This Inateck mouse is one of the best affordable pointers you can buy

Inateck Mouse

You really don't have to spend much at all to pick up a decent mouse to use on your laptop or PC. When it comes to gaming and productivity that both require slightly more precision, these affordable mice can sometimes cause issues. That isn't so with Inateck's $9.99 mouse with its superb 1000 DPI sensor and comfortable ergonomics. This is probably one of the best cheap mice I've ever used.

Subtle yet striking

The first thing you'll notice with this mouse is the design. It's subtle yet striking at the same time. Inateck has used reflective plastic around the bottom half of the mouse, joined by a smooth matte finish on top. You can kiss finger marks goodbye — through several hours the mouse remains relatively clean.

It's a simple, ergonomic design that is well suited for various grips — meaning you should be able to wield this thing no matter how you hold a mouse. There are no sharp edges, no groves to make cleaning it more infuriating, and there's a soft glow LED effect. This isn't a customizable product, so you'll be stuck with the pulsating shade of green, but it sometimes changes to a light blue if the red laser underneath passes through.

The best part is Inateck hasn't gone overboard with the lighting and overall look of the mouse to make it feel cheap. If you didn't know better, you'd think the mouse cost more than the low price of just $9.99. This is what a good portion of consumers want — a great-looking product without the premium price tag. You won't be sacrificing on the design by removing a more expensive competitive listing from your basket.

Highly accurate

Inateck Mouse

The mouse comes packing a 1000 DPI infrared sensor and it's a joy to use. In the likes of Photoshop you have great precision with quick burst movements, and in games, the mouse performance admirably with no issue. I have it paired up with Razer's Gigantus mousemat that seems to bring the best out of the affordable pointer. I would not recommend using it on a desk or table, however. (Inateck does its own mousemat that should be fine with this mouse.)

The comfortable movements of the mouse are joined by two solid clickers with loud audible feedback. The noise is not loud enough to keep everyone up through the night, but they sound as though Inateck hasn't saved cost on using basic parts that will fall apart within a few months. The scroll wheel is as you'd expect. It's nothing special, but one shouldn't expect that in this segment.

An added bonus is the ability to use the mouse if you're left-handed.

It's not all great

Inateck Mouse

This is one of the best cheap mice you can find, but it's not all great. It's $9.99 and thus there will be some things missing. For that price you lose out on some niceties like a braided cable, or a detachable one at that.

This is also a problem for anyone looking to use it with a laptop or tablet on the go, as you'll need to pack away all the cabling and mouse altogether and things could get messy. Another omission is any extra buttons for programmable functionality. You won't be binding in-game functions to this mouse, nor will you be able to quickly raise or lower DPI settings. That said, gamers who don't utilize extra buttons on their mouse and enjoy the 1000 DPI setting will have no problem here.

Lastly, there's the issue with poor tracking on surfaces other than a mousemat.

Should you buy it?

Inateck Mouse


  • Looks better than $10
  • Accurate and precise
  • Great ergodetnomics
  • Subtle LED effects


  • Non-braided cable
  • Unable to change DPI

Yes, you should if you're looking for a mouse that will cost you less than $10 that won't arrive sporting poor performance, you really can't go wrong with Inateck's option. That said if you're looking for a better-protected cable, extra functionality, programmable input, and configurable DPI settings you'll need to look elsewhere. Inateck has done a stellar job with its affordable solution here and I would absolutely use the pointer if I didn't require the extra features one usually finds in competitively priced products.

If Inateck revises the mouse with a detachable, braided cable and at least two side buttons, I believe it would make it an even more compelling mouse. To be fair, as that's the only gripe I have with the mouse, it's a superb product even without these options, especially at this price.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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