Acer's Predator X27 gaming monitor impresses with HDR, 4K and G-Sync at 144Hz

Alongside a trio of new Predator gaming laptops, Acer took the stage in New York today to impress PC gaming enthusiasts with a new Predator monitor. Called the Predator X27, the monitor manages to power a 4K display at a speedy 144Hz refresh rate. As if that weren't enough, the X27 also includes G-Sync for buttery smooth frame pacing and support for HDR.

The Predator X27 also includes Quantum Dot technology, which should theoretically increase the display's color range and brightness compared to standard monitors, thanks to a nano-crystal coating. A large part of what should make the Predator X27 stand out, however, is its LED local dimming, which is made up of 384 individually-controlled zones. Combined with HDR, that should make for blacker blacks, whiter whites, and more vibrant colors in between. The monitor also packs Tobii eye tracking for games that support it.

Alongside the Predator X27, Acer also introduced the curved Z271UV. With a 2560x1440 resolution, the 27-inch monitor packs an edge-to-edge display design and can be "overclocked" to a 165Hz refresh rate. Like the Predator X27, the Z271UV also includes NVIDIA G-Sync and Tobii eye tracking for supported games.

Availability and pricing are still up in the air, but we'll bring you more once they are announced.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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