12th Gen Intel CPUs discussed by MSI, including potential chips without efficient cores

Intel 12th Gen Core I9 Hero
Intel 12th Gen Core I9 Hero (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • MSI briefly discussed 12th Gen Intel CPUs with different dies than the K-Series processors that have already been announced.
  • These chips could lack Gracemont Efficient cores and focus instead on performance cores.
  • There's a chance that the processors might not work well with certain types of CPU coolers.

Intel recently announced its 12th Gen Alder Lake desktop processors. The first 12th Gen Intel CPUs will be high-end processors that feature Gracemont Efficient cores. These will be K SKUs. An MSI Insider Livestream shared information on two different types of 12th Gen Intel CPUs that don't have Gracemont Efficient Cores.

These chips could have a different die configuration than their K-Series siblings. They're speculated to be Core i3 or i5 models that could feature six cores and 12 threads. A potential processor could be a Core i5 chip with six cores and 12 threads. If that CPU only has performance cores rather than a combination of performance and efficiency cores, it could be one of the best CPUs for gamers on a budget.

PC Gamer notes that the dies could also be harvested to produce quad or dual-core variants.

Source: MSI (Image credit: Source: MSI)

MSI explained in its stream that the different die configurations also have different hotspots. This could potentially cause problems for some heat pipe coolers. Some coolers have gaps between pipes, which could lead to issues with certain CPUs. Many of the best CPU coolers should be fine with these new 12th Gen Intel chips, but it's worth confirming before ordering one or building a PC. The orientation of an air cooler could also play a factor with the new Intel processors.

While Intel only officially announced its 12th Gen chips recently, it's likely been in contact with major PC part manufacturers for quite some time. As a result, newer hardware should be compatible with any upcoming CPUs.

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