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Adblock Plus extension 'coming soon' for Microsoft Edge

Adblock Plus has announced that it will release a browser extension for Microsoft Edge. There aren't any details other than the popular ad-blocker will be "coming soon." However, that may indeed be pretty soon given the accidental teaser page that recently appeared on Microsoft's website.

Microsoft had originally intended for browser extensions to appear in Edge alongside the November update, but the feature was pushed back to 2016. From the recent teaser, which has since been pulled, it looks like some other big name extensions are headed for Edge as well, including Pinterest and Reddit Enhancement Suite. And it shouldn't be too long after launch before we see many others due to the ability for developers to easily port Chrome extensions to Edge.

Source: Adblock Plus; Via:

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  • Please be soon
  • Lol. Exactly. Geeze
  • Soon is not soon enough!
  • Need this by yesterday!
  • Posting about an adblocker on a site is equivalent to having advertising bacon in a cow farm
  • I always disable adblock when I'm on windows central. Support them we must.
  • I installed an adblocker because of one particular overkill site.
  • I don't. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because you're a pirate?
  • That's one of the worst sites for usability because of ads. It's a mess.
  • Even worse on the phone .. haha .. but I happly purchase a membership or app though :) 
  • Thanks for remembering. Idk if they're pushing it a little...
  • This. I believe you can white list sites. I would white list sites that i feel deserve support. Like windows central, thurrot and maybe the verge. The are others but would need to be on my pc to see
  • I use Ad-blockers selectively.
    First I permanently try to block tracking as this always results in ads of products I already have or I opened a product page, decided I do not like it and then constantly get annoying repetitive ads of that product, wich i cannot tell the ad provider that I do not like the product and it should stop showing me these.
    Secondly when I visit a page that overdoes it with the ads and especially places them in very annoying positions - like WPCentral does - I tell the ad blocker to block that specific element of the webpage.
    Other than that I leave the ads untouched as I also realize that websites these days rely on ads to survive; the owners should just pick better ad networks and choose more wisely about where to place them on their site.
  • I would if the number of ads didn't make page load times so annoyingly slow.
  • That's the key. Let ads through on reasonable, we'll-designed sites while blocking ads on sites that go overboard to the point of being practically unusable. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's happening! IT'S HAPPENING!!!
  • My sources tell me it'll be next Thursday. ;)
  • My sources are Ben&Jerry's
  • An ice cream chain? XD
  • Fortune cookies too much? :D
  • One thing I did not like about Adblock Plus is that they have an option to allow "some non-intrusive advertising" and it is turned on by default when you install this extension. Obviously they receive a good amount from Google to have their websites whitelisted.
  • I use chrome extension "adblock" which is much better to adblock plus!
  • How so?  They are owned by the same people and implement the same policies. You should try uBlock Origin.
  • ^This... until they sell out too hahah
  • I dont think so. Developer for adblock is different to adblock plus.
  • "Adblock, one of the most popular ad blocking extensions for the Chrome web browser with more than 40 million users just announced to its user base that it has been sold and that it has joined Adblock Plus' acceptable ads program"
  • I find the host file mods much better than any ad blocker. However, I'm not a fan of blocking ads but I'm not a fan of ads either. I would rather pay to remove ads but its not practice to start paying subscriptions for every site I use as it would end up very expensive. I would happily pay £10 a month subscription if it removed ads from all the sites I use, the site owners should then get a share of that fee based on how long I spend on each site. That way site owners still make money and I don't have to put up with extremely slow loading and poor performing sites.
  • That would fly in the US until lawsuits claiming only the 1% have access to an ad-free web.
  • It's Windows Phone. We are the 3% who deserve this.
  • Down below 2% now! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Soon in the sense, next year
  • @Phillip Hernandez:
    "Coming soon"™.
    You're welcome.
  • Wow waiting for it, bring it out soon
  • This is wonderful!
  • Yes! Hope the next update also brings basic functions like download controls and fixes for some weird not loading pages with no reason.
  • Same for me!
  • Includes for mobile also?
  • not on release, but its a plan to look into for a long term goal
  • Lol @ long-term goals... Can't even keep up with feature completion from previous iterations.
  • Feature completion would be one of those long term goals Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice, extension support will finally make me switch over to Edge is my primary browser.
  • Hope for Extensions managing their bookmarks.. bookmark management in Edge IS a joke... seriously.. using it as my main browser!
  • Indeed! I can't believe they still haven't even fixed the issue of imported Chrome bookmarks being in reverse order. You have to export from Chrome to IE, then import from IE to Edge, otherwise "good luck" in reorganizing them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes hurry please and thank you. This is the ONLY thing keeping me from using edge exclusively. I read alot of manga and well i need adblocker bad
  • Lol, so many people from this site are downloading it day one. Thepiratebay can be navigated without having to explain myself.
  • Haha, so true about TPB.
  • I'd wish some day they can surprise us all and just say "this new feature is out right now" rather than coming soon... Anyway, can't wait for this extension!! :)
  • That happens all the time, we just only remember the "coming soon"s ;-)
  • That's what happens with most people you know, but then again, they don't know what they'll have "comming soon" :p
  • Ghostery is coming soon too then
  • Lets hope so
  • Time to switch to Edge from Mozilla.
  • +1
  • +950
  • +950 XL
  • Are you replacing thunderbird with edge?
  • Cant wait
    Edge is so much faster than other browsers.
  • Will be when you can remove the ads too.
  • Is edge a ram hog?
  • Working with multiple tabs is horrible, even the news from the home page take alot to open and load. On pc I only use it to get my torrents and then close it. For some things Edge is fast but multiple tabs and lots of flash content are its kryptonite
  • Oh yes, oh yes oh yes!
  • uBlock please
  • uBlock Origin please
  • Are they separate things? I thought uBlock was renamed Ublock Origin after some update.
  • Yes and resource wise, I find it less intensive than the other.
  • Nice.  But, it's easier to just block ads by editing your hosts file without (moderately) slowing down your browser.
  • Yeah but no element picker or hiding placeholders.
  • It's been working great for me so far.  I even removed ABP from IE because I didn't need it anymore after editing my hosts file.
  • People keep saying that, but I don't think they understand what easier means. It isn't easier than clicking "install" on an extension no matter how much you think it is.
  • Exactly!
    I have used "hosts" file in the past but after a fresh install of windows I prefer to install ABP. As it only takes a few clicks and done.
  • Not sure how keeping a host file up to date is easier than a one time install
  • Most ads come from a few google ad servers, so it's not that hard to keep up to date.
  • Add batch script at startup? @echo off
    if exist hosts copy hosts.bak > nul
    if exist hosts del hosts
    wget.exe -r --tries=3 -O hosts
  • I didn't bother doing that - and I don't think it's necessary.  I just edited my hosts file (below) with the know ad servers.  I've only had to add one ( since I did my original edit. is really annoying.  That's an ad server that plays video ads.
  • That doesn't seem easier than clicking an INSTALL button.
  • Wanna share your edited hosts file?
  • Sure...
  • Using MVPS' Hosts file is useful too. I use that for hassle-less installation.
  • It's a lot easier to use "Tracking Protection Lists" from Internet Explorer. Does not slow down browsing like extensions do. Honestly, while I like extensions, for ad blocking specifically I would have liked the option to have Tracking Protection Lists too.
  • Coming in 3023
  • Yeah, I'd prefer Tracking Protection Lists over extensions.
  • Same
    ...well, probably not, but still...
  • Awesome!! :-D
  • The most requested extension for Edge. :D
  • Hope Amazon Wish List extension makes the jump to Edge asap
  • If made by Amazon, unlikely. They have yet to release a Prime Video app to compete with Netflix.
  • Been using adguard as an alternative but I can't wait for extension support
  • Lastpass...
  • Yes Yes Yes LastPass
  • In pretty sure Roboform is coming to Edge too
  • I'll just keep using Mozilla until adblock arrives on Edge, then I will decide which I use for default..Glad they are working on it for the edgy ones.
  • Every time something gets released it has less features than everything else and this makes me super mad so I'm hoping this is not the case this time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Garbage. TPL is better.
  • I'd rather have an ad blocker that wasn't in Google's back pocket.
  • As long as blocks all the ads on this site....what a hog of a site with all the ads...
  • It's sad when other mn properties work better even on pocket ie 11
  • Haha true that
  • Soon LOL. No seriously soon please so I can update my Hosts file back to default. Maybe then windows central BS spam ad click links will redirect properly.
  • Lol.  I can't even browse on from my phone when on WiFi because OpenDNS has categorised the adlink tracker that WC uses as Spyware...
  • Haha Even their app is basically a SPYWARE with all the unnecessary permissions it needs . Such a shame isn't it? Why'd they have to take these measures just to extract some cash.
  • As soon as this happens, I'm moving from IE to Edge :D
  • It will probably work like crap at first and they will promise to fix the issues in a future update, like everything MS does. Last Windows update ruined my Edge browser and now feels laggy.
    I'm tired of this half baked software MS keeps releasing.
  • I want it right now!!
  • I just want edge to stop crashing upon wake from sleep mode on my PC. That is all I wish.
  • Soon™ Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Pinterest and Reddit will release their plugins but no universal win 10 app for the store... *sigh*
  • This is great news!
  • good bye Chrome and Firefox!
  • Hosts file is best
  • Using IE explorer, my CPU usage is about 26%. Using Edge on the same sites, and CPU usage jumps to +90%. Not impressed.
  • Did you disable flash?....
  • Just you then. But if you look at it the other way Edge is working better as it's making full use of your cpu?
  • Really? Just me? Go look at Microsoft forums. There are ton of people with these issues. Ridiculous comment.
  • Thank god for that. Might actually start using edge again.
  • uBlock and Ghostery are superior than Adblock Plus Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I started using uBlock after I found out about Mozilla not allowing unsigned extensions in a future Firefox update. It's either Adblock or Adblock Plus which isn't signed.
  • Good news, also waiting for a video downloader for Edge
  • Soon? It's Microsoft we talking about. Soon is mostly like next year or two...
  • Yeah!!!
  • I don't extensions this excellent news for those that do!
  • LOL!!!! I tapped Edit about 30 times right after posting the message and I couldn't edit my comment in edge on the phone. I tap Reply once and Reply works. Edge seems to not like the Windows Central comments system that much. Anyway, that comment should have said, "I don't use extensions but this is excellent news for those that do!"
  • I see u suffer brother
  • Edge will be my primary browser as soon as I can install adp.
  • I'll happily leave chrome and move to edge if I get these extensions Adblock Plus Turn off the lights Awesome new tab page Awesome screenshot Copy All Urls Photo Zoom for Facebook Browsec
  • I believe Microsoft patented the"soon".
    Anyway who's need an ad block extension? Editing the HOST file is more effective as blocks ads all over the system including apps... and keep's browsers running smoothly
  • Excellent! 
  • I find adblock better in chrome. I've got a laptop that crawls when abp used. Takes an age to load a page. I'll switch to Edge from chrome if it works.
  • AdBlock and RES are the only two things currently keeping me from Edge as my primary browser, I can't wait!
  • Irony. While windows 10 is doing good in attracting developers of all kinds to Desktop, there is calm in the Windowsmobile Market
  • There have been all sorts of universal apps coming out for both phone and desktop all this week. What are you talking about?
  • Finally!
  • Personally this would go a LOOOOOONG way to getting me onto Edge full time
  • background Downloading in Mobile
  • There's FINALLY a 64 bit version of Firefox in the wild so NAH.
  • They only got 64-bit now? Even Internet Explorer 9 had a 64-bit mode...
  • Does it sync favorites with my phone?  NAH Edge with ad blocking would be great.
  • This is needed to block all annoying google ads.
  • Nevermind adblock, that is so 2014. Give me KC3Kai.
  • Excellent. Hopefully soon equates to next week!!!! Might actually use edge!
  • I've known about this for a month and you guys just now catch on.... Smh
  • Think I'll switch from mozilla to edge soon.
  • Not surprise
  • It's been there already for 1 month
  • Don't need it. I trust AdBlock. Fed up of 'pay to allow advertising' tactic of ABP.
  • AdBlock and AdBlock plus both do the same thing, they both use the same "acceptable ads program" list,even. Time to switch to uBlock Origin.
  • Maybe. But ABP has gone too far. When it was installed on my Chrome, YouTube and other powerful high traffic websites still had tones of ads. But I am much satisfied with AdBlock.
  • Yes! After this, I hope Edge gets Videodownloadhelper and an MS version of Search by Image then I'd be set with extensions. Goodbye Chrome after that.
  • Wow great
  • The one thing that's keeping me from using it
  • Just make the dev tools dockable and I'm happy.
  • I can see dock/undock buttons, and they work.
  • I'm guessing Edge will gain thousands new daily users after the inclution of add-ons. For me, as soon as any of the reputable ad blockers pops up, I'm leaving Firefox because Edge is light-years faster in my computer! Also I hope we'll see addons for the home screen of edge, something with shortcuts to our favorite websites :) Bring it on!!!!
  • I can't wait to uninstall Chrome
  • Everyone knows that the only way to fight the Ads is to be super PC.
  • Blocking annoying ads on u tube is necessary. Watching one for 3-4 secs I don't mind but it gets worse when ads interupt the video. Therefore ad block rules.
  • The edge app is universal App right ? So can we expect extension support for windows 10 mobile ?
  • No, universal in that it shares the same code, it doesn't have to share the same functionality. Microsoft may bring extensions to W10M or they may not.
  • For most of d simple and mid-complex app, same .net exe will work on all windows 10 devices but for a an Universal app as complex as edge, even though supporting extensions in mobile isn't much work but there are some real world performance issues when u run it in low powered mobile devices, thus degrading ur browser user experience
  • Even Firefox's start-up time goes north of 30 seconds, when yu have 5 or more extensions installed in a 3 yr old i5 laptop with Hdd. Think about it in mobile
  • Banda
  • Give us uBlock please. Better from Adblock Plus in all aspects.
  • I want noscrip too
  • I'd also much rather have µblock, and you too if you look at this:
  • ABP is better than having no Adblock, right?
  • Can't wait...
  • Come soon ..Its already late !
  • Nice. ;)
  • Finally
  • I hope for Ghostery too. No-holds barred awesomeness.
  • For those who want the function of ad blocker in edge Google it and you will find a host file which you should replace and viola.
  • I wonder what Adblock calls SOON? Or, is Microsoft the problem by preventing extensions?