5 Windows 10 apps you should try: Sports in Spanish, Spotify casting, and the triumphant return of Bank of America

With the ever-growing number of apps and games in the Windows Store, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with what's out there.

For that reason, every Friday we showcase some apps that have piqued our interest. They may have been in the news recently, they may be new to the Windows Store, or they could simply be old apps that we just stumbled upon.

They are the 5 Intriguing Apps of the Week.

Bank of America

Bank of America

The tale of the Bank of America app for Windows is a long one filled with love, loss, anger, and confusion. The beloved Windows Phone 8.1 version was discontinued by the company despite passionate outcries for it to stay.

This tale has a happy ending, though, because a new UWP Bank of America app hit the Store this week, built for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

View detailed information about your bank account, credit card, mortgage, auto loans, or Merrill Lynch investments, including balances and transaction history. Manage your account, find ATMs and branches, and set up notifications to help keep your financial information secure.

Bank of America also lets you make online payments and transfer funds using just a phone number or email address. And just like the previous version, this app allows you to deposit checks, simply by taking a picture of them.

You can change your account credentials be alerted of any suspected fraudulent activity on your account. The Bank of America app is back and better than ever.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Download Bank of America for Windows 10

QR: Bank of America

Spoticast for Spotify

Spoticast for Spotify

Webrox, developers of Tubecast, Video 360, and Playcast, have a new addition to their fantastic family of apps. Spoticast for Spotify is a universal Spotify client for Windows 10 computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Just log in with your free or premium account and get access to your favorite artists, albums, songs, and the videos that accompany them. If available, a song's video will appear in a small box down by the audio controls.

Not only can you make them full screen, but Webrox has incorporated their casting technology from their other apps to let you stream them to your smart TV, game console, Chromecast, AppleTV, or any DLNA device. It even supports 360° videos.

Even without the casting feature, Spoticast would be a stellar Spotify client with its crisp design and light/dark themes. The search function has a customizable filter so you can specify whether you are looking for live performances, acoustic sets, remixes, and more.

And once you install the app and log in, it will automatically install on your other devices logged in and ready to rock.

Webrox hit another home run with Spoticast for Spotify. If you have an account and a Windows 10 device, this one is a no-brainer.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Download Spoticast for Spotify for Windows 10

QR: Spoticast for Spotify

Univision Deportes

Univision Deportes

The biggest name in Spanish-language broadcasting has scored with their new sports app for Windows 10. Univision Deportes brings you the latest scores and headlines from Liga MX, MLS, Copa America Centenario, MLS, US and Mexican national soccer teams, and more. You'll also get coverage of the NFL, NBA, MLB, boxing, Formula 1, UFC, and countless other sports.

Choose from an English or Spanish user interface, and browse real-time scores, watch video highlights, and see the top sports stories from around the world.

Check league standings and roster news and get the Twitter feeds from whatever teams you follow. There are also plenty of video clips to search and watch.

Log into Univision Deportes with your TV provider subscription information and gain access to live streaming of the UDN network. There you can tune in to live sports news and soccer games, including Friday Night MLS matches in English or Spanish.

Univision Deportes is a well-designed and easy to use. If you love soccer or are looking for Spanish-language coverage of the world of sports, be sure to download this free app.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Download Univision Deportes for Windows 10

QR: Univision Deportes



GroupMe was released for Windows 10 PC this week.

The app acts a central hub of communication between groups of friends, family, colleagues, etc. Create a group name and then add individuals either by phone number or email address. The groups you belong to will show up in the Windows People app.

Once you are up and running, each member can send messages, including links, images, and videos, to the rest of the group. Users without the app can receive and reply using simple SMS. You can manage your notifications, and choose to mute or snooze conversations.

GroupMe was already hugely popular on Windows smartphones, and now you can enjoy the freedom of having it on your PC and tablet as well.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Download GroupMe for Windows 10

QR: GroupMe

Circulate - Official

Circulate - Official

Circulate is a timing-based puzzle game in which you need to shoot a dot through a field of moving obstacles to land it on the platform across the way.

The only control in the game is the button to launch the dot. When you do, the movements on the board play out in slow motion to show you whether you succeeded or not. If you make it, you move on to the next level. Otherwise, you are doomed to repeat it over again.

Is Circulate repetitive? Definitely. However, because each attempt lasts only a few seconds, you get in an almost Zen-like rhythm of trying and trying again. Like most games of its kind, the game becomes highly addictive.

If you get to the point where you just cannot seem to complete a level, you can earn a free skip by watching an advertisement.

Circulate consists of 75 different levels, as well as an infinite "hard mode." It's not something you will necessarily play for long stretches, but its short bursts of gameplay make it perfect for those brief stretches where you want to kill some time.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and HoloLens.

Download Circulate - Official for Windows 10

QR: Circulate - Official

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Seth Brodeur