See how your Windows Phone measures up with Basemark OS II, now on all three mobile platforms

If you are interested in seeing how your Windows Phone's overall performance stacks up to other phones and tablets, you may be interested in Basemark OS II, a cross-platform benchmark tool by Rightware, simultaneously released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Basemark OS II runs a battery of performance tests, including system, memory, graphics, web browsing and camera and then assigns a score based on the results.

To use, simply tap 'Run Benchmark' and let the system run its course. As of now, we can't pick individual tests, as we are met with the message  "This feature is only available in the FULL version". That suggests a paid, 'Pro' version is on the way, though as of now, it's not available in the Store.

Once your test is completed, you then have the option to upload your results to compare to other devices that have been assessed, including Android and iOS ones. What's especially cool, is that Basemark OS II tries to use an objective scoring system, so comparisons are OS-neutral and based solely on hardware performance. (Note: the app crashed once on the Lumia 1320, but seems okay on the Lumia 1520).

According to Teemu Uotila, Director of Benchmark Unit of Rightware:

“We are immensely proud in advancing the general public’s understanding of the performance differences of the modern smartphones. This launch marks a major milestone since it is the first trusted performance gauge that enables true cross platform overall performance comparisons. One of the exciting and unique features is a camera speed test. We don’t know of any other such a test in publicly available product in the world."

I tried to get a screenshot of my Lumia 920's score versus others, but I could not get the results page to pull up on my phone at the time that this post was written. Perhaps you will have better luck.

You can get Basemark OS II for free in the Windows Phone Store, and you can read more about the types of tests in Basemark OS II here from their site. Windows Phone 8 only.

QR: BaseMark OS II


Reader comments

See how your Windows Phone measures up with Basemark OS II, now on all three mobile platforms


It runs, but crashes on occasion on the 1320 (which is not quad core, that was an error on our end) but it runs on the 1520.

That's a difference between support (which appears to be there) and just 1.0 bugs.

I got a 894 for my overall score on my 1520.. I turned WiFi, and all data, off, closed everything down, and turned off everything but 5 background task... I don't know if that helped.. Right now I'm having trouble opening the website so I can compare my score with other phones.. I'll keep trying... I'm just interested to see how the iPhone 5S, and GS4 did overall compared to my 1520.

I didn't do anything to my phone. Left everything open, as well as 4 background task. I also cannot access the website, tells me I have bad web address.

Also, being OS-neutral it is a raw comparison of hardware rather than an indicator of what kind of performance you should expect. So Android phones that score higher than Windows phones will not necessarily be faster or offer a better experience.

Nice app for those wanting to directly compare the hardware performance though.

Oh, well of course... That's been the argument about WP's speed, vs Android, this whole time... Lol❕

Yeah, unfortunately this is not the app that all WP fans have been waiting for that helps people stop thinking purely about number and speed of processors. Still a nice app though :)

It is handy for proving that WP hardware is serious.. If these guys today here at work see my 1520 producing higher numbers than their iDroids that's all I need the app for.. Anything to lend whatever kind of credence to WP will help increase mind share, then market share... It's just one more brick in the wall..

I'm mainly meaning that many times that the benchmark is compared between 'similar' (to the consumer's mind) WP and Android phones the Android ones will often score higher on a benchmark because they require the larger processors. It doesn't do anything to prove whether a phone is better or nicer to use.

However as you say, and especially with the latest Nokia devices, we are also competing in the hardware space too so there are some wins that can be made there. I just wish that everyone would stop comparing CPUs already.

Oh, I understand, and agree.. Have you noticed that in att stores they have taken the spec cards away, and replaced them with just special features of the device❔ That's a smart move, and it's probably because of what you're saying, and the fact that most people don't know what those specs mean, and don't really care.. Take my GF for example... She wouldn't trade her iPhone 4s for my Lumia 1570 is I paid her to.. I say 1570 because she'll still have the 4s by then.. Lol. She sure is amazed by XBM on my 1520 though... Its really more about the features, apps, and content available at this point because most midrange phones nowadays are just a fast as high end phones a year ago... And, Android is getting less, and less, annoying to use with every new version... MS needs to think about this....
Nevertheless, I wonder if my 1520 will score higher after the 8.1 update, or does it not work like that❔

I'm not in the US so I'm not sure about AT&T. I know that in New Zealand they haven't really put specs on the cards for quite a while (on any network), at least for the last 5 years or so. But it doesn't stop the salespeople looking them up and factoring that into the sales process. What would help is a re-education of salespeople, something I tried desperately during my 2.5 years as a Nokia WP trainer, but they are a difficult beast to change. They're either spec junkies and sell phones accordingly, or blind Apple/Android loyalists, or they don't care and sell whatever the customer asks for (which is driven by marketing and word of mouth). Both of those factors are areas that WP is not quite leading in (though the latter is really picking up lately).

Yeah, I'm sick of sales people asking me if I like WP with that skeptical look on their face.. WP is never going to pick up market share here in the US if that attitude persist at the so called "premier carrier"

I'm sick of tech salespeople in general now. No offence meant to the good ones – they do exist, I've met some and they can be brilliant – but in general they are very self-serving, biased without logical reason, and ignorant of new tech.

Yep, well said... They don't know $hit.. Doesn't it annoy you when they ask if they can help you❔.. Lol❕.. I try not to say no thanks with a rude tone, but I think it comes out that way... I just want to say "hell no❕ you don't know $hit. I know more about this stuff than you do"""".. One day it's gonna happen..

By what metric are you measuring "too much" for a benchmark app on Windows Phone? I'm not a developer so I wouldn't weigh in on the matter.

It's weird❕ First it said 43mb, and I couldn't get it to load.. Then I reset my phone, and it said 1gb❕.. I swear that's what it said.. WTH❔

It's always crashing on Lumia 920...

Edit: I got the results but like Daniel Rubino said, the website is down to pull.

Here are the results on my 920, it ran the first try but as mentioned accessing the web site is a bit slow if not impossible. I didn't change any settings prior to running, just ran it as the phone was after install:

Camera Speed Test: 377
Overall: 500
System: 503
Memory: 917
Graphics: 335
Web: 403


on free version i got these results for Nokia Lumia 1020:

Overall: 494
System: 492
Memory: 928
Graphics: 333
Web: 392

Camera Speed Test Results:
Score: 157 points
Score with Flash: 164 points
Rank: 222
Test Conditions: Low Light

Lumia 1520

  • Overall: 899
  • System: 988
  • Memory: 989
  • Graphics: 1209
  • Web: 551


Camera Speed Test Results

  • Score: 272 points
  • Score with Flash: 255 points
  • Rank: 291
  • Test Conditions: Low Light


Snapdragon 800 FTW.

Nexus 5

Overall: 1076
System: 1573
Memory: 484
Graphics: 2346
Web: 750

Camera Speed Test Results

Score: 392 points
Score with Flash: 340 points
Rank: 214
Test Conditions: Low Light

Snapdragon 800 FTW.

My 1520 (RM-937) Everything running (I have 14 BG tasks active including Wifi but location services & bluetooth were turned off)

Overall: 1051
System: 1219
Memory: 1447
Web: 564

Camera Speed Test Results

Score: 272 Points
Scire with Flash: 249 points
Rank: 293
Test Conditions: Low Light


on free version i got these results for Nokia Lumia 920:

Overall: 503
System: 498
Memory: 955
Graphics: 334
Web: 402

Camera Speed Test Results

  • Score: 393 points
  • Score with Flash: 374 points
  • Rank: 186
  • Test Conditions: Normal Light

Lumia 920

Overall: 500

System: 502

Memory: 892

Graphics: 346

Web: 404


Camera Speed Test

Score: 382

Score with Flash: 361

Rank 220

Lumia 1020 (64GB-Version, GDR3 & Black Update)

Overall: 512

System: 497

Memory: 1024

Graphics: 340

Web: 395

Camera Speed Test Results

Score: 147

Score with Flash: 156

Rank: 223

Test Conditions: Low Light


edit: why do i have such a huge line pitch?

Lumia 928, pretty full storage fwiw:

Overall: 499
System: 502
Graphics: 365
Web: 399

Seem to be in the ballpark with the rest of the 920-ish phones.

edit: Camera Test

Score: 372
Score w/flash: 353
Rank: 196
Normal Light

920 on developer preview... No crashing but the webpage to compare and see the award doesn't load.
Overall: 489
System: 494
Memory: 892
Graphics: 349
Web: 371
Little Brother's 5s for comparison:
Overall: 1021
System: 1999
Memory: 437
Graphics: 1344
Web: 926

You have to go to extra tests for camera.

For the 920 I got:
Overall: 498
System: 466
Memory: 941
Graphics: 349
Web: 400

For the camera:
Score: 314
With flash: 309
Rank: 269
Conditions: low light

I have the photo links which proofs that Nokia Lumia 1520 beats both iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 in Overall results:

Nokia Lumia 1520: 1048

iPhone 5S: 940

Samsung Galaxy S4: 574

I gave up caring about Benchmark testing cause they never measure up in real time use. I've had my Nexus 7 1st gen out benchmark my Nokia 920 and yet in every real time situation my 920 out performed the Nvidia Quad core. The N7 was one of the most sluggish android device owned. Kit Kat has greatly improved it but it never has measured up.

Yup, unless you want to do, idk, heavy numbers crunching, 3D rendering or video editting on your phone, raw numbers don't mean a thing.

They might be relevant for gaming, but only on the same platform since the system architecture also affects real-life multimedia performance...

Is this truly OS neutral?  I am certainly no expert, but for example, an Android phone needs a lot of resources and cores just to be able to scroll the list of apps smoothly, whereas on WP there is generally less specs needed to get the same or better performance.


I guess, this is really theoretical tests, not a test that would be entirely relevant to a user of the device....I'm not really saying it well, but I know what I mean in my head!!

Personally I don't care how my 1020 compares to Android or iOS. My phone is smooth, fast and reliable. That's all that matters to me.

I've tried both iP5 and Sgs4, not impressed at all, would choose my 1020 over anything.
But would be funny to see what my 1020 could do running on turbo in a test just like Samsung do with their Androids'... :P

My thoughts also... mostly... The only reason I dont have a 1520 is no stylus.

My 920 has been my best all around trouble free smartphone ever.

I don't get the value in these type apps.  My Lumia 920 runs everything well and I don't want to purposely depress myself should I find out my Lumia 920 doesn't quite match the spec of some andy device I have no intentions of owning anyway.  I'll pass. The line "Ignorance is bliss" has its place.

Samsung Galaxy S III (SCH-I535)

Android 4.1.2 (Power saving disabled)

Overall: 244

System: 555

Memory: 288

Graphics: 314

Web: 71


Camera Speed Test Results:

Score: 466

Score with Flash: 247

Rank: 137

Test Conditions: Low Light

I like this app, seems well designed. Something that can't be said about alot of WP apps unfortunately.


Overall 337

System 506

Memory 229

Graphics 278

Web 403

Camera Test

Score 401

Score with flash 392

Rank 190

Test Conditions Normal Light

India Nokia Lumia 820 Black GDR3 Preview


Overall   : 510

System  : 490 

Memory  : 961 

Graphics : 333

Web       : 433

Camera Speed Test Results :

Score    : 325 Points

Score with Flash : 273 Points

Test Condition : Low Light




iPhone 5 32GB mem, 1GB RAM (IOS 7.0.4) - no background running apps but the benchmark app. No Wifi/BT operated, only 3G:

Overall: 557
System: 1004
Memory: 393
Graphics: 291
Web: 837

Camera Results:
Normal Light:
Score: 559
Score + Flash: 280
Rank: 111

Low Light:

Score: 390
Score + Flash: 228
Rank: 289