Adobe gets its docs ducks in a row with Document Cloud

Adobe may have invented the portable document format — that'd the venerable PDF, boys and girls — but for whatever reason its "Acrobat" suite never really had much to do with consumers, and even for biz types it often was easier just to print, sign, scan and send. That ends today with the announcement of Document Cloud, which brings forth Google Drive-like syncing capabilities and the mobile document power we've seen from Samsung.

The broad strokes:

  • Acrobat becomes Acrobat DC, with "an intuitive, touch-enabled interface." (Because mobile, of course.) The really cool feature is that it leverages some Photoshop tech to let you take a picture of a document, enhance it so it's less like a picture, and then manipulate it like you might a natively digital doc, including with fillable fields.
  • Document signing gets easier and more powerful across all mobile devices.
  • Proper mobile syncing means you can start from a mobile device and pick up where you left off on a desktop.
  • And document management and control services let you manage and control the entire process for sensitive docs.

All of this is expected to be available in another month. Adobe Document Cloud will be available through Acrobat DC for Creative Cloud subscribers. There's also a $14.99-a-month standalone subscription option, as well as the option for a perpetual license.

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