Acer brings its big guns with the new Predator X34 Ultrawide curved gaming monitor

Acer brought its monitor big guns to Computex with the Predator X34. Claimed as an industry first, it's a 34-inch Ultrawide 21:9 curved gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync technology and a 3440 x 1440 resolution IPS panel.

Besides G-Sync, the X34 boasts DTS Sound (7W x 2 speakers), and a minimal, yet stylishly functional stand with sufficient height and tilt adjustment to get into the perfect position for your long gaming sessions.

We had chance to have a quick look at the new monitor, and pictures don't really do it justice. The picture quality and colors look first rate, and when you daisy chain three of them together as Acer has done here, the effects are astounding. With the X34 boasting a definite, yet gentle curve, with multiple monitors together you're really creating an immersive environment.

Everyone's favorite demo at Computex is the incredible Witcher 3, and with a rig containing three of the new NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti graphics cards pushing things along with G-Sync doing its thing, let's just say it's a pretty spectacular experience.

Expect to see the Predator X34 on sale in Q3 of this year, with pricing as yet unconfirmed. However we were told it'd be reasonable to expect something around at least $1000. Who wants one? Or maybe three?

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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