New Razer Moray headphones bring professional audio design to gaming and streaming

Razer Moray in-hear monitor headphones
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What you need to know

  • Razer just announced its first-ever in-ear monitor headphones.
  • The Razer Moray can block out up to -36 dB of noise, thanks to the seal it forms when placed in a person's ear.
  • In-ear monitors are well-known within the music industry but have made some inroads to the consumer space.
  • The Razer Moray is available starting today for $130.

Razer unveiled a new type of headphones for the company today. The Razer Moray is the first-ever in-ear monitor from Razer. In-ear monitors are specifically designed for blocking out noise and long-lasting comfort. They feature foam tips that form a seal within the ear to block up to -36 dB of noise.

You can purchase the Razer Moray for $130 through Razer's website starting today.

In-ear monitor is a term that some gamers may not have heard before. They're well-known within the music industry and among professionals that deal with audio. They're not as common in the general consumer space, though they're not unheard of.

You've probably seen in-ear monitors before if you've seen musicians perform. They're made to fit the shape of the ear to improve comfort and block out sound. The Razer Moray come with three different sizes of tips to fit different ears.

The Razer Moray has a THX Certification and a hybrid dual-driver design. That hybrid system aims to deliver a balance of audio across a wide spectrum, such as deep bass sounds and higher-pitched trebles.

The braided wires of the Razer Moray feature flexible memory loop tubing that holds its shape to help ensure a secure fit. Those cables are detachable for when you want to store the headphones or take them on the go.

"The launch of the Moray marks an exciting new chapter for Razer. It's an evolution in gaming audio, designed to offer streamers high-definition sound and all-day comfort," said " Senior Vice President of Razer’s Hardware Business Unit Alvin Cheung.

"With the Razer Moray, we're bringing the exceptional audio quality typically associated with in-ear monitors to not only streamers, but gamers as well. And we’re proud to announce this product has earned the coveted global gold standard mark of audio fidelity, THX Certification."

The Razer Moray looks like a solid choice for streamers and a candidate to make our list of the best gaming headsets, though we'll have to see how they perform in the real-world before we can say for sure.

Razer Moray | $130

Razer Moray | $130

This in-ear monitor is designed to block out sound and fit comfortably in your ears for long sessions of gaming or streaming. It's THX-certified and has hybrid dual-drivers for audio.

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