Windows Phone taking the spotlight in TV show "Scandal"

Windows Phone Scandal

Windows Phone is taking the spotlight in the TV drama show Scandal. In the above shot we have the HTC 8X, the high-end Windows Phone 8 smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. We've seen Microsoft and co. nailing prime time advertisement slots, as well as being featured in numerous music videos, TV shows and movie blockbusters.

Below we have Hamilton from the TV show Scandal spinning his Lumia Windows Phone between his fingers. This could well be the Lumia 920.

Windows Phone Scandal

Viewers of the popular show will be witnessing the OS in action too, as opposed to simple image placeholders being displayed. Good stuff. If you've never checked the show out, we strongly recommend you do so. Head on over to our forums to join in the discussion.


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Windows Phone taking the spotlight in TV show "Scandal"


How come you never ran a story like this when I tipped you about this phone currently appearing in the show Under the Dome from Stephen King and Steven Spielberg?? It is in almost every episode. Infact everything in Windows 8 in the show from phones to PCs/tablets.

I go on the app everyday and don't remember this story at all Daniel. But reading it now and it still fails to acknowledge any HTC 8X product placement in the show only Nokia

Paul? You remembering anything is not my problem, you could at least search before getting antsy. And Microsoft sponsors the whole show...there are numerous product placements in every episode. It's lame to cover it each time. It's not news.

I'm saying I would have remembered the story because I've been watching the series since it started and it would have stood out. I'm far from antsy just asking why HTC wasn't mentioned because that's the handset used most in the show Daniel (dunno why I put Paul, sorry)

In the Last episode of the Under the dome, they used a HTC 8X and a timer app to short circuit a generator using the cable of the earphone. That's how you use a windows phone, macgyver style.

Now you will know that one or more unknown characters will, in a unknown part of the episode, use a htc cellphone in a unusual way to  damage a generator for a unknown reason. I think now you don't even need to watch the last episode. :P

I am an Indian user.. And the comments on the extras + info app tell you its not working.. Many people just get returned back to the the settings menu.. I cant change my glance settings..

Actually Windows Phones have been featured in Scandal for the entire last season; which ended like months ago. Surprised to read this story now.
And, yes! They are in almost all the major TV shows, music videos, and movies. Nokia's Lumia 9xx design tends to stand out as they are well recognized by the metal strip in the back. Nokia needs to make it a signature mark and use it on all their phones, for Heavens Sake!!

Scandal is seen by about 9 million people per episode, and I've noticed WP used a lot, more so in its 2nd season!

I noticed this months ago, but as the poster above stated, nothing compares to the product placement in 'Under the Dome'.
Everything is Microsoft (phones, tablets, PCs are all running Windows 8).

Windows Phone & Microsoft are popping up a lot at the moment:
Under The Dome
Katy Perry 'Roar' video
Neighbours (Surface and a red Lumia 920)
Liking this a lot! :D

How can you guys not remember the recently in theatres movie "White House Down."  They all used Windows Phones there, even the little girl who captured the terrorist footage.

Good news as I am honestly getting sick of every movie/television show being a blatant iPhone commercial.  It's aggitating.

Hawaii Five-O showcases a windows 8 device in every single episode.  They show the OS and the actors interacting with it to bring up their apps (usually Skype) either on a Lumia phone or Surface tablet.  Every character on that show has a Lumia phone.

Yup, I've been seeing it in this show before I get my phone, not to mention a bunch of more shows now showing off Windows Phones!

Yeah, it was in use plenty last season and they showed the screen on the 8X often (Olivia's phone). It's nice that Harrison might be using one now, maybe there will be multiple WP phones in play to help really showcase the OS.
Although this is nice, have to say, one of the best things I saw was when watching a Property Virgins episode (HGTV) this summer (don't judge!). There was a homebuyer who was using a yellow Nokia 920. Just a regular user, like one of us, using her phone. That's better than product placement and hopefully we'll see it more and more, it'll just be commonplace.

Ya, I noticed this in season one...i was like "yes!!!!"...hummm under the doom..i have to catch this one...thanks

Good to see them using the right OS. Shows like The Bridge and Royal Pains feature Lumias but with iOS or Android shown on the screen.

Scandal is that show. Got addicted after watching a few episodes on Netflix after hearing about it all the time. Love it.

Same here Rara85. I'm on the second season on Netflix. That show is has the perfect name for it. Did you get sick at how the government tortured the hell out of Huck in the name of Homeland Security? Wow.

Oh you haven't seen all the episodes yet? It gets really good. I was more upset that Huck got played so bad and was too loyal to the wrong person. Love make you do crazy things.lol Can't wait for the new season next month.