8 Zip comes to Xbox One, adds comic book archive support and more

Not content to stick with just Windows 10 PC and Mobile, file archiving app 8 Zip is now available on the Xbox One as well. Now you can use the app to unpack archive files (such as .zip) right from your console.

Of course, there's more than Xbox One support tagging along in 8 Zip's latest update. You'll also find support for comic book archive files (in case you've ever wanted to read a comic on your console), along with some UI tweaks and support for 7 new languages. Here's the breakdown of what's new:

  • Xbox One support.
  • Comic Book Archive support (.cbz, .cbr)
  • UI improvements.
  • New languages: Albanian, Croatian, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Serbian, Swedish.

It's worth noting that we've so far experienced some issues with 8 Zip crashing on Xbox One, so you may encounter some problems if you opt to take the dive and try the app right away. However, if you want to try the app out, the full version of 8 Zip is currently on sale for $0.99.

Download 8 Zip Lite at the Windows Store

QR: 8 Zip Lite

Download 8 Zip at the Windows Store

QR: 8 Zip Full

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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