Add a personal touch to photos with audio captions in eyeMe

There's no shortage of photo sharing apps for Windows Phone, with the likes of Pikchur already available on the store, but here we have eyeMe. The app is also available for iOS and enables users to share photos and updates to social networks. It's a simple but useful offering, especially for those who enjoy taking a load of photos when out and about.

So what's eyeMe all about, and why should you give it a glance over? The app itself is a really neat little offering that makes use of an intuitive UI with an aesthetically pleasing implementation of Metro (yeah, we'll still use that term for now) goodness - Windows Phone owners love the stuff.

eyeMe App

First off, users of eyeMe can send voice tweets to the micro-blogging service, as well as updates to a Facebook account - useful for those who require a hands-off approach to keeping friends and family update with your latest shenanigans. But the magic is also with its ability to add audio captions to images, which can then be shared with family and friends.

Photos captured by the Windows Phone can be enhanced with said voice captions for those viewing the gallery on supported hardware to enjoy. Images can subsequently be shared on social networks and through direct channels, including email. Images saved on the phone and loaded into eyeMe can be edited at a later date, removing and playing any recorded caption.

eyeMe also acts as a network itself, enabling users to connect and share content with one another. This includes chat functionality, inbox for messages and the ability to add connections, as well as send out requests. Should you not already have an account, one will be required before using the app. This can be easily achieved when launching the app and only takes a few seconds.

You can download eyeMe from the Windows Phone Store for free. Thanks, EasyPeasyJD, for the tip!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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