12 Xbox Game Pass hidden gems that you should play

Echo Generation
Echo Generation (Image credit: Windows Central / Cococucumber)

It's no secret that Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals in gaming, and with so many games added every month, there will inevitably be some that fall through the cracks. The sheer amount of choice on offer can be overwhelming, and it's easy to rely on games you're familiar with, resulting in some excellent additions not getting the love they deserve. If you're new to Game Pass or are simply looking for something great to get stuck into, we've rounded up some Xbox Game Pass hidden gems that you may not have played.

A new discovery

With such a constant flow of top-quality games appearing on Xbox Game Pass, it's easy to miss these hidden gems. Many of them offer excellent experiences that have flown under the radar, and are well worth seeking out. One extremely recommendable game on this list is Echo Generation. Its blend of nostalgia and an engaging twist on turn-based combat results in an enjoyable experience, alongside the varied enemy types and gorgeous art style.

If you're looking for an incredibly smart and unique game, The Pedestrian might be for you. The puzzles and stunning visuals perfectly complement the well-executed concept, and moving your 2D character through each sign presents its own reward, as you never know what type of scenario you'll find yourself in next.

Next Space Rebels is a game that may surprise those unsure of how two very different genres will work together. Experimenting with rockets is a joy, with parts being acquired from various sources, including members of the public, as you increase in fame. Seeing the viewer count rise during a successful launch is addictive, and the ease at which you can get to grips with the game's mechanics means it is a great choice to dip in and out of, alongside other Xbox Game Pass games you might be playing.

Matt Shore