have a favorite game with a shadowy atmosphere that isn't in the Collection, sound off below in the comments.

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Opening Day for Major League Baseball is right around the corner and for those who like to follow all the action around the Diamond, there are a few Windows Phone apps that might come in handy.

While it is doubtful that MLB At Bat will return to the Windows Phone Store lineup, it wasn't the only game in town. For this week's roundup, we'll toss in a few apps dedicated to Major League Baseball, one to help you keep score of the game and will also mention the usual suspects. Please Note that some of these apps have not been updated to reflect the 2015 Major League Baseball Season. This often happens at the last minute and with the season kicking in on Monday, we expect updates to be pushing out soon.

As always, if we have overlooked your favorite Major League Baseball Windows Phone app be sure to toss out your recommendation in the comments below. We try to include some of the more popular and top rated apps and games in our roundups but we do miss a few from time to time, as well as needing to thin things out for the sake of print space. Plus we like to hear from our readers as to what is trending out there.

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Magma Mobile is a gaming developer that has quietly built up a rather impressive and popular portfolio of Windows Phone games. Many of the gaming titles are great time wasters with challenging game play and nice graphics.

For this weekend's Windows Central Roundup, we have plucked a few of the top rated games from Magma Mobile's collection to spotlight. You can find the full, 40 game collection through this link or simply by searching Magma Mobile in the Windows Phone Store.

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While the Microsoft Band is still somewhat limited in availability, the number of Windows Phone apps with support for the Band is growing at a decent pace. Sure, most are customization apps but being able to have the Band fit your personality and style is not a bad thing.

While we have a Windows Central page dedicated to Microsoft Band apps, we thought it was time to highlight some of the top Windows Phone apps designed for the Microsoft Band in this week's roundup. Plus, seeing that the Band is becoming available outside the U.S. as well as through, Best Buy and other third party retailers we expect more of our readers will be curious as to what apps are out there.

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