25 portable charging stations coming to NYC to help juice you and your phone

Here’s some eco-friendly news if you’re a New Yorker or plan on visiting New York City in the near future. AT&T is rolling out charging stations that aren’t connected to the electricity grid. Instead those stations will be powered by our local star – the Sun.

Starting today, 25 of these solar-powered charging stations, called Street Charge, will appear in a variety of public places in New York City. Parks, beaches, and other locations will take part in this pilot program between the city and AT&T.

The charging stations themselves were designed by Pensa, a design and consultancy firm based in Brooklyn. Street Charge itself is a poll with three blades on top that contain the photovoltaic material to convert sunlight into direct current electricity. The middle of the Street Charge poll will have three tables to place your phone on while it charges. You’ll get build-in cords for iPhone’s, mini USB, and three female USB’s for people that have their own cords. The base is weighted, but can also be bolted down for permanent installations.

So are the ones in the pilot program permanent? Not quite, they’ll be rotating locations throughout NYC. Be on the lookout for them in places like Pier 59 in Hudson River Park, The Staten Island Zoo, Governors Island, and more.

Anybody in NYC thinking of taking advantage of these portable chargers when out and about? Or is more publicity stunt than useful? Sound off below.

Source: NY Times, More Info: Pensa

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