Mafia 3's latest trailer details just some of its deadly weapons

With the release date just around the corner (October 7), 2K are showing off the stacks of weapons included in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 is the latest installment in 2K's hugely popular franchise, Mafia. The series generally takes a darker, more serious tone than 2K's more famous crime series, Grand Theft Auto, but this latest trailer proves that it will be just as violent.

In Mafia 3, we step into the shoes of Lincoln Clay, an ex-war veteran and orphan whose answer to taking down the Italian mob is to create a crime syndicate of his own.

The video doesn't just show off the many guns, pistols, and rifles Clay has at his disposal, but also knives, C4 explosives, and Molotov cocktails. In the trailer, Clay is described as a 'precision instrument of death.' They are not wrong.

Have a look at the video and let us know what you think!

Mafia 3 launches on October 7th, 2016 for Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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Lauren Relph

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  • I think these Mafia games come out in the right time frame. They aren't the greatest, but good enough to be quite fun when playing, and enough time passes between them so you don't get sick of the franchise.
  • The game seems to be fun, however the name "Mafia", in my opinion, just does not seem to fit it. Having a black brute as the main character, as opposed to an Italian immigrant from the previous two games, seems to be the main reason. Again, might be a fun game, but it's not a Mafia game.
  • that's because your black brute is killing the mafia.   The name Mafia doesn't mean you have to play from a mafia perspective
  • This time you're against the Italian Mafia :) Potato Potahto?
  • Looking forward to this. Just torn whether to pay twice as much for the digital version on Xbox One purely for the convenience of playing on my Xbox instead od over Steam Link or on PC directly
  • About £26 on Steam from some sites, or £55 on Xbox One for the regular edition
  • The ease of of a console is worth it.
  • Maybe. If Steam Link supported wireless Xbox one gamepads I'd be happier to use it more. The streaming is PERFECT over a wired network but I've never had decent performance with Xbox one to PC streaming, its just not as good
  • Really? I stream to my pc almost more often than I play on the TV.
  • I'm in the same boat unfortunately, which is a shame because I really wish i could chill in my room with my tablet playing One games.
  • What do you have going on on your home network? :/
  • Two computers, two Xbox one's (forgot my roommate's One S) and a ps4, as well as three phones and three tablets, obviously not all at once though.
  • Most of the time just the Xbox One, Desktop PC and a couple of phones (2 at the most). Rarely have my Surface on at home. The thing is the Steam Link works with full quality and 60 FPS over the exact same wired network. I did stream Gears 3 Horde mode for about 1.5 hours the other night (But at medium settings) and it worked perfectly - Games like Master Chief Collection don't even stream at 60FPS and there's a noticeable loss in quality
  • I think they should now remaster and re release Mafia 1. That game had an amazing story and gameplay.
  • I agree that I enjoyed the first one the most, though I can't remember too much of the story since it was almost 14 years ago or so when I played it.
  • Didn't it have a very bad physics engine for the vehicles and stuff? I remember something about it put me off back in the day.
  • Actually how I remember it, Mafia (the first) was purported to have highly accurate physical modeling for the driving experience of its various vehicles.  It made for a a full-on driving game in the middle of the (then) new style of open world game. Very cool first game.  I played the hell out of that game.  
  • That race though, my god it was hard, it took me so many tries to finally nail it.
  • Still one of my favourite games, and Free Ride Mode was the greatest thing ever.