Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend. Although, if you live in New England, like I do, you have another foot or more of snow on the way.

Oh well, que sera, sera. Here are your 5 Intriguing Apps for Windows 8.1 for the week.

Post-it PopNotes App

Post-it PopNotes is an electronic version of the Post-it Notes that many of us rely on heavily from day to day. Create sticky notes for yourself by either typing or writing on your touchscreen. There are various design options, including nine different colors for your Post-it.

Notes can be organized into groups, which is much neater than sticking them all over your computer monitor. If you have a particularly important note, you can pin it right to your Start menu. Or you can use the Live Tile to cycle through your notes.

Post-it PopNotes is also a cool tool for the traveling type. Notes can be synced between devices via the cloud, so you are never without them. And if you have different tasks for different locations, there is even a map view to show you what tasks are waiting for you when you get there.

If you are the kind of person who is always jotting down notes to yourself, check this app out.


Many of you may be familiar with MediaMonkey, the media management program that has been on various platforms for ages. This app is the Windows 8 version, which gives you a decent amount of the same functionality on your PC, tablet or Windows RT device.

With Media Monkey, you can play a bunch of different audio and video formats. You can also edit media tags and equalizer settings.

The pro version of MediaMonkey for Windows 8 can also be set up to access your media server over your wireless network, sync metadata, and look up lyrics.


Redditsaurus is full-feature Reddit client wrapped up in a clean user interface. Log in to see all of your subscriptions, then browse them in full screen. Moving back and forth between posts is as easy as swiping with your finger or scrolling with your mouse.

Redditsaurus allows you vote and comment on posts. It also has full Gallery and Imgur support. Endless scrolling keeps you rolling through the posts without having to load a new page.

All in all, this is a really well-made app. It is also free and without ads, and that alone is worth the download.

El Collagero

El Collagero is an app that makes creating collages easy. With a multitude of existing templates, all you have to do is point to your photos and choose what designs you want. You can change the size of the collage, the layout of your pictures, background color and frame. You can even crop photos within the templates by dragging and dropping.

Once your collage is created, you can add personalized text and share it with others using the Share charm. It's fun and easy, whether you are creating gifts for loved one or sharing holiday photos on your timeline.

El Collagero comes with sixty different templates at zero cost.

Cat Trap

Wrapping up this week is a game called Cat Trap. It is you against the cat who ate your fish. Each of you take turns, the cat moving and you filling in a space on the board. The object is for you to box in the cat so he cannot leave the board.

The controls couldn't be simpler, but winning isn't easy.

I wish there were some more options in Cat Trap, like choosing levels, etc., but it is a fun little puzzle game to pass the time and sharpen the mind.

Be sure to check out our other selections from previous weeks. Have a great weekend!

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