Punching trees: A 30-year old's struggles with Minecraft

I'm no hardcore gamer. I enjoy playing video games and I have since I was 8 years old. In that 22 years of owning consoles from Sega, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft I've seen my fair share of different titles, but few have left me as immediately confused as Minecraft.

Seriously, how does an 11-year old just pick this thing up and run with it?

And so I immediately began feeling old. While many games today hit the market with an 18 age rating, is it the complete opposite for Minecraft? Do you struggle more the older you are? My experiences so far resemble an old man yelling at a cloud. What's the purpose? You're just in the middle of nowhere. What do you actually do first?

What do you mean you punch trees?

There's an episode of South Park that's particularly relevant here. While its creators often mock current events and whatever is popular at any given time, their interpretation of adults playing Minecraft is pretty much what it's been like in my house this past few days.

Here's the clip. A little warning, it is South Park and there is a some mild swearing to consider.

Maybe I'm thinking too much like a dad. How bad is it? Well, I bought a book aimed at kids to try and help me get started. There's a long way to go.

At the same time it's pretty funny. I'm also not the only member of the Windows Central team with similar, 'old man' struggles. We're not getting beaten that easily, though. We're going to have a little fun with it. We've got an insanely busy time coming up (hello, Windows 10!) but in-between I'm going to try and get this figured out and try to drag some of the other members of the team along for the ride.

Apart from our Xbox Editor, Jez Corden, because he's not old and doesn't yell at clouds. The future may bring a hilarious Twitch stream or two where he's going to try and teach me Minecraft. Kind of like that South Park video above.

It'll be fun for someone, I'm sure.

Am I alone or are there other people like me who just don't get it? Sound off in the comments below!

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • You are not alone...
  • Seconded. I enjoy exploration, building / construction, freefrom gameplay and open world game envornments, but Minecraft I found convoluted and boring. And this is coming from someone that has put far, far more time into Terraria (more or less 2D Minecraft with more content / goals) than he would like to admit.
  • Amen. I have tried multiple times to get into Minecraft, but I just feel like it is a mishmash of random features and light content with no semblance of anything to tie any of it together. I guess if you're the creative type and can just jump in and build whatever you can imagine then you love it. But if you're not the creative type (like me) and just want a game to play, well, there is no "game" there. And even the elements they tried to add to give it some identity of actually being a game are so shallow and thin that it feels more like an alpha build in terms of gameplay content
  • I'm with you.  I absolutely love Terraria, but just don't get the appeal of Minecraft.  I guess I like more structure and purpose in games, and Terraria really provides nice built-in goals, objectives, and progression.
  • I'm gonna develop a game called Tree Punching Simulator 2015, would you buy it?
  • I had to watch videos to understand it to begin with. However, I'm hooked now. Go to YouTube and look for some "how to survive in Minecraft" videos to get you started.
  • Not alone at all....my 8 year old daughter builds kingdoms on it and when I try I am not just confused, and i am confusion itself.
  • You are definitely not alone, however this is coming from a guy who is even older and started with an Atari. My kids use it like a giant box of unlimited Legos, more than the game, and that I understand. Destiny is what still confuses me.
  • I think it's that it's so different from most other games. Kids don't have as much trouble changing habits and adapting to situations. Older gamers have more experiences telling them that x is how games work.
  • Exactly this. It's kind of like those visual tests where you try to build something out of a few shapes and the kids beat the adults by a long shot. Anyways, Battlefield games are where it's at - lol.
  • Cloud Service explained in Hindi by an old man who doesn't have a clue. Just realized it has English closed captions. Enjoy everyone.
  • I hear you. Still scratching my head and yet to stick my toe in the water. Have a seven year old that would love to try it. Legos games have been more fun for us to play together. New Lego world looks much more interesting to me at this point. But I will be following you on this.
  • It may consume your 7 year old for years to come.
  • Gentlemen, it's "seven-year-old", not "seven year old". Compound adjectives require hyphens.
  • Schooled
  • Powned
  • Maybe he has 7 year-olds ;)
  • Yeah seriously. What @Mooncow27 said. Is you end up understanding the game and/or liking it. You will spend hundreds and hundreds of hours play the game. Since the game doesn't have any objectives only those that you make for yourself. You will not really know when to stop for the day. If you're set on your goal of making a house or digging a cave or exploring. Hours will pass by without you noticing lol. So yeah, just keep your kid on the leash so he doesn't get addicted. And have gun :)
  • *Lego
  • You gotta play with friends. Until I did that, I thought it was stupid. It's also a "wiki" sort of game. Looking up recipes is helpful.
  • Haven't played it, haven't had any desire to and I think despite that i feel where you're coming from. It just seems so pointless. No goal, nothing to kill, nobody to compete against. Just building. To me it's digital Lego, and that was something I tired off at a young age. So I can see why kids would enjoy this game, but I think for adults something more challenging is required. They should take the engine and use it for something like Populus (a God game I loved in the 90s, Minecraft kinda reminds me of). But then it's doing rather well, so evidently they don't need to add that challenge and I'm just another old man shouting at clouds.
  • They added a campaign with specific goals years ago....
  • As I said I've not played it, so wasn't aware of that. How in depth are the goals? Is it comparible to something like Transport Tycoon (showing my age here) or just more mundane tasks like building a specific structure.
  • You have to build yourself up with better tools until you can build a special item to teleport to the final boss. I believe the area is called the nether.
  • The final area is called 'The End' and it is a separate place/portal from 'The Nether'.  The Nether is a hell like place filled with lava, I haven't really figured out what the point of that place is other than to gather netherwart to create potion bases.  The end portals are found in strongholds (located underground in the regular world) and require ender pearls (gained from killing endermen) to find, and then more ender pearls to open the portal.  Once in 'The End' the goal is to kill the Enderdragon to "beat" the game.
  • "pointless" "Just building." I take you don't have much of an artistic side, do you?
  • I am a part time artist. I paint and sketch and work as a Mechanical designer. I found Minecraft pointless even though I like building stuff. Transport Tycoon (the original one) on the other hand, like mentioned above, was an awesome game. I still have it. My son plays Minecraft but he doesn't like the mobile version as he says its much limited.
  • Make sure your son knows about the updates coming soon to the mobile version which will put the game on par with the new Windows 10 desktop version. 
  • You should look on YouTube for some amazing creations people have made. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=afcudstM9zA
  • There's a whole bunch of games before and after it who are part of this "survivalist crafting" theme, most with zombies too. It's not for everybody but it can be fun. Personally I played a fair bit of Terraria which is similar but 2D and more Metroidvania-like. And I definitely recommend Don't Starve. None of the other games really interest me. Minecraft looks like fun in a simple way, I guess I'll try to get into it once it comes for Windows 10, and of course with Hololens.
  • From your description of the game you are lacking a bit of knowlege, If you wish to know i will tell you :)  There are no specific goals to the game but the main thing is surviving on your own or having fun with freinds. once you start of you have no armour or anything to defend yourself against monsters such as zombies, skelten archers and creepers which explode just by walking up. to defend your self you can make armour and weapons to survive. Now you do the building bit making a base with farms and stuff to stop yourself from starving. you can then use this thing called redstone to create cool contraptions. people have made working 8bit computers (in game)  once you get board of all this you can go on servers with are heavily modded with game mods like hunger games (fight to the death). or factions where you create a team and make a base to fight hundreds of other players.  You can download adventure maps to play with freinds that have story lines. And there are literally millions of mods you can install. (weapons, nukes tornados).  I'm not trying to convince you play. just didn't have anything else to do so thought I would write this, if you get the chance to try out on somone elses account i would try it you might be suprised :D      
  • 33 years old, played the hell out of Minecraft a few years ago then stopped suddenly. Got back into it again recently and I can still sink days of my life into it even though it's viewed as "for kids" now. Had to quit again cause I value being productive in the waking world haha
  • I get the same joy aimlessly driving and creating my own fun in games like Grand Theft Auto as well, in these sort of games I'll put on my own background music (usually something ambient) and just explore and build stuff as it takes my fancy. Sometimes I'll decide "I need to make this kind of thing" and go hunting for resources to make it. I find survival mode holds my attention the most because the limits on materials forces me to be more creative.
  • ^ Almost 32 here and I'm playing it for years at sometimes with my wife (31) and brother (29) local and online. Became less after birth of our 1st and 2nd son.
  • I don't get it either, if you're playing tycoon games or sim city-esque games, at least you know what to do, be the richest! Or build a great city! But Minecraft? Nahhhh, I'm lost..
  • Exactly how I see it, those games are challenging, Minecraft seems pointless. But I think I'm missing the point...
  • They. Added. A. Campaign.
  • It's hardly a campaign, it's got about as much depth and content as a single mission in GTAV.  
  • Yep grew up with rct till I couldnt run rct3 on my family's PC cant remember if it was an intel or amd
  • Play it like Lego.
    Just build yourself a nice a house, have fun and be creative.
  • I'm 37, I get it. I played SurvivalCraft on Windows phone (minecraft-esque clone) and built castles and towers and all kinds of shit.
  • You sure you're 37? :D
  • Didn't read lol
  • Nice article man, very funny! I feel exactly the same, looking forward to that twitch stream.
  • My 7 y/o immediately took to Minecraft and took off with it, while I'm still scratching my head on how the game works...p/s, he's also a huge Lego fan...the only toy he has consistently played with over 5 years...
  • Minecraft can't be any more pointless than the hours I spend every week commenting on tech sites. I might as well be yelling at a cloud too; probably less stressful.
  • Best comment^^^ Absolutely true.
  • So true. People shouldn't judge what others do with their time.
  • Figured it was worth trying to lighten the mood around here a little after yesterday!
  • Appreciate that Richard an Chris, your right!
  • I'm 41 and have no problem with these games and I enjoy the occasional LAN session of Minecraft with my kids. We build castles, punch trees and what not. I think you just have to wake up your inner child to get it Enjoy!
  • What types of punches are avaible to me? When will they upgrade the graphics? Can I punch anyone else?... So many questions?
  • There is the one punch. Also the two punch. For trees it's the hold-the-left-click-mouse-button-for-3-seconds-punch. No and yes. The graphics are not going to be upgradable. But you can make it look better with mods and shaders, etc. Yes, you can push anyone and anything. Animals, monster, even the dirt and stone. YOU'RE BRUCE LEE. More questions?
  • It's really not that hard, Richard. You just let the game take you.. You want to build a farm? You go ahead and build a freaking farm.. Feel like exploring the depths of the Earth or the oceans? Well, make a pickaxe and see what materials and secrets you can find.. Or build a boat and start sailing.. Having a stroll through the desert or jungle.. Is that a temple filled with treasure over there?
    The possibilities are infinite. Game is much more fun with friends though. My 30+ year old friend with family and kids got easily absorbed by the game, to the point where we started building pinup girls and giant boobs on the horizon. Awesome stuff
  • From punching trees to punching clowns. Interesting :)
  • I am 30 and after briefly trying Minecraft I think you really, really need to have nothing else to play in order to choose to play minecraft. I recomend it for kids though, it's better than watching cartoons all day.
  • My lad is mad on it, Rich. Leaves me cold.
  • To everyone saying the game is pointless, did you ever play with Legos? Do you have an ounce of artistic creativity? I've honestly never even played Minecraft but I can see the "point" of it, even without a campaign. It gives you an unlimited, open world to build anything you want, how is that any more "pointless" than "shoot these bad guys because they're bad so you can go shoot the really bad guy at the end." I'd much rather have my kid play a game that requires some actual creativity than an RPG where the most critical thinking you do is if they decide to throw you a puzzle.
  • Pretty much. It's a sandbox game like many others on the market.
  • I'm so glad to read this. I fired up Minecraft thinking it would be fun to play online with my nephew in Tx, OMG I was lost in 5 min. Still haven't figured out how to get a game going.
  • I want to get into it and play with my girlfriend but I just don't know how. Tried a few times. Maybe I need the kids guide too
  • The title of this piece had me in stitches straight away haha.
  • I try. Figure some light-hearted fun and games was in order after yesterday!
  • Exactly I am,30 and I found my self,confused playing Minecraft so is good to know I am,not alone. I mean what is the point of building so many stuff, for me it might be bored but for some other people is the most amazing thing which I respect that. I see my nephews playing minecraft and always wonder why do they like a game where the graphics are not pleasant to my eyes, which we all know is all about blocks.
  • "I mean[,] what is the point of building so many [things ?]" You pretty much just trolled all of human history and questioned the point of humanity's very existence. All we've collectively done as a species is build some stuff.
  • I'm 39 and I get it. Btw, the first time I realized kids like this game was when I saw a kid bullying an younger kid while playing together from an iPad and an iPhone. He made the younger kid cry. Awful, spoiled kids with really expensive toys.
  • Were you playing the PC version or the Xbox version? The Xbox One version has an excellent tutorial to introduce you to the game. The PC version lacks this. But, even with the tutorial on the Xbox version, you will need to do external research if you really want to get the most out of the game (this is why Minecraft books dominate best-seller lists and why Minecraft is the most watched IP on YouTube--of all time--with 3.9 billion views per month). In essence, Minecraft is so brilliant because you can do whatever you want. It has completely changed gaming with its non-linear, player-driven, exploration- and creation-focused sandbox style. Think of it as a survival game. You wake up in a weird land and what do you do? Well, the first thing you would do is locate some resources, such as food. Then you realize night is coming and you need shelter. You start collecting resources (punch some trees, brah), gather some wood, and now you can make an axe to more effectively mine resources. Night is coming so quicklly build a make-shift shelter. Night comes and monsters try to kill you, but you're safe as long as you stay huddled inside your hut. Day comes and you can go outside again. Now what do you do? You start building up your house even more. Gather more resources. But soon the forests around you are disappearing and the pigs and cows you were killing for food are all but gone: you need to learn sustainability. Plant trees from seedlings. Start a farm. Eventually you do this and life is comfortable and sustainable, but that's a quotidian life. You want more. So now you start exploring the world around you, discovering new biomes, new animals, new resources, new enemies. You build boats to travel to far lands. You build a rail system to transport your resources around more easily. You discover Redstone and realize the benefits of 'electricity' to automating your life: automatic farms, automatic rail transport, automatic lighting and doors, etc. As you discover new resources and items, you wonder what they are and what they can be used for, so you expirment with more advanced crafting, potion-making, etc. Somehow, through this experimentation, you end up creating a portal to an entirely new world, one with even more deadly enemies for you to fight. You retreat to your world and decide to build up your armor, your weapons, your potion buffs, etc--you're going back in there and slaughtering those beasts. You can do all of that alone, or you can do it with friends--exploring and discovering together. Or, you can do none of that and, instead, just play the game however you want. There are no rules. And that's the brilliance of it. Also, for those saying it's a "kids game", you should probably go search for Redstone creations online: brilliant programmers have made 16-bit working computers, graphing calculators, a functional arcade cabinet of Pac-Man, actual computer hard drives, etc. by placing an insane amount of binary circuits. It's some of the most impressive things I've ever seen. It takes some impressive skills to figure out circuitry and programming like that.
  • Those are all reasons why the game would be popular with senior citizens.   It doesn't explain why it would be so popular with today's ADD riddled children.
  • For the kids there are mods where you can, Hunger Games-style, slaughter each other and blow everything up with TNT.
  • Reading many of the comments here it seems that the majority is confessing how they struggle playing Minecraft
  • I don't struggle with playing it.  I'm just vexed about why people think it's fun.  It just seems like drudgery to me, about as much fun as balancing my checkbook or grouting tile.
  • I couldn't figure it out at first either.  My kids showed me how it works.  I am constantly amazed by what my kids come up with (my 6 year old is an absolute redstone wizard).   Try finding someone 20-30 years younger than you and ask them how it works.  It's good practice.  Just think back to how your parents asked for your help with that newfangled Windows computer all those years ago.  Role reversal isn't supposed to start until at least mid-life...
  • 36 here.... I started playing MC 8 months ago when my 5 yr old got into it and I am hooked. For me, it's the most pure video game experience out there. The appeal for me is the freedom to play it in any number of diff ways depending on my mood. Build, explore, fight.... But mainly just build crazy shit. Play it with a kid, it's fun.
  • Dont get it either. I find Microsoft Spark a much more interesting concept. But sill lazy to create things.
  • You mean Project Spark? Project Spark is amazing and it's vexing that the gaming press completely ignored it when it launched last year. It's briliant.
  • The first time I played Minecraft I was like "wth is this?" And never played it again, a few years after that the game was very popular and i decided to install it only to find out that I already had it xD only difference is that time around I did get it. I play survival mode so there's a purpose to it
  • I'm totally with these guys; I just don't get it.  Now mind you, I get that I'm old and out of touch. I do.  I get why kids dig COD and Halo; they're fast moving and violent.  They require learning a myriad of complicated maneuvers.  So I understand why I'm out of touch WRT these types of games.   But Minecraft makes no sense at all.  It's BORING.  It's slow.  It's visually unappealing. They'res no real point to it.  So I'm totally befuddled by the immense popularity of this game.  All of the young kids I know love it, including my 10 year-old daughter.  I just don't understand the appeal of the game.   But I will say this, I love that my daughter enjoys this game. It's a positive, constructive game.  So even though I don't understand why, I'm happy that she plays it.
  • It's legos without the pain of stepping on one at night. 
  • It stumped me at fist, but I have the luck of having a 17-year-old brother (I'm 29). We played together on XBL and he taught me a lot and did some of the more complex redstone circuitry in our worlds. We've had a blast the past several years just making random re-creations of real-world things, making machines to auto-harvest food, and making parkour-style in-game games to try and escape a maze the fastest.
  • I just want to know why it's so blocky and pixelated. With all the advances we had with computer graphics why have we gone back to the stonages, damn cloud!
  • The graphics are simple because it's a completely mutable, infinite world.
  • Actually in the beginning of the game, there is a "goal". You have to feed and arm yourself and build shelter to survive the nights. They may not explicitly tell you that but you'll learn quickly after your first night. The game is fun when you play it as a survival game. Then after you've established yourself, you can start gaining more resources and attempt to build resource farms. By this point, you'll already spend hours in the game.
  • What people don't understand about minecraft is that it's completely up to you. You do what you want. If you want to build a castle in a tree you can do it. It's all about creativity. I guess most gamers past the age of around 25 are used to closed wall guides through gameplay. To me it's sad when someone doesn't understand the beauty of a game like minecraft.
  • Oh man, you just made me realize I want to build Swiss Family Robinson-style tree houses in my Minecraft world. Brilliant.
  • Minecraft in my opinion, is like the perfect place to do whatever you want,explore the limits of your creativity, exercise the brain, playing single player isn't "that cool", but when it comes to playing with friends, there's nothing like minecraft. no other multiplayer game i've played is nearly as funny as Minecraft. And i'm 18.
  • That's a great idea Windows Central. I'm not really interested in "getting" Minecraft, I don't suffer from the FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome, but it should be fun.
  • I suppose it would make more sense if you had to pick up a rock to hit the tree with? although this IS minecraft... it's not exactly accurate to real world physics...
  • I build things in Minecraft and then blow them up with a lot of TNT
  • This is exactly what I do. I try to use triggers and all sorts of trickery to make the most epic explosions possible. It's all about the TNT.
  • I can't survive more than 15 minutes every f*ckin time I play this freakn game.
  • That part sounds like my experience with every single FPS game every time I attempt online multiplayer. Except the 15 refers to seconds!
  • The trick is to get wood... ahem, and build yourself a little shelter to weather out the night. Then, at first light find some coal so you can make some torches. At that point you can begin to expand pretty easily.
  • You can stick wood in an oven and make charcoal.  It can make torches just as easily, and usually quicker as well. 
  • Bought it...played it...wasted my money...
  • Jesus people stop being so dense. "its ugly and blocky". That's intentional. Its the aesthetic. Its simple in the same way metro is simple and I hear people here crowing all the time about the intended simplicity of metro. Somehow though now you can't understand why they'd intentionally make it look the way it does? "you don't do anything, its boring!". *sigh* no more boring than running around killing people over and over and over again. In fact that's a way more simplistic gameplay model than what Minecraft offers. You have to understand crafting, potions, be cognizant of your surroundings and be wary of potential dangers (I.e. Don't build a wood house close to a lava pool). The people saying they don't see the point are being intentionally obtuse because frankly you're not that smart and need to stop assuming. Open your mind, expand your horizons, and accept that there's more to something than your 10 minutes of playtime would allow you to admit. That's the one thing I've never understood about people; they are so quick to judge without taking time to understand why they're judging it so harshly. Its fine though its what it is and I can accept that some just genuinely don't get into this type of game. I'm not arguing that. Its the irrational "im too old for this so its dumb" b.s. that annoys the crap out of me. The game is genius and allows pretty much unlimited creative freedom. For me its not surprise at all why so many find it interesting and fun.
  • Play old man Minecrafts instead. Subnautica, fantastic and " realistic" graphics, Sci fi style. Also old man thinking that games should be prettier not pixlier (we survived Mattel, and Vic 20's, how can we want to go backwards!) Its a wonderful fun game that follows some interesting logic (as much logic there can be on a alien planet). Subnautica, together with World of Warship, 2015 top old man games that is super fun to play. Both games is still in beta, but fully playeble and works better then most finished games.
  • There's only a few years between us, and I'm now terrified of what I may become in the future. Thanks a LOT!
  • I'm nearing 40 and I've played a ton of Minecraft over the years. I found it incredibly easy to pick up. The problem with older gamers isn't that we can't adapt. It's that we are more likely to know what we like, and have so many more options and so many other distractions in our lives. So if something doesn't meet our expectations we're not going to waste our time with it. Kids will sit there and stubbornly fight through all the frustrations and learn to like it. After spending a bit too much time building a small city, I've burned myself out on Minecraft. Nowadays I really only pick it up to enjoy with the kids.
  • Oh, love the Simpsons! ❤
  • I'm 39.. bought Minecraft when it first launched on 360 and it's great, but I've been playing video games pretty consistantly since the Atari 2600.  I don't play it a TON now, but my now 6 year old and 11 year olds love it.  It's another outlet for them to be creative.   I don't think it's an age thing, it just a type of game that you either like or don't.  I'm into games like Cities Skyline, Total War games, and old school RTS, but don't like MOBA games at all.  Gamers like what we like.  :)            
  • I feel your pain Richard! I'm 46 and love getting down on their level but... struggle keeping up with all four of ours even the 5 year old!!
    Time to watch Twitch or YouTube.. lol
  • Makes as much sense as Project Spark.
  • So, a lot of sense? Minecraft and Project Spark are quite different. The one similarity linking them is that they're both brilliant.
  • It's you. I'm 47 now but last year while listening to my girlfriends kids talk about Minecraft I decided to give it a go and purchased the Xbox One version and had no problems understanding the purpose of collecting resources and building things. I also realized without prompting that I needed an axe to chop down a tree... Perhaps it's in the types of games you've been introduced to. If I had played primarily Sonic and Mario type games for example, I might have seen an issue, but as I've aged so too have the games complexity changed and I find myself playing a lot of role playing type games which may have made my transition easier.
  • You just have to use your imagination... Which older people often lack, so they dont understand the beauty of minecraft which alot of teens have and they understaaaand. And I understand it too. It's awesome.      
  • Ironically my daughter has probably put over 2000 hours into Minecraft across 360 and then xbox one. I bought her terraria and she played it for 5 hours looked at me and said " dad, this game is pretty rubbish. " so terraria has gone back. Lol. Oh my daughter is 8. And she has built an entire city with McDonalds, a game shop and basically a full life sized theme park. I have to admit im gobsmacked at the creativeness of what this game teaches kids.
  • Interesting reading the comments. It reminds me of what Neil DeGrasse Tyson said about kids vs adults. Kids are curious and just want to know how everything works and get into everything. At some point during growing up that curiosity is crushed out of a lot of people. Then it's just wake up, clock in, clock out, go to bed and repeat. Yeah that'a gross over generalization but the game is incredibly appealing to kids because they can do whatever they want in this "world" they create. Personally, I like blowing stuff up with TNT. I also like building ridiculous structures which usually meet their end with TNT.  The part I haven't gotten into is the heavy mod part. If you don't get the basic vanilla game then modding would be like speaking Latin... in Russian. I prefer the basic install of the game, myself. Having kids also helped me get into it and have fun. :)
  • I will watch the stream if you do scream at clouds and curse at trees.  Thanks for the laugh.   But yeah, it's not a game that's easy to pick up at any rate, but it does get better if you are playing with people.  Single player mode is an excercise in glorious hermitship.  I ought to pick it up again.  Be more than willing to join y'all on this.  (Let's keep it vanilla please.)
  • As others have said, the best way to "get" Minecraft: * play throught the tutorial world on the console version. It explains most of the fundamental gameplay and, like the rest of the game, you can aproach it at your own pace and just do the tutorial part for the game features you are most interested in, such as: basic resource gathering, crafting, farming, redstone, postions and spells, etc. * play survival mode if you want a purpose and challenges. Creative Mode is there if you just want to build without having to worry about food, monsters, dying, etc.
  • I get it. I just think it's boring.
  • I'm 45 and started playing Minecraft with my kids. I'm addicted now. I send the kids to bed & turn it back on to keep playing. Next thing I know, my wife is yelling at me because its 3am. "But look, I just recreated 'the Beast' rollercoaster!"
    Damn creepers just blew up the concession stand in my soccer stadium.
    Love the game, but I'm dragging ass at work the next morning.
  • Mr Devine. Forget the Minecraft. Learn how to pick a YouTube Vid that has some motherloving volume for crying in the mud. :winktongue: [/kidding]
  • My wife plays, my kids play. I rather load up F1 2013 or Theif and play for 30 minutes. Or shoot stuff in Destiny or Halo. To each his own.
  • I'm 51. I don't know anyone who plays Minecraft. I have no idea if I would be able to just "pick it up", because I haven't read anything about it that gives any appeal to me. I'll stick with playing solitaire and golf. Okay, I don't really play golf. Too hot and humid where I live. I'll stick with solitaire.
  • I have tinkered with it a few times but it never grabbed my attention outside for more than a few minutes. I still marvel at those who have built a fully functioning hard drive or the arcade pacman console in Minecraft. Amazing and yet seemingly a huge waste of time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Three words... Do the tutorial. Watch YouTube videos. Learn to crouch (Nobody tells you this but you cannot fall off edges while crouching). -Nathan (39) and plays Minecraft with his 3 children.
  • Ha, so true. I can't even tell you how many times I plummeted to my demise before I figured out that I could crouch! It makes building structures so much easier.
  • I'm 14. I couldn't even build a shelter.
  • I read this with a smile. It was the same for me about a year ago when kids were telling me all things Minecraft. They seem to be speaking in their own language and I am amazed by what they know about the game, even for kids whose parents forbid them to play. They have the drive to self learn from videos, or talking with other kids. Take your time, just don't expect anything from the game. It is a world to do what ever you want, or care to, but have the time to do so. Good luck..! 
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