Acer is certainly looking to make a lasting impression with its latest gaming laptop. At first glance, the new Predator Triton 900 looks like your standard, chunky gaming laptop. But it's hiding a pretty unique feature not found in others of its ilk: a convertible display.

The display on the Predator Triton 900 sits on a hinge near its midsection, allowing you to flip it around to be used as a (thick) tablet. If you're sitting down for a long gaming session, the hinge will also let you tilt the display toward you, closing the distance between it and the keyboard while making for a potentially more immersive experience.

Acer is mum on specs for now, but you can expect that unique display to pack a 4K touchscreen with NVIDIA G-Sync, which will cut down on screen tearing and frame stuttering. That's in addition to Acer's latest Aeroblade tech, which keeps things cool with a design that's literally inspired by owls, of all things.

Without a detailed list of specs, it's anyone's guess at what graphics chip or processor will be packed inside of the Predator Triton 900 at launch, but don't expect Acer to cheap out on parts. We'll likely learn much more about what Acer has planned in the coming months, including pricing and a release date – possibly as soon as CES 2019.