Xbox One SmartGlass Beta updated with ability to buy and download games

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta

Xbox One SmartGlass is a must-have app for anyone with an Xbox One and Windows Phone. The beta for SmartGlass was just updated today on Windows Phone and includes the ability to buy and download games or content from within the app! Read on for more details.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you'll find a new Xbox OneSmartGlass Beta update. It'll show as version in the Windows Phone Store, but you'll see version 2.2.1407.23002.

Here's what's new in today's update:

  • Like a Game Clip
  • Like an item in the activity feed
  • View items that have been bundled together
  • View items that have been shared to you from a message
  • Purchase Xbox One games & add-ons
  • Browse for recent and popular games & add-ons
  • General stability and polish improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Some features may require a console update to take full advantage of them

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta

We played around with the updated app and like the changes. We look forward to buying games on our Windows Phone and having them show up on our Xbox One console. Radical.

Via: @WPscoops

QR: SmartGlass Beta


Reader comments

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta updated with ability to buy and download games


I'm on a trip, so I can't play it. However, I got to play it on my ps4 for a few days when it came last week. I didn't get it on the X1, as, I wanted to ACTUALLY PLAY IT before I left.

But I hope all of you guys enjoy the game! I know I did! :D

There's no download link in the WPcentral app.

This is a great new feature. Xbox Smartglass is badass.

Useless feature outside the USA. I'm not paying $100 a game on the Australian store, I'll keep paying US prices from Xbox.com or the dashboard.

I spent 3 hours trolling Twitter trying to get a code.... darn young kids and thier faster fingers. ) :


On Topic: I'd like the app a lot more if you could connect to your console without having to be on the same network.

I got my code (PS4) from Reddit there is a lot of people giving away codes

isn't it the same with XBOX ? just go there /r/Xbox or /r/Destinythegame or /r/xboxone

Out of topic: I cannot remove photos from favorites, when i select 'remove from favorites' it disappear but then reappear when i go to favorites folder. I've binged it but it seems nobody has the problem yet. My phone runs 8.1 pfd.

I believe the buy and download now feature works with apps as well. Just "bought" the GoPro channel app and it altered me that it would download now for me. I will not know if it worked until I get home though.

½ off-topic : Joe Belfiore had just tweeted that Xbox Music and Video will not be abandoned and that an important update is coming for Xbox Music.

I won't be buying full games until they are cheaper to download than they are in store, and I can't see that happening any time soon.

On the topic of *this* article, this is probably the one feature I've been waiting for since the launch of the console. Now it would be great if they'd update the Windows Store app too (or make it a universal app that updates the phone and tablet versions at the same time), that'd be awesome. :-)

That would be awesome. The Windows Store app is usually updated around the same time that the non-beta version is on Windows Phone.

So I downloaded the app, but it must need an Xbox update cause it wouldn't connect. So how do I get the update? It doesn't show up on the Xbox settings.

Interesting update... Someday, hopefully soon, I'll get an Xbox One and then I'll make use of SmartGlass aggressively! :)

p.s. I half-expected "Hidden Gems" to show up with this post - with an XBox One up for grabs! ;)

Hmmm.. So I seem to have the most recent Xbox version, but the smart glass app didn't connect anymore. I rebooted the phone, but it didn't help. Then I rebooted the Xbox. Then I was able to connect. Go figure.

Sure, I needed this ability last night! Lol. Couldn't have Destiny Beta ready and waiting for me when I got home. Only got to play for a few minutes this morning.