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Adonit launches INK Pro Windows stylus in the UK for £80

If you're on the lookout for a new stylus for your Windows tablet or laptop, Adonit's INK Pro is now up for grabs in the UK. Targeted at business users, the INk Pro is now available on Amazon (opens in new tab) for £80.

A stylus isn't something that one typically looks to for sleek styling, but the INK Pro certainly looks sleek. Aside from its looks, Adonit estimates the INK Pro packs up to 80 hours of battery life, or 24 hours with continuous use. The 1mm pressure-sensitive tip is replaceable, and two shortcut buttons located on the side of the stylus allow for a quick way to right click and erase mistakes. Rounding things out is a built-in microphone, which Adonit says can be used to initiate Cortana voice commands.

The INK Pro is certified by Microsoft and uses the Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP), so it should work with a wide variety of devices, including Microsoft's own Surface line. Adonit has also tested the pen with a number of tablets and laptops, each of which you can find at its Amazon store listing.

The Adonit INK Pro is available now for £80.

See at Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

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  • Thays great
  • I bought the Adonit Ink as a replacement for the pen that came with my SP3. I'm not blown away by the quality. My primary bugbear is that it switches itself off after a few minutes of non-use and that's a pain. I'll be taking notes, then break to send an email or take a phone call and when I come back and try to start writing again it won't work. You have to remember to press the on button again. When using a real pen and paper you expect to lift the pen and it just writes. Digital note taking has to be as fluid and natural as traditional writing for it to become mainstream and Adonit have missed the mark with this.  Frankly Microsoft should be sticking the pen in the box with every surface device if they want people to use onenote. £99 for a pen is an absolute p-take when you've already dropped £1000+ for the tablet. I don't care if "that's how Apple do it".....just because those robdogs rip customers off doesn't mean Microsoft should follow suit. 
  • if they'd added the pen then it would have been a £1100+ purchase, and for most people who didn't want the pen, that would have been an absolute p-take 😉