7 Eleven

The official app for convenience store chain 7-Eleven on Windows Phone is an odd listing, simply because the company confirmed it would be dropping support for the mobile platform. Four months later and it appears as though this decision has been reversed with a new 7-Eleven update hitting the Windows Phone Store.

According to one of our readers, the official app now functions are one would expect, enabling users to once again create accounts and receive coupons (previously broken). It's a neat turnaround if 7-Eleven has opted to support Microsoft's mobile platform once again. So give the app a download and see how you get on.

For those who are unaware 7-Eleven is a chain of small convenience stores located throughout the US, mostly in specific regions. If you have ever seen The Simpsons, think Kwik-E-Mart and you will have an idea.

QR: 7 Eleven

Thanks, David, for the tip!