Wordness, a letter game for Windows Phone and Windows 8 gets teased in video

Last fall we finally got the popular word game Words with Friends. But by the time it finally came to Windows Phone the gaming community seemed to have moved onto newer games. On iOS the next big word game was a little gem called Letterpress. We don’t have Letterpress on Windows Phone, but we’re getting a game that looks fairly similar called Wordness. Check out a sneak peak of the game after the break.


Looks fun right? Clean design, potentially addictive gameplay, and the ability to play across both Windows 8 and Windows Phone seems like a winner. We'll have more information soon as well as hands on with the game.


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Wordness, a letter game for Windows Phone and Windows 8 gets teased in video


It is turn-based, but nothing like Wordament. You take turns creating words with letters and earning 1 point per letter. But the strategy really involves controlling letters on the board and blocking your opponent. You're not limited to using adjacent or diagonal letters.

In Wordness, every alphabet has different points as in Words with Friends. So, you can say that it has the strategic board presence of letterpress but the score mechanism of Word with Friends which makes it more challenging. You not only have to capture the board but also take care you are making words with highest score

with a touch of Letterpress. It's one thing to develope similar games, but even copying Spelltower's typographic design? Not sure if that is fine with me.

Love a good word game. Just finally started playing Words with Friends. I cannot for the life of me figure out why that was such a "must-have." Horrible. Only playing it because a friend is, but find its pokiness a huge drag on what otherwise could have been a great game.

I can confirm it. I've tried it on Android, iOS, and WP (hell I paid for it before the free Nokia versions were released) and it is by far the worst.

Just today the app told me that it is recovering from a serious error and needed to be shut down. Thus was after it locked up my phone (forcing a hard reboot), and lost my account information (had to re authenticate it with FB).

It's a complete rip off UI wise (animations, color choices, EVERYTHING) and gameplay wise of Letterpress. Yet, I'm excited for it because I've nagged the Letterpress dev to port to WP forever.

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Thank you. We still have some rough edges (missing words in the dictionary which affects 3x3 puzzles with multiple solutions, and a few bugs) but we believe it is relatively good app.

Looks intriguing, but I wish they explained a bit more about the gaem itself rather than the design (which looks pretty good). Unless they did and I completely missed it.

Maybe I'm being negative, but this post kind of depressed me. It just reminded me of how WP doesn't have the app support of the others. Oh well, we must march on..

I love Letterpress and play it regularly on my iPad. This WP8 version is a complete clone of Loren Brichter's Letterpress for iOS. If Loren isn't going to receive any credit or share of the revenue, then I'm inclined to boycott this version on principle.

Since it's been six months since they posted the review on iMore and Loren still hasn't made a crossplatform version for WP8 or W8 app, then I'm inclined to download and play this version on principle that Loren is appearing to be lazy and/or ignorant to WP8/W8, even though the game concept doesn't particularly seem entertaining or really worthy of being a fad.

If you "can't be arsed" to show us some support after 6 months, I'm just going to get my fix somewhere else, thank you.

Microsoft need to create a social game like Draw Something.We already have nice word games like wordament and AlphaJax.Now it would be better to see something like DrawSomething and Xbox branded!

No. Nothing like draw something. DrawSomething got boring 2 months after the release, the userbase dropped significantly.
Creating "Fad" games is not easy. It's not like MS can decide "hey, we're just going to create this new game literally everyone wants to play for a few weeks/months".
If they ever make such a game, they need to do it cross platform as well, because what good is a "words with friends" game if your friends use android or iOS?
What MS really needs to do is give developers of the next big fad (SongPop?) incentive to release a WP7/WP8 version immediatelly, not half a year later.