Worldwide contest: Win a free Lumia 1520 from AdDuplex

Green Lumia 1520

You have a little over a week left to enter to win a free Lumia 1520. Last month, we were nominated and won the AdDuplex July Challenge for best Windows Phone news source on the web. We're honored and thankful! To celebrate the accolade, we're teaming up with AdDuplex to help out with the August Challenge where you can win a Lumia 1520.

AdDuplex + WPCentral August Challenge

  1. Install WPCentral app to your Windows Phone and pin it to your start screen (if you haven't done it yet)
  2. Make a screenshot of your start screen
  3. Tweet it with a hashtag #adduplexWPC

Contest is open to anyone, anywhere. How easy is that? We are talking moments of your time, so go for it! The winner is announced by AdDuplex at the end of the month, and we will occasionally post reminders to enter. Remember, you need that screenshot and hashtag to enter!

That's it! Feel free to hit up the AdDuplex blog for more information. Good luck on winning the Lumia 1520



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Worldwide contest: Win a free Lumia 1520 from AdDuplex



Those of us who actually own a Windows Phone can give the device to someone so that we can promote WP! Someone from our family or a friend ;)

I'll give my current 925 to someone and keep the 1520; or I can sell both and buy my beloved 930 (I know some will say I'm crazy, but I love that squared design -- especially the green one!). But hey, I may actually not resist this monster.

I like the square 930 too! It's not so "ordinary!" However, I don't I could go down to a 5" screen after owning 1520. Plus an SDcard is a must for me

Yeah same here. I love my 925 but if I get this 1520 (I never win anything though) I'll give my 925 to someone. I only got it about 2 months ago :P

Lol I had a 925 that I bought lady year with after its launch. It got broken 2 months ago, at which point I decided to wait to get the 930. The thing is, my father gave me his credit card for me to buy a new one, so I ended up getting the 925 again... But I need the 930!!!!

Well I got into my contracts at an odd time. My first phone was the L800 (wp7) and about a month or two afterwards the 810 came out. My 2 yr contract was up not that long ago and Vodafone only had the 925 & the 1320. The 925 Vodafone had was an exclusive 32gb which the others didn't have. They neglected to tell me they were getting the 930 in a couple of weeks. So I have this for another 2 years. Next time I'll wait.

Yeah, I felt kind of guilty since I already own 2red 1520's, but that human emotion fluttered away when I looked at the green one in the photos.

Those of us who currently own a WP are often looking for the next upgrade, so I for one, will be keeping mine when I win, and turning my 920 into a Kids Corner only phone. The rest of you, better luck next time! ; )

I've entered a few times ;) @anthemiac. And yes that is my ladies ass on the beach ;)

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Press power button + Start button (windows phone 8.0) or volume up + power button (windows phone 8.1).

It saves it to a folder called Screenshots in your Photos.

But what does complaining accomplish? Not much. Just make some throwaway accounts for social networks that you use for contests. That's it.

Exactly, we have got a chance to win a brand new phone for free. And a dream phone for some because its a gorgeous beast and what most of us are doing is complain just because its not really conveinient for them. Wow  -_-

Sorry, but my comment wasn't meant to be that bad...i just intended to tell everyone about my thoughts and may be (more or less) productive...

Because twitter is a secondary social media to facebook, and the aim of the competition ought to be to reach as many people as possible...

Rules of the contest is to tweet your sreenshot. If you don't like twitter, then don't participate. No one's forcing you to join.

Seriously? I had battery issues since WP 8 Black Update. Now it's running WP 8.1.1 DevPrev. The battery percentage jumps from 68% to 9% immediately!

Maybe is my battery?

Dude I own an 820, and I had this problem too. The battery would drain 20-30 percent even when the phone is just lying there, doing nothing. No glance screen, no data. I drained the battery to zero for about three or four times, then recharged it FULLY in one go, all the three times. Now even with 3G my phone lasts like 12 hours, this includes light-moderate camera use, data use, WhatsApp, email sync (one at 2hrs and another at 1). Btw, WP8.1 DP.

You should actually do that for every new phone you get: Completely drain the battery, then recharge to 100%, do this 3X.

Yea, kind of. My phone was new, and I was so upset over the battery life. I let it drain cuz I didn't care, but then it started improving, so Yay! me

Eroneko , just let it go to zero let the phone turn off and leave. It couble of hours then charge it to. Fully 100% leave it on the charger 15 minutes after it reaches 100% ,, and do this couble of times , that worked for me

I'm in! I'd love to win it so that I can promote Windows Phone with my family, maybe I would give it to my cousin, he wants an iPhone -_-;;

Hehehe I already have the 1520 in red, that's why I'd give the new one (in case I win it, of course). Mine has a few drops and as consequence some scratches, also I wouldn't give mine because it has a problem with suddenly start registering taps in the bottom of the screen and goes crazy, so that would be bad for promoting Windows Phones hehehe. I hope the new green one doesn't have this.

How many phone will be given? :) there will be many participants so we can't have much chance if there is only one phone :D

I already have a job and I have 1020, not going to buy 1520 because it's too big for my small hands. I better wait for 1030 8-)

So why did you ask about twitter if you have no plans of joining !!! Was that just a rhetorical question ??? smh

More contests!! Love these creative Little things where you try to make something that looks cool and possible even get lucky and win

i don't think 1 phone is enough for a worldwide contest it should be 3 phones at least

1 Lumia 1520 and 2 Lumia 930 if you really want to give back to the community

I do agree, but i don't think it will happen or they want to spend that kind of money on basically give aways

I need that 1520, mine is barely useable because of the touch issues. If i win, ill be using it so i can send mine back to the merchant for repair.

Dang it!! Happy with my 520. Just wasting time figuring WPCentral's strategy behind asking us to upload those photos to that stupid hashtag on twitter. I smell something fishy, especially when AdDuplex is involved.. 0_o

Gosh I was close, then I read twitter... Good luck to everyone though, I just want to stay away from social networks

I did tweet as given in article, but when I searched for #adduplexWPC, I was taken to a wpcentral twitter page. In it many people had commented at @wpcentral with #adduplexWPC. My tweets didn't appear in their page. So I am confused whether my tweet would be considers for the contest.

1. Can we make multiple tweets..
2. How to tweet I.e @wpcentral or simply #adduplexWPC.

And I will retail my 920 even if I win...

What about those with a WP7.8 device? Can we take photos of our start screen instead? I really need to upgrade to WP8 after all this time.

What if some one is not a regular twitter user? And enter the contest only to find out that his account is believed to be bogus.

Annoying that so many contests (not just WPC, but Nokia and others as well) are based on twitter; why not just use facebook? Their user base is much, much larger, so there's a much bigger chance that your readers are actually using the media...

Paying for ONE phone? I'd think WPC/Nokia/MS/whomever would be looking at the publicity aspect more than getting covered the cost of one phone...

Here's an idea; let people choose to participate on either twitter or facebook, and do a comparison on the number of participants in both media. I'd guess the facebook participants to outnumber the twitter ditto with a factor of ten...

For the guys that still use WP 7, you can sideload an app with the xap file of an app that I used to have to take screenshots, don't know if it's still there but maybe if you google it you can find it

I currently have the Nokia Lumia 520. I would be so geeked to be able to put a 1 in front of the 520 and have a Nokia Lumia 1520.

Done. I hope that I will win this contest... It has been years I didn't win any contest (I was lucky only 1 time and I'm 18 ^^ ) because it could be the time to change my phone :P