Windows/Android dual-boot Console OS aims to support Surface Pro 3

Console OS, an Android-based operating system designed to run on Intel PCs has announced that it will try to support all three members of Microsoft's Surface Pro family of tablets, including the Surface Pro 3.

The team behind Console OS, Mobile Media Ventures, launched a Kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago to help fund the launch of the operating system. With 33 days to go in this effort, it has raised $41,000 on its way to its goal of $50,000.

Even though their main goal has not yet been reached, Mobile Media Ventures has announced they plan to bring Console OS to all three Surface Pro models, but only if they reach their stretch goal of $125,000. The team stated why they need the extra fund to pull this off:

All three Surface Pro models do follow industry standards - UEFI, x86 hardware, and do so in the same chassis as Surface RT. Unfortunately, to pull that off, they use a lot of custom silicon. From a proprietary Wi-Fi and Bluetooth array, to all-new HID configurations on the Surface Pro 3's touch screen, stylus, and Surface Covers - getting Console OS to "manufacturer grade" precision isn't going to be easy.

The plan is to offer some new Kickstarter backer perks in order to help them achieve this stretch goal. The team adds, "We promise if we meet the $125,000 goal, we'll share Console OS on Surface Pro with all, but we'll be offering some additional incentives for those of you who want to back us for a few dollars more."

What do you think of this stretch goal and can the team behind Console OS reach it so it can bring a version of Android to Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets?

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Windows/Android dual-boot Console OS aims to support Surface Pro 3


Who would want Android apps on a full Windows 8.1 x64 surface?! Not me, definitely..... Windows has a thousand times more applications than Android.

The real problem here is one that can't be overlooked. Android is becoming more prolific and increasingly accepted as a desktop OS. As Android L and Material design rollout and Google continues its successful push of getting chromebooks in schools and some enterprise, and efforts like this particual kickstarter endeavor garner more attention and others like it emerge the Windows Desktop hegemony and consequently the ecosystem it bolsters is threatened. The desktop is Microsoft's only real strong hold in regards to its OS presence in comparison to competitors who it dwarfs. But with the shift to mobile where MS is weak, and consumers & enterprises disenchantment with Windows 8/8.1 and effectively waiting for Windows 9, this gives android space and time to take their HIGHLY popular mobile OS that garners 80% of the market and is in most people pockets thus the OS, apps and ecosystem are familiar the masses, and put I in front of them on a desktop/laptop with little pain in transition. 10 years ago. Not a problem. With androids , " resistance is futile, you will be assimilated" march across the Mobil landscape, the desktop is CLEARLY now in their sights. And that's a problem. Apple is doing the same to a lesser extent. Drawing on their mobile base and directing them to the desktop/laptop with tighter convergence between OSs. Threshold has to be powerful. Strong enough to make ALL the 1.5 billion laptops and PC'saround the globe, that may be taking a back seat, maybe unused., relevant to users, some value added when used in conjunction with a Windows Phone/tablet. Microsoft needs to leverage its HUGE PC install base via Threshold to make their mobile endeavors more relevant, just as Android and Apple are leveraging thier mobile endeavors to make their desktop/laptop endeavors relevant.

chromebook are a terrible designed tablet with keyboard and mousepad and usd port without allow to put something to desktop and offline mode, but google meant to let it use for online only, so google can spy on their customer and their worker

Damn right, its how they make their money although they have now moved into also being a defence contractor. I wouldn't touch an Adbook with a bargepole and would ban them from schools.

"Strong enough to make ALL the 1.5 billion laptops and PC'saround the globe, that may be taking a back seat, maybe unused., relevant to users, some value added"

except that this product is a fork of android-ia by Intel, it only works for uEFI/GPT

disk systems, which means unless your PC's around the globe are newer than

2012 time frame it won't work for you.....!!!!! They only want you to upgrade your
PC's.....cause they fell behind ARM products....mobile is where it's at NOT PC's...

No, you can't. Bluestacks can't handle the latest Android games and apps. Check the comparison chart at ConsoleOS.com to see why.

See comments below from other Bluestacks users - I'm just here to give the facts :)

"And what if I just use Android x86? How is this superior?"

It's not, and ask them where you can test their product...you can't

android-x86 which has been shown can also run today on surface tablets
has a history of delivering since 2009....they also run on older PC's.....

forums@: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/android-x86

A thousand times more apps that are not touch optimized. I really don't see how you can't see the benefit, even if it's not for you.

Why not just run a virtual box or dual boot. On my iMac I dual boot with windows. I can run windows and android in a virtual box. Or I can run bluestacks if I really want. Same can be done on a PC, but even better with steam.

Check the comparison chart at ConsoleOS.com - Android is on the rise to do PC gaming with full OpenGL 4, and Bluestacks can't support the modern gaming APIs that Console OS does today. Bluestacks can't do the latest generation of Android gaming, and Console OS is already supporting that and paving the road to Android being on-par with Windows in gaming APIs.

Google's also doing its part with the Android Extension Pack - a series of APIs we're evaluating for support right now, actually.

Linux and mac hardly come close to Windows in terms of steam library. What makes anyone think android is seriously worth batting an eyelid over in terms of "on the rise in gaming"? Answer: Noone. Its never going to be a thing. ;)

Android is the most popular OS today, in terms of new devices activated. We're scaling Android to be a powerful PC and PC Tablet OS.

And, we think Surface Pro 3 is the best tablet ever made. It should run the most popular OS in the world, and we think Microsoft hardware will go great with Android - Nokia X sure does.

Not sure what you mean by "architecture" - Android is available on many x86 devices today in terms of phones and tablets. And, HP just announced multiple Android laptops.

Where Console OS is key, is in scaling the Android user experience and APIs so that developers can use Android on-par with other desktop operating systems. It's part of what we're doing to remaster Android (as both a dual-boot and a primary operating system) for the desktop.

As an IT professional in a huge enterprise environment who specializes in Information Security, what you just said is a scary statement.

We would just never deploy a dual boot system with Android. That would be the first thing we would NOT include in our standard build. Could you imaging the enhanced threat vector? Throw in FIPS, MITA, NIST and HIPAA security standards and Every auditor would want to know if you have any Android component enabled on any systems. That's just crazy.

He has obviously never been through a security assessment, would be loads of fun trying to apply 800-53 controls to this mess, and which CIO would give an ATO to this nightmare....

i just hate how android is always soo glorified as if it was the "perfect" os or something and everything else is bs

windows is much much better for gaming , throw it a few more apps and everyone gets rid of their ipads to get a surface

Android user experience and APIs so that developers can use Android on-par with other desktop operating systems.

Developer can use Android on-par with other desktop!!! ??? Oh, I see. I would be cool to develop some app on android! Real cool. Who is with me raise your hands!!


I have never had a need for dual boot devices myself, but I know others who have. Android has more options for mobile/tablet business uses right now so I see the value in making the Surface a "best of both worlds" device.

Still Compared to Windows Android are Ineffective.

Proff? see Windows Phone Device lol


And if I Ever Get 2 boot Tablet Like that I'll format android partition so i can store more data for my Windows lol

Nokia X series is for getting new users hooked on MS/Nokia services. It's less Android than most think. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate there are people who want this OS. I'm sure I'll give it a try when it comes out before making any judgments on its performance. As others have stated, I see more use for this on ARM. I know I would definitely use it on ARM.

Popular does not automatically equal best. And at the end of the day its still a mobile OS no matter how you dress it up. Plus as you claim its the "most popular OS today" there are countless tablets already available running android so this makes your endevour even more pointless.

Look Chris, I know this is your project, but I no longer feel like backing you anymore if you're going to lie to me. Android is NOT the most popular OS. Google said at I/O that 1 billion devices currently run Android. Compare that to BUILD where Microsoft said that 1.5 billion computers run Windows. Now, I get what you're saying with Android for gaming, but there's no way that what you're doing is as powerful as DirectX on Windows.

I was actually thinking about supporting you, but if you're going to come in here and act like you have the best solution, well.... You've lost my support.

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*sigh* do people even read the source material? Dude, just watch the video and don't sprout nonsense .

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That's rich considering lag is nonexistent on my M8. Nice try though.

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Totally agree bro
And shit,what kind of android fan are you,strollin' around and land crap on wp fans' heads?

We're showing that the market wants solutions like that. We need Kickstarter backers to force the market to accept these kinds of solutions... it takes a startup to disrupt sometimes, and the community to put its money where its mouth is.

We have to go the x86 route because UEFI and common bootloaders are required. But we're not saying we can't go to ARM someday. We've left that door open thus far.

Chris, are you going to put Google Play on this platform or your own market? I'm already vested in MS apps, and I have in the past been vested in Google Play apps, what is your approach to the app equation?

Like changing a Ferrari Engine with a Fiat 500 one...Just a nice tech exercise, but stupid in the real world ;)

Well, we're putting a twin turbo on Android, and scaling it up to be a Ferrari-grade OS. That's the point of Console OS and how it differs from stock Android. We're adding the tools needed to make Android an OS that fights the walled gardens while handling the latest in gaming graphics.

Chris, instead of attempting to point-counterpoint in the posts I would recommend an interview with the editor. You'll never get anywhere with this lynch mob. We left Android for a number of reasons, and many of us wont be supporting putting android on a fantastic machine such as a surface Pro.

Get an interview with the editor of the article, convince me (I left android because of privacy concerns and apps getting permissions into everything) why I would want to be a backer?

Well said. If what you are proposing is worth my time and money, sit down with a reporter from Mobile Nations, and lets get to the bottom of this.

It seems more like a useless philosophical difference exercise. Reminds me of all the Linux lovers of the last twenty years trying to usurp Windows.

utter nonsense... why would I want to install android on my $800 device ? I can buy some cheap hardware of $100 and install android.

STOP this madness 

There are already $800 Android devices out there. Xperia Android tablets with 4G radios have trended into the $800 range depending on carrier/region.

Surface Pro is another extreme tablet with extreme horsepower. It just now, if the Kickstarter is successful, will have even more awesome to it.

Android isn't just for cheap hardware anymore. We're showing app developers too that it's time to start scaling Android up to high-performance devices, and that's a key goal of Console OS.

well what else android can do other than apps and games ? if you are going to say developers can now create resource intense games... then create them for xbox or PS 

If someone wants android that badly why not just buy a cheap tablet or phone? Cant imagine spending money on a SP3 then installing android just to get a  few apps. Waste of space, kickstarter seems to be more of a scam nowadays with hardly anything actually getting released.

I'm not saying I don't support this, but I mean... You could install VMWare on Surface (or anything for that matter, it's a full windows PC) and run android. Same for Bluestacks if needed. It's not that big of a deal. If it was RT now, wow, I'd be impressed. 

But "running PC graphics on Android on the PC" is is a little cumbersum, I really wonder if he heard himself say it at the end of that....

I'll install steam and bluestacks...

No, you can't. VMs running Android fail performance-wise because you need direct GPU access for any modern version of Android to handle the latest in games and apps. Try it, or just check the comparison chart at ConsoleOS.com to see why.

Bluestacks is at Android 4.0 for a reason, it's the last version that didn't require a GPU. Pipelining/Virtualizing an Android GPU just isn't performance-viable today.

I see, didn't realize that one bit. Then I better get the rational as to why it's a big boon, I'll take it as the closest android alt on a PC then, no? Either VM or dualboot, that's a better boon than what I initially perceived, thanks for the clarification, I'll check the site in detail later.


This last weekend I helped a friend install a whole house audio system. Bought a wifi enabled receiver that had the ability to stream Spotify among others. Very cool Onkyo amp, however in order to do all that cool streaming stuff you need to pull down the Onkyo streaming app from their site. Only available for Android and iOS. We used his daughters iPad mini and everything worked fine. But no Windows support? Really. I would have to go buy some cheap ass Android tablet just to finish the installation? So I see where this would be helpful in my Surface. At least until Microsoft makes an attempt to fill in the holes. Hell it wouldn't even pair via Bluetooth my 1020 to the receiver, but his iPhone had no problem. And as for other receiver manufacturers, they are set up the same way. i got everything working great, but that was a frustrating part.

Have to agree, onkyo isnt the name that comes to mind when I think of sound quality for my home theatre.

You think the Sony amp had a Windows app? It wasn't a home theater, it was a whole house audio system.

My buddy just bought a 1200watt premium Sony Receiver with multi zone audio, and my 1020 paired and streamed with it must fine. Having an app to stream via Bluetooth is dumb when Bluetooth has several audio profiles that an app would be forced to use anyways.

We went WiFi enabled which is less limited. Especially since the receiver was downstairs and the house is 6000sq feet with 10 different listening areas. Being able to control the content anywhere is much better.

Its like ice on the cake. Also, adding a pinch of salt to the dessert enhances the taste of the yogurt! Wow.... Surface with android. A complete platform which will ditch the iPads at large... Future is bright!

Except you can get bitcoin mining malware and identity theft apps directly from Googles store. This isn't Android Central.. Did you bang your head?

It's part if the same group as Android Central. And you have no idea what you are talking about.

Posted HTC One M8 via Windows Phone Central App

You clearly don't have any knowledge of Android and are just a troll who likes to bash. Sound like an apple fan and not a windows fan.

Posted HTC One M8 via Windows Phone Central App

WestonCory = Troll. Do not respond to his comments, you're just wasting your time. Can we get a ban on him from an admin?

Terrible idea. The SP3 is a work of art that I take care of and avoid installing anything on that would harm it. The evil Google took UNIX and made spyware out of it and, as with other malware, trick people into installing it by letting them think it's a good buy.

Hmm, while I could see this being nice for folks who absolutely must have Android apps, it's not something I would do. If I had any of the Surface Pro tablets I'd be hard pressed to give up the backwards compatibility of Windows for Android as well as the massive amount of hardware and driver support. Guess I just have no desire to support the endeavors to supplant Windows.

People are always going to try and dual boot something. I have Linux/Windows on two of my older desktops. Some one will find a use for it. No money in it though. I use WP8 phones, Android tablets and Win8.1 computers. Feel very comfortable with that setup. Sorry Apple, got nothing against Apple, but just dont feel its worth the money.

You sound bitter and pathetic. And sound like an Apple user.

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Holy tits, man. You've commented on almost every anti-android post. Just let it go man! Its a phone OS.

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I'm going to ring what everyone says here when someone doesn't fully agree with their desires. Ahem

Don't like it? Don't use it. No one is forcing you to use it. But that doesn't mean others don't want it.


Hybrid systems have their place in tech I suppose. Not like this isn't something the genius class hasn't been doing with IOS on the PC for years. Natural progression says try to run on the Surface. I don't get the Kickstarter bit unless they plan to patent the idea just before google takes it for a buck.  Personally,  I don't see a need for it on anything I use, will use or have ever used on anything I do.

I wish you good luck, but no way I'm changing my full Windows experience for some Android apps/games. I got Steam. I got Origin. I got UPlay. I don't need anything else for gaming.

I've heard of lipstick on a pig, but this is the equivalent of smearing feces on a beauty queen. They seem like smart individuals. Could put that brain power into something useful.

I definitely want this on my Venue 8 Pro. There's still way too many apps missing on Windows, especially games.

Dude you have a fully featured flash browser, which is not available on either Android or ios. Put it to good use. You can instagram,fb,tweet, play online games, watch videos directly without ever installing an app.

of course, but there's some things which don't have browser versions. It's not about abandoning windows, just widening the possibilities of the device

I hear ya...Windows is way behind for home theater systems. My next upgrade for mine is getting UR's software for a iPad since no cheap Windows tablets work with it. Their jumping into the already existing home automation systems and doing another format war all over again.....funny really..seems they should have learned that lesson from the last one that they lost for backing the wrong horse in that race. Doing a real dual boot opens up so many avenues already existing,without the need for recoding

I'm confused. How does this have such a heavy demand. When every tech site you visit, tells u the Surface line isn't selling well. I doubt this is a heavy demand from Surface owners. I hate kick starter. Put a business plan together and go get a bank loan.

Nearly fell off my sofa laughing. I wouldn't put anything Android on my devices even if you raised your 125k stretch and offered it me. I wouldn't allow anything Android or Google related in my home or my LAN.

And this benefits me in what way? I've been doing fine without any google service. The only thing they have me for is YouTube, which is the only video service that is widely used. Why do I want inferior OS?

Don't marge with google (android) they will buy Microsoft . Google are powerful now. We have to Fight with them not to compromise.

It's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist and what's this "market" that the Dev says wants this? The market that exists in his head? With Steam alone who on earth needs Android? Then throw in Origin, Uplay and GOG and the idea becomes even more redundant.

Well said indeed. Its not as though the Windows PC platform lacks a thriving portfolio of excellent games or a vast heritage of high quality games. What can Android bring to the table that hasn't already been done better on Windows? Datamining, privacy invasion, malware and ads

Looks like you took Android-IA and licensed the fancy parts that Intel doesn't include because of said licensing, then smacked on your own tweaks and UX. Why would people pay for that if there are already tons of groups working on the same stuff for free? Sure you'll wait a bit, but it'll eventually surface like all those dual-boot ARM builds out there.

But no one is trying to put Windows phone on their s5 or M8. But since everyone wants a Android it has to be on the competition killer, the SP3. Yeah I don't think so.

I would not want Lagdroid on my premium Surface. I would rather developers bringing missing apps to Windows 8/WP8.

Seeing that Android doesn't lag you are showing your self to not know what you are talking about and acting like an apple fanboy.

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The radiation emitted by your candy themed robot phone may be the reason your comments are limited to insults and assertions that other people don't know what they are talking about. Or maybe its a side effect of all the Ads? Seriously... get a new phone, the one you're using is making you unhealthy.

Your pathetic. Get over yourself. No need to hate or bash other operating systems.

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Pfff... Delete Windows to install some kind of shit... What the hell?
Hell No! What's wrong with this world?!

Some people could say the same about Windows. No need to bash other OSes. They all have to exist.

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