5 coolest booths on the PAX West 2018 show floor

During my trip to PAX West last weekend, I saw plenty of amazing games and shops on the convention show floor. However, all booths are not created equal, and five of them were definitely cooler than the competition.

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Indie Games Polska

Of all of the indie-focused booths, Indie Games Polska was by far my favorite. Featuring a wide array of upcoming titles from several different Polish developers, the Indie Games Polska booth was full of exciting new experiences to try out. Everything from puzzle games to platformers were available to play, and it was awesome to see what the talented Polish game industry is creating for gamers next.


An interesting game coming out on PC that was at PAX West was Dauntless, a cooperative monster hunting game in which you and three others work together in a class-based scenario in order to kill a creature within a time limit. It feels like a more stylized and accessible version of Monster Hunter: World, which we loved. It's available in open beta now, so make sure to check out the link above to the Dauntless website.


Featuring merchandise centered around classic franchises like Borderlands, Team Fortress, Half-Life, and Portal, the Glitchgear booth was essentially the place to go if you wanted to represent your love of the 2008-2012 era of gaming. As someone who grew up playing several of these franchises, I absolutely loved this booth, and I recommend you check out Glitchgear's website so you can order some of the things they had available at PAX.


Whereas Glitchgear focuses on titles from a decade ago, the Fangamer merchandise booth specialized in modern indie hits. Everything from Shovel Knight to Stardew Valley was represented at this booth, and chances are, if there is a popular indie game you love, Fangamer will have something based on it available. Like Glitchgear, they have a website, so make sure to check it out.

Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil 2 remake coming to all platforms next year was available to play at PAX West, but what I found awesome about the booth itself was that it was a giant scary police station prop. Dimly lit and outfitted with various sound effects, just walking into the Resident Evil 2 booth was an unforgettable experience. I wish all of the booths had this kind of presentation.

Your thoughts

If you went to PAX West this year, what were some of the booths you found the coolest? Which of these five are your favorite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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