Bank of America app is now live for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

After a few months of internal testing, the Bank of America app is now live for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile. The store listing for the app officially appeared a few days ago, but it was made available to download today.

This launch release is a return from Bank of America to the Windows Store, as it removed its older app for Windows Phone devices in 2015. Here's a look at its features:

Manage Your Accounts

  • Review activity and balances in checking, savings and credit card accounts
  • View mortgage, auto loan and linked Merrill Edge® and Merrill Lynch® investment account balances
  • Set app alerts to be notified of important account and security info

Transfer Money

  • Securely send and receive money using a mobile number or email address (including to and from U.S. accounts outside of Bank of America)
  • Transfer funds between your Bank of America accounts

Pay Bills

  • Schedule/edit/cancel payments
  • Pay eBills
  • Add/Edit Pay To accounts

Deposit Checks

  • Simply take photos of checks to deposit them
  • Immediately see the processing deposit in your account
  • Find ATMs and financial centers

Special Offers & Deals

  • Get cash back with BankAmeriDeals® when you use your eligible Bank of America credit/debit cards

Help Stay Secure

  • Change Online ID or Passcode
  • If fraudulent activity is suspected on your debit or credit card, we'll notify you so you can call us to verify your transactions and unblock your card

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Download Bank of America from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Bank of America

John Callaham
  • Welcome Back BoA!!!  Lack of this app moved my wife off to her iPhone.  Going to see if she wants to go back to the 640.
  • Hey tell her we all support her move back to windows!
  • Mine support too! :) Posted from my Surface 3 running W10
  • We moved to Wells Fargo when BoA dropped the app. This new app may be better, but Wells Fargo has been a great bank for us. We're happy.
  • It's raining Apps!!!
  • Yes!!! It is! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android... I'm sorry
  • I downloaded on both phone and tablet and rated each. I had to fire up the Lumia 640 to do so, but after logging in, I do like the style. Clearly not an iOS port, but a ground up redesign. The deskop app needs a little font scaling refinement, but it appears to work great as well.
  • Same reason my wife went to the iPhone too. It pissed her off.
  • BoA app has made people moved to iPhone. Then I suggest stay on the iPhone, coz BoA can kill this app again after sometimes just to piss off Windows Phone users.
  • Yay!!!!
  • Bank of America! Fsck yeah!
  • I see what you did there!
  • Good to see. Hope we can get a couple more banks to follow suit.
  • Hope Chase wil be back...
  • Just tweeted them the BoA link. Let's see how they respond.
  • Can you do the same with PNC? lol
  • Have been bugging PNC for a while, but more people doing the same should show them there is interest.  Sending the BoA link might not be a bad idea.
  • This was the reply: "Thanks for the suggestion. We will pass on your request for a Windows Phone app. ^LG" Better than "kiss off" I suppose
  • Similar to the one I got "Good afternoon! I thank you for your feedback. I have passed on your concerns to the proper departments for review. ^JL", but that is the first time they have ever responded at all.
  • Yeah but their reply should have been "We will pass on your request for a Windows 10 Universal app" including a Windows 10 mobile version. Its not about Windows phone apps anymore
  • I need Chase and Wells Fargo if I'm going to use any platform as my daily driver. Fingers crossed that more banks follow.
  • This was the last app I needed... I can FINALLY power off my G6 for good... good bye cruel Android World! YAY!!!!!
  • Sweet. Up votes to infinity lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • Me too! Let's hold hands and jump off this Android bridge together! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android... I'm sorry
  • Well done BOA. I am in the UK and don't have an account with them, I already have a very good banking app, but I am sure many of our Amercian users will be very pleased.  
  • Hope the rest will follow :) Would love to see Quicken or the return of Ms Money too
  • I would love to see Quicken. Don't hold your breath for MS Money
  • Have you submitted any feedback for changes/additions to Quicken?  They have a Windows Phone app option. I don't think there's an IP limit either as I've submitted twice already from my work computer :)
  • Thanks for the link! I just submitted the feedback. I'll continue to spam them :)
  • They still publish MS money? I thought they pulled that years ago. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • No, it's no longer a current product.  But, Windows 10 would make a great platform for it to return to the market on (universal apps), especially since many are unhappy with Quicken.
  • Like celticmagick mentioned, no, it's no longer a product. But MS Money (you can still download the Sunset version from Microsoft for desktop) was an awesome product. If they did come out with a new release of it I would instantly drop Quicken and switch. A UWP app for MS Money would be amazing...
  • Oh hell ya !   Thanks BofA !!!!   One of the few apps I actually use !    And it is VERY well done indeed !
  • Given it a test on desktop, looking really good, now this is what I'm talking about! Solid demonstration of UWP in action :-)
  • I wonder what will happen first: 1. Microsoft and Verizon provide a legitimate upgrade path from WP8.1 to W10 Mobile so I can actually use the app; 2. BoA ports the app to WP8.1 just to be nice, so I can actually use the app; 3. the planet Mercury breaks out of orbit and crashes into the Sun, ending all life in the solar system and making the aforementioned two hypotheticals irrelevant.
  • Option 3 has the greatest probability of occurrence. Time to let 8.1 go man, just get a cheap WM10 phone like the 640 or One touch fierce XL in the meantime while you prepare/save up for a real flagship phone. And yes ditch Verizon while you're at it if you plan to stay in the windows mobile world, or you'll be missing out on pretty much all the best WM phones
  • Can't ditch Verizon without a significant increase in costs and a decrease in network coverage. Like many people, I''m embedded in a massive family plan that offers significant costs savings versus branching out on my own, and, Verizon has better coverage in the areas where my family lives, so there is no hope of convincing all 8 of them to switch over to AT&T. This is why it's so crucial for Microsoft to do everything it takes to ensure their devices work on as many carriers as possible: people are much more likely to change phones than they are to change carriers.
  • Patience.   Currently, the 735 is getting W10. The newest "Redstone" tech preview has been really smooth on my Icon. It's only a matter of time until it recieves an official release as well. 
  • Go T-Mobile. Bring your own device. Use Insider Release Ring to get upgrade. Or just pick up a Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL like I did for cheap. Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • T-Mobile has nowhere near the coverage Verizon does which is important for many.  The cost savings were enough for me to stay on T-Mobile though.
  • I'm hopeful the HP X3 will make it to Verizon. That was said to be a possibility. They do sell a number of devices to business. We'll see Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm bemused by option 3. Tempting :D Posted from my Surface 3 running W10
  • downloaded on my Surface Pro 4 and 950xl....I'm happy where you at Starbucks?
  • Too bad I closed my BOA account years ago as I would use this app. I downloaded it anyway and opened it with Continuum to add to the install count.
  • That's interesting point.
    I'm half world afar from US but would love to know whether you would consider coming back to Boa just to support the UWP app maker ;)
    Just curious though. Posted from my Surface 3 running W10
  • After opening the new BOA app, I honestly considered opening an account to support the UWP initiative but then decided against it as I simply don't need a BOA account anymore. For a second, I felt bad for BOA but the. I remembered how they took away the Windows Phone app and told Windows users to use a barely working website. I then shrugged and thought "oh well." Once I arrived home, I downloaded the BOA app for my desktop computer and I'll download it for my tablet and other Windows 10 Mobile phones as well. Even though I may never be a BOA customer again, I'll still support their UWP efforts with downloads, installs and usage metrics as it is for the betterment of the Windows 10 ecosystem. Their UWP app looks and performs great and whomever developed it did a fantastic job. I really hate how they treated Windows customers in the past as they could have had more customers than what they have now.
  • Got your point. Fair enough. Posted from Lumia 640 W10M.
  • It's nice to see, but I left BofA a long time ago. I like Amex's UWA. I would like to see Discover release a UWA, followed by Chase. I'm hoping the presence of BofA and Amex, maybe even AllyBank's presence, will push others to join Windows.
  • Yep nice. But I left BOA too, and love my wells Fargo, I'm not gonna let an app dictate what devices I use
  • Chase- your move.
  • Looks like a great app. Now here's hoping Wells Fargo and Citi follow suit!
  • Doesn't Wells Fargo already have a WP app?
  • Wells Fargo has an app. They just need to update to UWP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • Exactly! So we can access them on all Win platforms. I'm also hoping they will start integrating FIDO (Windows Hello) login into them as well. 
  • Good to have you back BoA.
  • Love your username! Sad the show is ending... :(
  • Same here. Such a great show.
  • Oh no! Ah well, I'm still working my way through season two so I've got at least another few weeks of binge watching ahead of me. :)
  • This is where the app gap hit us the hardest. Basic stuff that every other platform has had since forever.   Now if only we can get a decent panorama lens and I'll be happy.
  • Coming soon to the camera app. There was an article a while back about it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • Or a Starbucks app
  • Ha, all you now can happily and easily transfer some not all your fund to my account. Lol
  • Nice!
  • Great! Now how about that TD Bank app for the US that they said they were working on? I can't imagine the US version would be that different from their Canadian version.
  • For now sure even though it's based on bbos user agent the the mobile site uses & development on porting the suretap API has stalled
  • App works great,
  • .
  • .
  • Re: Comments above, about percentage of people this app applies to and percentage of WP users in various regions.
    Those pesky percentages. Just like statistics. They can fool you. Just for approximate population comparison,
    USA = 322M people,
    China = 1,360M
    India = 1,380M
    France = 64M
  • So your saying this app doesn't matter to the majority of WP users? Who's a UWP targets Windows PC and Tablet users here in the US as well. Not just phone users. Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • I think it was in response to the negative comments made about the app by people from outside the US. It was in this thread but the mods deleted it and rightfully so before it got too heated. Someone was being rude and saying the app was unimportant because the market share of WM in the US is lower than other countries and the point is that even 3% or so in the US works out to be higher than the 10% or more of users in other countries.
  • Re: ladydias,
    Yes. Thank you for clarifying.
  • You're welcome. :-)
  • Yes!
  • Having this app returned isn't gonna make me go back to bofa after being with them for thirty five years!
  • A Citizens bank app would be nice!
  • seems to work pretty good.  i was just using their website before which worked fine too.
  • The web site does not allow checks to be deposited using a camera. f it had, that wve lthe impacf losing the app.  
  • very well done app
  • If I hadn't left BofA when they started charging people to use their money (closed out my account took the money and walked across the street to a local bank that didn't charge anything for me to use my money. BofA learned quickly on that one, but still I will never use them) then I would download this app and use it. Nice to see another bank app even if it's just a return. I use Ally.
  • Great app. This is how it should be done.
  • The challenge is getting windows 10 users to download the app on their pc when most already have it on their non windows devices. And also BofA needs to add the windows 10 logo to their promotion materials regarding their app. I see many apps not including the windows logo when they are on windows. This makes the consumers think that windows do not have the app.
  • I will download it as I used to have an account but the rates are just too low to go back. Such a shame.
  • Non Windows devices? What non Windows devices? Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • One small step for Windows giant leap for...   Oh nevermind...hey where's Amazon gone to?
  • I'm very happy BOA app is back.I'm sick of iPhone. Great app. Well done.
  • Oh man! There is hope. Would love for provident bank to come to windows soon,..but in the meantime it's pinned to my start screen
  • Good news
  • Let see how chase reacts now and hoping Starbucks realized that not long ago they promise to bring themselves to the windows world....What the heck are they waiting.
  • SBucks probably encountered some technical issues. Or they decided to take their app from just phone to a UWP app which takes more time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • Well done, BOA!
  • Great app works well I like it
  • Where the chase app or TD bank app?? It doesn't matter to me anymore. Honestly windows 10 mobile is a joke. I bought my Lumia 950 a couple months back and it made me hate windows as a whole. It's the worse experience I ever had with any OS. Goodbye W10 hello iOS ...or Android.
  • To each his own. If you need those apps right now and can't wait. It's cool, just get another phone with another OS. May I ask what about the 950 made you hate Windows as a whole? Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • Nothing works consistently. I need a phone that works. Sending a text message is a drag because it has a delay. Once I waited a whole minute before a message was sent. Cortana is always crashing. Groove music is always freezing or it doesn't play. Sometimes it tells me I need to connect to the internet when I'm on LTE. It claims to be the most productive phone on the planet but its everything but that. I never had this problem with my 830 W8.1
  • Ever tried a hard reset? Not having any of the issues you speak of here with my L925 on W10M or my Fierce XL. The new Insider builds are great. Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • I guess you're one of the lucky ones. I can try that. I'm just frustrated. I can deal with the "app gap" but I can't deal with a phone that can't handle basic commands
  • The problems he speaks of are real. I have reset my phone gotten a brand new one same problems. It would be nice if Microsoft would fix the problems but seeing how long SP4 and surface book owners had to wait I don't think we will see the phone problems fixed any time soon. Posted from my over heating 950XL
  • I believe that they are real. I just wonder if they are wide spread. Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • Interesting...I have those same issues on my Galaxy S6, but none of them on my Blu Win HD LTE.  Text messages that take 4 or 5 minutes to get sent, when the previous 20 went just fine.  Groove hangs everytime I get out of my car and I have to reboot the phone...assuming bluetooth stack crash/hang.  My Blu phone is rock its slower than the GS6 (lower spec $85 phone vs. $650 flagship)...I was going to get a 950 XL for now...interesing.
  • Poor thing, MS reached into your pocket and stole your money, leaving you with a phone and OS you don't like. They've now ruined your life forever and ever and everyone must know and understand your pain.
  • MS wants to my pain. WC wants to know my pain. Ive been a WP user since 2012. Ive put in my time and MS has failed. Do you even own a WP?
  • I've consistently owned Windows phones since the original incarnation of Windows Mobile years ago so I've been there for every up and down. I'm currently on the release preview ring on my 1520 and while I run into the occasional bug, I'm not having near the problems you are. It really sounds like you need a hard reset, especially if you didn't start fresh when you got your phone and restored from an old backup from your previous phone. If it's too problematic, you might have a defective handset as not everyone with a 950 is having your problems.
  • Real nice but their interest rates are so darn low that the app just isn't enough reason to switch.
  • Anyone know if it uses Windows Hello, facial recognition? If not, i'll pass
  • Why? Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • If not, on at least PC it is no different than a bookmark in your browser. Android app has fingerprint sign-in. My banking passwords are very complex and I would only use an app-ified version if it has biometric support, else its wrapper-app garbage!
  • It mentions that in the article, it doesn't. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android... I'm sorry
  • what does it mention and where?
  • Excellent!! Welcome back BoA, and welcome to the Universal Family. What is Dead (platform) may never die ;D
  • Chaaaaaaase!
  • Nice...been waiting a while for this one!
  • Voted up for the Vikings!!! SKOL!!!!
  • Super happy to have this app back. Now can start using my WP again. Looks and acts much like the Android app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Too bad they pulled the plug early on this seems Iike a nice app. I already switched to Ally a while ago and not looking back.
  • Thanks BofA for caring about Windows Phones more than some fractions within MS.
  • Well, I switched to a credit union when BOA first abandoned us. Don't have much of a reason to change back knowing they could do this again in the blink of an eye. I'll watch and maybe in a year if they keep supporting I'll open a second account.
  • Nice
  • And it's way better than the Android client.
  • Downloading!
  • Does two-factor authentication work with the app? I get a confirmation code via text in order to login on the browser.
  • GREAT NEWS. I have just installed it, and it looks great on my Icon running Insider Preview.
    Thanks SO MUCH for your news articles..Without them most of us would never have noticed that BOA was back.
    Now the challenge is for all of us to use it often enough to make BOA see it as worth the ongoing support effort.
  • Chase Bank and Wells Fargo would be 'high impact' apps for the Windows store. Hopefully they follow B of A in the not too distant future.
  • Compass Bank has a nice app too though not updated for Windows 10. It doesn't support remote deposit yet. They do have a Money Market Account with 1% interest for the first 12 mos.
  • about freaking time... Now if Microsoft would get off their a$$ and get Tap to Pay on Windows Phone, I mgiht actually come back.
  • Withdrawing, oh, don't crash, don't crash, damn, my account is empty!
  • Too bad I use Chase. Come on Chase bring apps to Windows!
  • Hooray. It's back!!! And much better than before. The experience between Desktop and phone with the UWP is really nice. Smoother more intuitive. Looks built from the ground up. More modern with many of the HTML5 touches we've come to expect.
  • What does it do different than the webpage?
  • Deposit checks.
  • It's actually usable. Their webpage never rendered in a mobile-friendly fashion on my Lumia 950XL...I would always get the "your browser is unsupported" or outdated or some generic message.
  • So Happy to have the BOA App now we can cash those million dollar checks with App now.
    It was very inconvenient to the ATM to do that or the bank itself, I don't have a location near by, I have to drive 15 min to get to the nearest location, I do have an ATM close by.
    thanks MSFT and BOA I'm happy again.
  • Downloaded, installed and opened the app. It works fine but there's not enough zeros on the account balance. ;-)
  • I have a lot of zeroes. 0.00 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android... I'm sorry
  • Where are thou Chase???
  • Thanks be to the old gods and the new!! Downloaded it and love it!
  • I'm throwing away my Android now! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android... I'm sorry