Xbox One Titanfall bundle discontinued


Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer has revealed that the company won't offer the Xbox One game console in a bundle with Respawn Entertainment's sci-fi shooter Titanfall anymore.

Microsoft first launched a version of the Xbox One with its Kinect sensor and a digital download copy of Titanfall several months ago for $499. This week, when a fan asked Spencer on Twitter if Microsoft could sell an Xbox One Titanfall bundle without the Kinect sensor, Spencor simply replied. "Titanfall bundle is done." While there may be a few of those bundles still left unsold at local retailers, it looks like this particular deal is finished.

However, Microsoft has a bunch of upcoming Xbox One bundles that are currently available for pre-order, including one with a digital copy of Madden NFL 15 in the US for $399.99 and one for FIFA 15 in Europe for €399.99 and for £349.99 in the UK. A white Xbox One and a white controller will be sold with a digital copy of Sunset Overdrive for $399.99. Finally, an Xbox One bundle with a 1 TB hard drive, and custom artwork for the console and controller, will be sold with a digital copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for $499.99.

What is your reaction to the news that the Xbox One won't be bundled with Titanfall anymore?

Source: Phil Spencer on Twitter


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Xbox One Titanfall bundle discontinued


My brother tried buying one a few weeks ago and couldn't really find one so he went with the Forza 5 Kinect bundle instead, at $499. In retrospect, it's hard to believe that the original Titanfall bundle with Kinect was sold for $450 back in March. That was an amazing deal (Xbox One + Kinect + Titanfall for $450 when the PS4 with nothing was selling for $400?! I can't believe those bundles didn't blow the doors off every store that was selling them at that price.

I'm really not interested in Titan Fall. I like the Advanced Warfare bundle but won't buy it because it doesn't come with Kinect.

Really?! The Kinect 2 is going for $40 used on ebay right now? Whoa... I don't understand people. Kinect is awesome. I can't imagine using another console without it, so I can't comprehend why 1. anyone would sell theirs and 2. why the resale value is that low.

lol And I can't imagine using another console without the Wii U Gamepad!

But if the Kinect is so important to you.... ok.... it doesn't mean other people must like it.

Wow what a moron that guy was, the value on those things is much higher than that. Bargain for whoever buys though.

I was underwhelmed with Titanfall originally (and with the Xbox One), but the game today is quite different than when launched. I really enjoy Titanfall now, and didn't enjoy going back to CoD. Really good map design in Titanfall, no bad maps, imo. The Xbox One is better and should be ready for this Christmas (I consider this past year as an extended Beta).

I can see 1TB, but probably not Kinect. Unless Halo 5 had game mechanics that relied heavily on the use of Kinect, which I highly doubt. It's a FPS and they wouldn't want to do that to their fans.

Expecting for the same. And feel really bad because I do not have Xbox One to play HALO: TMCC.
I have all the Halo games achievements except for Halo 2 (PC) and Halo Spartan Assault (Xbox One).

This!...I'll buy the Special Edition Halo 5 bundle and a Kinect for sure...I'm sure it will have a 1TB drive...I have a feeling that Sony will follow suit and 1TB will be the new norm...Actually, Xbox should have done this from the start...With everyone leaning towards digital they could have had twice the drive space as the PS4 and marketed it as an added value and sold the system for the same price...Looks like an opportunity lost...At least they finally figured out we need lots of hard drive space!

It was also just $25 last week in the Xbox store--was so pissed because I literally bought the digital version off of ebay for $44 the day before for my brother. Didnt' expect it to go that cheap on Deals with Gold the next day. Oh well.

Well if this is true, it would be huge news. And since it hasn't reached news yet and you only seem to know, like I said, why should we believe you. If you can give us reasoning, then we would believe you.

Everything doesn't reach the news kid, corporations are able to keep things hushed-up many more times than you can imagine and much more serious stuff than this stolen truck thingy. He may very well be saying the truth and why should he risk his job/ source's job by giving out the source details in the public just to satisfy some random kids curiosity on internet.

Reasoning. How about if you ran a company with shareholders would you want it to get out that you "misplaced" product of that amount, that was worth that much? I've worked in the freight industry for 14 years this happens more than you would think. Bing the term "new old stock". I work with Amazon on a daily basis coordinating TL and LTL deliveries.

I don't really care since I have an xbox one and titanfall lol. just buy the xbox one and titanfall separately. it doesn't have to be bundled

Love my Xbox one I been a Xbox fan from day one at first I kinda thought ps4 was going to be better with the same crappy controller but now that I see the ps4 and all the games on it and how that dashboard looks ther is nothing the even remotely makes me wont it .IM so glad the Xbox one offers everything and beyond what I won't way better games the online is even better the only reason I even thought ps4 might have been a slight bit Better was because at first I thought destiny was going to be exclusive but that couldn't even bag that haha I can even use a keyboard with my Xbox one windows and all what more do I won't........ Oh and for all of you that talks about ps4 outselling Xbox. ps4 is being sold worldwide Xbox only sales in the us think about when they do go world wide

lol..kidding bro?? PS4 has outsold Xbox everywhere..

PS4 has won till now because of price, the launch event where MS fcuked up.. and marketing....


MS still has time to change things around... but the distance is increasing everyday between sales..

He is talking about his experience and why he prefers Xbox One and why he thinks Xbox One is better, sales won't affect that, if we were buying based on sales than Android with 85% global marketshare should be the best but still we are buying windows phone and iphones.

" ps4 is being sold worldwide Xbox only sales in the us think about when they do go world wide"


My comment was for this...


and no one is buying windows phone... ppl are only byuing android and iphones...orelse WP would have more than 7-8% share right?? 

Hmmm, saw your other comments and now i know why you visit here, I don't think noone is buying windows phone as i have 3 windows phone in my household itself and see many more out in the wild but yeah i don't live in USA, so these things vary from place to place,

I am not going to sacrifice quality by going for junk droid, maybe iphone but never the laggy, spyware that is Android. The sales number don't affect me in any way since i am not a shareholder in any of these companies though i hope Sony goes bankrupt due to their past deeds and it should happen soon with the amount of losses( read tens of Billions) they have suffered in past 4 years, will be good to see PS4 fangirls like you cry :)

Bah, it's a rubbish digital copy. 60GB! Who actually has a 60GB per month WiFi tariff. Ridiculous. Can't they just put a disc in at least? It would only cost a couple of dollars :(

A lot of people would rather have the digital copy. It's not like one version is objectively good and the other bad. All games have to be installed to the hard drive, after all.

It is personal preference but I'm sure that for most people it might be better to have a physical copy, due to simplicity, and most importantly a resale value (my main let down with digital copies). I personally don't feel as though I own a game without a physical item...

Glad I'm not this mystery group you call "most people".

All of my Xbox ONE titles are digital.

My friend's library is 60% digital.

His console is my home console

My console is his home console

Twice the games!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Even better, I don't have to get off my fat lazy backside to switch disks when I want to switch games.  Switching between Titanfall and say Rise is instant.

Of course living in an area with 200Mbit fiber and no data cap helps.

I used to be the same, but I don't have a working dvd drive on my 360. I've been digital only for almost two years and I have to say that I am pretty happy not having a shelf full of games.

That kind of sucks...im planning on buying one in October, but can't buy the sunset overdrive bundle. My wife hates the white Xbox, so its not even a choice for me.

Men, you read the news our you do the math in US only? Pshit 4 are been sold in world wide, and xbox one in a par of country's. If u look too The numbers the difference its not so big if you compare worldwide sell too a parcels sell.

WalMart has some great deals on Xbox One bundles, with or without Kinect. I'm looking at the Kinect-less bundle for 460 with an extra controller and a game on disc.

So can I technically buy a Xbox One with 1TB and buy a Kinect separately and work? Do I need that xx% that the Kinect uses that was in the previous Xbox Ones?

You can still get TitanFall Xbox One bundle easily on Amazon. Don't know the appeal though as you can buy the game separately too unless you are planning to play just one game :)

I am hoping that MS does in fact increase the stock HD size to 1tb.

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