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Hands-on with Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows Phone

Don't you love it when big-name apps make it to the Windows Phone Store? Earlier today, we told you about the arrival of Adobe Photoshop Express. It has been available on iOS, Android, and even Windows 8. Now, Windows Phone users can join the fun. We've installed it on our Nokia Lumia Icon. Head past the break to watch our hands-on video.

There are already several image-editing apps for Windows Phone. Some of our current favorites are Nokia Creative Studio, Fhotoroom, and Camera360. But having options is great! After spending some time with Adobe Photoshop Express, we think many of you are going to make this app your primary photo editor.


  • Basics: Crop, Straighten, Rotate, and Flip your photos. Remove red eye.
  • Auto-Fix: One-touch adjustment for Brightness, Exposure and Shadows.
  • Color: Slider controls for Exposure, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrance and more.
  • One-touch filters "Looks": Choose from over 20 eye-catching effects!
  • Share easily to social sites like Instagram and Facebook, and via SMS text.

You can send a photo to Adobe Photoshop Express directly from the Windows Phone camera roll. With the image open, click the three dots on the lower right corner, tap edit, and then select Photoshop Express. You can also open existing photos from within the app.

Like all other editing apps, you have options to adjust several things such as exposure, contrast, clarity, vibrance and more. There are also sliders to adjust the strength of the adjustments. Despite all these available controls, our favorite feature is the quickfix button. With one click, Adobe Photoshop Express automatically adjusts several options. It does it really well. If you're still not happy with the quickfix, you can jump in and make your own little adjustments. There's a toggle at the bottom that let's you see the original photo.

We also really like the red eye removal and noise reduction tools on Photoshop Express. With the red eye tool, there's an automatic fix, but it works much better manually. Just tap on the person's eyes. Noise reduction also works great, but it's available as an in-app purchase. It costs $4.99, but we're really pleased with the results. Just remember that applying too much reduction decreases the sharpness of your image.

If you prefer filters, Adobe Photoshop Express has them too. There are several looks to choose from, although you're not able to adjust the strengths of the looks applied. There are over 20 looks that are available for free and additional 20 premium looks available for purchase.

When you're done editing, you can save, share, or upload to Adobe Revel. Saving the photo keeps it in your camera roll, while share allows you to send it over to other apps like email, Instagram, OneDrive, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The third option lets you upload to Adobe's Revel service.

Adobe Revel ( is a service that lets you collect, preserve, and share a digital photos and videos with other people. You can invite friends and family to join a Group Library so you can all create a huge collection of everyone's photos and videos.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free download from the Windows Phone Store, but we highly recommend purchasing the Noise Reduction Pack for $4.99. You can do without the additional premium looks. This app is also available on Windows devices (opens in new tab).

Will Adobe Photoshop Express become your main photo editor for Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • psd support please! ;)
  • AutoDesk Sketchbook for WP would make my life.
  • +928 ^ I keep asking AutoDesk when but keep getting no answer
  • Can someone give me a solid explanation of what the "+###" means? I see it used it a lot of odd ways
  • +0
  • As you become familiar with all the variations of Nokia WPs it will start to make more sense.
  • Well in aware that it's usually +random Lumia model. So I guess it's just a quick way of saying what phone you use.
  • That and that you approve of the comment.
  • Exactly. And its original, and we created it, and its an inside thing, and its hip, and we enjoy it.
  • Well I guess if writing +1 you add +1 to the previous opinion... that kind of improves it's significance. Now if you say +1020 it's a biiiig improvement and it also happens to be a model number.
  • +1+920
  • It's the model of Nokia Lumia you own, used to denote "that much" emotion or approval in a response.
  • +1020 (in other words, the owner of this particular 1020 (and wpcentral member) approves of this message)
  • +SP3
  • +925SP2X360
  • +1020XB1XB1X360 I have two Xbox One consoles lol
  • +1320,720,625,620
  • It's like "LIKE" in Facebook, which doesn't make any sense
    btw +1 is also for G+
  • +1520 True That! ;-)
  • About time!! Adobe should note that there are some really excellent apps on WP already
    (Fhotoroom, Fotor, Creative Studio...) step up your game Adobe.
  • Tried it. Prefer Fhotoroom or Fantasia Painter.
  • Give it time to mature. It was just born into WP. Excellent I am very happy to see this App at WP. Thanks Adobe keep them coming.
  • But then on the other hand Fhotoroom has been around for a long time and deserves our support. And it's not a product of a big corporation but a small group of people (or one, I'm not entirely sure).
  • Your loyalty is understood. But WP is now a product of big corporations. Things have changed thus small time dev's will face fierce competition from superior developers. Be happy WP has mature into the next phase. I'm happy for this. And I'm sure many people are. There is 3 horses in the race now.
  • While I mostly don't disagree with your sentiment, big corporations =/= superior developers.
  • This^
  • Ahh but superior funding (support!!) and development methods are generally available more readily to large corps than indie devs.
  • Really? Do I need to name all the major apps that have basically sat ignored and not updated (supported)? How many don't have Windows Phone versions, at all. Conversely, how many of these indie apps are user responsive and regularly rolling out updates? Time, passion and talent are the most useful resources in this arena and the little guy can and does complete, in making a quality product.
  • Having worked in big environments, and given the incredible quality of free or very cheap dev tools, including WP ones, the differentiator is often just how good the developer is. What the big firms add is extra layers of management, and how fancy their cars are.
  • Rudy Huyn!? ;)
  • I really disagree, except in the game arena.  Big companies have to justify development costs, indie developers can spend as much time as they have. 
  • That's a very short sighted view. Indie developers have jobs, families and other commitments. They may need various devices to test apps on or need to upgrade to a PC/OS that supports Hyper-V. The time that they put in is purely at their discretion. Developers working at big companies get paid solely to make applications and the companies have the capital to work with and know  that they will probably generate a return in the long run. The developer tools for WP are free for god sake and pretty easy to get to grips with. Indie developers should be praised for their work. They take pride and have a passion for developement in the first place, something someone working at Adobe may not have/ Do you think services like Steam would be so popular without them?
  • Not necessarily so imho, one only had to look at the MS xbox Music app to see that big time corporations does not automatically mean superior developers (not to be mean but it has, and still stinks)
  • +1320 ( != is a good way too )
  • Upvote!
  • Big corps don't = better products either. That mentality would make one believe that with Android's massive market share that they must be better and no one SHOULD pay them much attention. I'd advise not always choosing the biggest "brand", but rather the best product. For me right now, that means, in order of importance in my editing tools:
    1 Fhotoroom
    2 Fantasia
    3 Adobe Photoshop Express Yes, APE is there and I think it does better quick fixes than Nokia Creative Studio, but it's not my "best" option for more in depth editing. While I think it is important to land the major titles, I also think that it is important to reward those who start with and focus on Windows Phone. We want some developer innovation, not just "me too" after thoughts from major apps when their growth trends on iOS and Android slow down.
  • Hear hear. Well said.
  • It has nothing to do with big or small.. It's released on all platforms
  • Brand loyalty I respect that. I guess I will give Fhotoroom a try.
  • It's cool to have these major apps from big corporations available for our beloved WP, but i'm agree with you: Fantasia painter is so complete..!
  • Fantasia Painter is basically Photoshop for WP. Closer than any other app I've tried anyway. Only a few things missing.
  • +920
  • Thanks for recommondation. It looks really impressive. However, most people only need basic photo tool. Do you know which is best in WP and W8.1?
  • I think tt's meant for quick and dirty touch up hence the name "express" and I wouldn't use it to replace fantasia painter. Each have it's uses.
  • Honestly is ridicolous to make a choice because you feel some sense of loyalty to a brand. That I exactly what being a victim of marketing means... You as a consumer are free to choose products. Branding doesn't mean a thing is just a marketing tool to make consumer drive consumers towards products. But is never the product itself. Anyone can make a good photo editing app as a matter of fact Fhotoroom can compete with PhotoShop Express. You should simply pick what you like most and what better fit your needs. Buying brands turn customers into fanatics, and that is exactly what kill any open market in the end. Just look at the average Android or Apple users...the do not use devices, they are fighting a crusade against the "wrong" devices... :D
  • Have them all installed. Use them all. I reward everyone who supports my platform of choice.
  • Man this app is amazing! Just try playing around with the clarity adjustment and be blown away.
  • If you think this is amazing. What would you think of Photoshop Touch app. That's the one I want. This is the gimped down version.
  • Yep, I want that too. My pc is bad and photoshop is slow. But on any tablet or Phone its fast...
  • About to download it now. Can it beat Fantasia paint app?
  • Not even in the same app category, to me. Fantasia is wizardry. This new app is great for the quick fix + slap a filter/look methods of editing.
  • If want to edit photo ONLY, then this or Fhotoroom is for you, if you want add cartoony, hip, funky effects, stick with Fantasia Painter.
  • Fantasia gives me precise control of me edits. If I just want to sharpen a face, I can "paint" that effect just on the face, for example. If one thing could use some saturation just pinch to zoom and then paint the saturation effect. I'm not sure why you think it is for cartoony/hip uses. Fantasia is a seriously powerful tool.
  • I've tried this app, and its just an average photo editing app. And coming from adobe, I felt they should have done much better. Fantasia still rules!!! I noticed that lots of folks don't know how to use fantasia, that's why they rate it poorly.
  • Agreed. Fantasia is numero uno for me,
  • I'll give it a whirl ;)
  • Not on par with Photo Shader.
    Also, a lot of effects aren't customizable. Other than that it's a good app, but 5$ for the noise reduction, when you can do it for free with Paint.NET on your PC, meh...
  • Is that my friend Juan?
  • in the red hood? yes
  • Just downloaded this today and I'm definitely a fan.. The quality of the filters and the overall quality is just amazing! I'm even gonna buy the extras.. It makes my pics look a lot cooler than im sure they actually are.. Lol
  • Adobe now needs to flood the WP community with all their apps!
  • Fantasia is pretty amazing, but lacks a few features. I personally use lightroom and skip past phone editing BC the saved pic isn't very high red.
  • I prefer a high blue picture.
  • Fhotoroom and Fantasia and others will make high res saves.
  • Does it open dng files ?
  • No
  • Disapoint?
  • If it doesn't support DNG files, then "it isn't Adobe" in my book.  I'll pass on this and continue to use other utilities/apps on my phone and use Photoshop and DNG editing on my PC.
  • Are the extras universal, for W8 too?
  • Yeap! I dont why they didnt mention that.
  • oh really, gps permissions, for a photo editing app...?
  • Because photos often have location metadata attached to them.
  • of course but you dont need a gps to read that from the image, but then again, why would you want to see where the photo was edited afterwards? is there even a field in the image data to add that info? seriously ms should employ harder rules for gps traking apps, there are apps that i understand need your location for some things, like that one Hot or Not, but why has it to be traking you the entire time you spend using it after it has started and located you already? i dont even care that much about that kind of privacy, what bothers me is the wasted battery in doing so
  • The app does have built in "capture" feature.
  • A lil bit laggy
  • Oh boy, a native or third-party RAW file editor would be the shit
  • I think that's coming from the Nokia branded app.
  • There should be a rule about extra long app names that don't fully show in the WP app list.
  • No..... it looks good but Thumba still ahead in my books and costa a lot less..
  • I love Thumba but let's remember this Adobe and this is only the first version of the app. Just imagine the possibilities over time...
  • It's only 36mb but why it require wifi to download? Other apps below 100mb doesn't require that. Anyone facing the same problem?
  • I downloaded and installed it on my HTC 8S via 3G. So, no problem with cellular data download.
  • After restart still doesn't let me download via 3g
  • Worked fine for me rogers hspa + lumia icon
  • Installed it using HSPA+
  • Cannot login via Facebook.
  • I found that this app lacks of three things:
    1) File picker (for pick a file from other locations and for pick photo in the adobe service from other apps).
    2) auto upload photo on their service 3) supporto for lens.   PS: also the login with Microsoft Account would be appreciated
  • & dng support for 1020/929/1520
  • Add the 930 :)
  • The app is a nice start. This only version one guys. Let's stick around and see what happens. I'm sure with Adobe's reputation, they won't just stop here.
  • What is the deal with many WP photo editors? Can we get landscape editing please? Without that, I'll stick with Creative Studio.
  • Any body know if it works on 512mb devices?
  • It does indeed.
  • Surprising guess it came @ the loss to process dng files
  • haha, why wouldn't it? It's not a full feature app!  It's not like Adobe Photoshop or Premier! 
  • I wonder why WP apps look nicer than their Windows 8 counterpart.
  • Since it's a universal app, do in app purchases like the noise reduction carry over from the RT version?
  • They look to be! I just checked and I didn't have to re-buy them, they were already unlocked.
  • Yes. I bough it for my surface and all my in app purchase is available on my phone.
  • I've been waiting on this!!!
  • Does it support dng editing of our high q pics? If not it's pretty useless to me
  • Nope guess its because it supports 512 mb devices
  • Check it out.. I think the noise reduction is awesome!! Shot one pic from my Lumia 1020. Applied autofix and saved; then took that saved image, applied 50% noise redux and saved again; here is the result.. Autofix alone is on bottom; 50% noise redux  on top..
  • Where's the link dude
  • Hmm. post doesn't want to show photo.. oh well; here is the post:  
  • Ah, looks nice.
  • I want it does it works on lumia610??
  • Wp8 dude, wp8.
  • Excellent for Lumia 1020 +++
  • I agree with Mark. The autofix is really great. And to be able to fine tune those auto settings is a plus. Great for quick touch up to make a dull photo look lively.
  • Does the price unlock features for both, or just for WP 8.1?
  • One of the Best app from windows8, now on windows phone, it's a win win
  • I have never been a fan of photo filters and edits unless the edits were to reproduce the natural scene as accurately as possible. I take photos to capture the moment and for people to see what they could have seen with their own eyes if only they had the opportunity to be there.
  • It would be awesome if there was a program that could enhance focus.
  • Nokia Refocus?
  • Yeah just loved it
  • So it is a carbon copy of any other editing app. Nothing new. Fantasia Painter does all this and more with no additional purchases. Pass.
  • As Adobe is sticking with their Desktop x86/x64 apps and has publicly stated they are not developing for Windows 8.x I don't see why I should start using their scaled back "apps" whoes funtions are more akin to a "utilitiy" when other vendors are investing in developing true APPS for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone Stores. The way I see it, these "utilities" are only ways to draw you into the Adobe Creative Cloud, and very little to do with adding value to Windows Phone or Windows 8.  For me, it's more worth my time to learn an app from a vendor that is growning their apps and making them better and more feature rich, than start learning a dead-end product with Adobe's name smacked on it, but without any of the value I expect from Adobe.
  • First of all, you made a good comment, BUT, it is all about assumptions, your assumptions and your way of seeing things. You are maybe right, but also maybe not. You are not in that bussines and certanly not working in Adobe to know things like that. Second of all, I see things (and i think more of the WP community) like "The more, the merrier", it's good to have a bigger choice, right? Right! My photo editor of choice is Fantasia Painter Pro, maybe there are better editors than this (highly doubted), but this is My choice, yours maybe is Fhotoroom, to others maybe is some third app, etc. And third and last, This app is new it came up 24 hours ago, give it a time to mature in you, play around, see how things are going, but do it with open mind, do not compare it to others if you want to make a fair judgement, then come and say is it worth it or not. Graphic Design is my hobby, so my favorite tool is Photoshop and I am working with it since version CS2 and i am happy to see an app from Adobe here. Photoshop is not a dead-end product, but contrary, it is the best photo manipulating software ever made, no one came even close to Photoshop, altho there are excellent photo editors out there. Let's see first how this app will mature, grow, with updates, new additions, etc. Ofcorse it will have bugs here and there, but it's a version 1, so sit back, play with it, and if there's bugs, report it, we'll see how Adobe will deal with those :)
  • Downloaded and purchased both IAPs! And if we ever expect to see any kind of market growth, I suggest you all do the same. Did we really need this with all the excellent photo editing apps we already have? Probably not... But I believe the more we support these WP devs now, the better Windows Phone will become in the long run...
  • The quick fix button actually works like magic.. and the pictures taken on my 520 really need it..
  • Downloaded and purchased both IAPs! And if we ever expect to see any kind of market growth, I suggest you all do the same. Did we really need this with all the excellent photo editing apps we already have? Probably not... But I believe the more we support these WP devs now, the better Windows Phone will become in the long run...
    I wholeheartedly agree with you except for the fact this is not a small or even medium sized vendor. This is Adob