Adobe partners with Microsoft to bring Adobe Spark to the Surface Duo, Windows 10X

Surface Duo
Surface Duo (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A leaked video shows Adobe discussing optimizing Adobe Spark for the Surface Duo and Windows 10X.
  • Microsoft also showed the video at Microsoft's Developer day.
  • Adobe Spark on the Surface Duo allows you to drag and drop content between the device's two screens.

A new video emerged today showcasing Adobe Spark on the Surface Duo. The video includes developers and marketers discussing how the Surface Duo's two screens increase productivity. One of the main points highlighted is the ability to drag and drop content between the device's screens. Well-known Twitter leaker WalkingCat shared the video on Twitter. Microsoft recently used the Adobe Spark video as part of Microsoft Developer day.

With the Surface Duo, people can keep the tools of an app like Adobe Spark on one screen and keep the content they're editing on another screen.

Andrew Watson, Sr. Android Developer of Adobe Spark, says in the video, "When I loaded up our app on the Surface Duo, it just worked. Getting Spark post working with the tools and features that the Surface Duo has was very, very easy. It was relatively few lines of code."

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  • Surface Duo... Can't wait. I wonder if it will be around for Summer🤔🤔🤔
  • Still not sure how this is any different to what can be done on a single screen.
  • Don't overthinking it. Don't get your expectations to high. It's just more real estate, and more ways to view more content at once... I'm really more worried about the Camera experience than anything.
  • Galaxy Fold has a great camera and even more real estate. It is going to be tough for Microsoft to compete, especially if the Fold 2 is improved and cheaper.
  • @Sin Ogaris just by being able to fold the screen gives you alot more flexibility. You can't really work around with a large slate of tablet in your pocket lol. I'm curious if the nfc functionality in the device can do more than just make payments.
  • Perhaps gen 2 will have a rear camera with proper ois. Can't wait to try out the surface duo in the Microsoft store in Oxford street.