JSAUX embraces retro aesthetics with a fully transparent Steam Deck shell

Steam Deck front side dressed in a transparent shell
(Image credit: JSAUX)

What you need to know

  • JSAUX will start selling the front transparent Steam Deck cover soon
  • All previous purchasers of JSAUX transparent back covers will receive a special discount on the front cover
  • The price is yet to be announced

Steam Deck has been on the market for more than a year and if you have one there is a good chance that you've thought about getting accessories for it. Valve has always marketed Steam Deck as a highly repairable device but also customizable. Customizations range from simple screen protectors and add-on cases to custom housings such as JSAUX transparent ones. Earlier, JSAUX started selling a transparent back shell (pictured above) in multiple colors. While the back shell is fairly easy to replace, the newly announced matching front one is not as easy to install because the LCD screen is attached to it. However, JSAUX promised some guidance.

"It's a task that requires some time and careful attention. However, we've got you covered with an installment guidance video that will walk you through the process step-by-step," said JSAUX on Twitter.

If you would like to have the whole case fully transparent you will need to purchase both sides from JSAUX. The back plate is currently $29.99 while the price for the front side is yet to be announced. However, if you have already purchased the back shell JSAUX promises to give you a discount for the front one.

If all of the above seems slightly overwhelming, Razer has recently launched a line-up of vinyl protective wraps for Steam Deck. They are currently available on the Razer website, with prices starting from as little as $20.

Also, check out our JSAUX Steam Deck dock review. That device earned high marks for delivering a similar experience to the official Steam Deck dock while costing about half as much.

Jerko Čilaš