Affordable IQ400W dual-SIM Windows Phone by Fly available in Russia

Microsoft has paired with some interesting new OEMs after removing the license fee for its mobile platform, and Fly can be added to the list with the new IQ400W Windows Phone. This latest dual-SIM handset, which is powered by Windows Phone 8.1, is available for 3990 rubles ($100) at supporting stores in the region.

As for specifications, we're looking at a 1.2GHz Snapdragon CPU with 512MB of RAM, 4GB internal storage and MicroSD expansion. The 4-inch display has a resolution of 800x480 and a 5MP main shooter will let owners capture some sweet photos. It's positive to see yet more cheap Windows Phones come to market to further expand the platform into the hands of new owners.

See the Fly website for more details on the IQ400W.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Oh si~~~~
  • This at least has the original Windows Phone icons...
  • Fly is just a shitty cheap parody on smartphone. No matter what is written about it, learn one rule - never buy fly.
  • Nope
  • we got some info bout wp9
  • But it will be focused more on big screen devices.
  • Why 512 Mb ram again?
  • Try not to ask for 1GB RAM at that price please... How many Android phones with 1GB at that price can you find, please?
  • many moto e,xiomi redmi 1S just to get started
  • But android needs 1gb ram otherwise its really terrible :O
  • Avg consumer asks for 1 GB ram blindly.
  • Dual sim? And with Indian taxes applied?
  • Dont think 512 ram devices are that smooth for wp either. They're definitely better than android, but they still lag
  • My lumia 520 lags as shit "loading", "resuming" has now become a daily norm
  • Hey! It's Windows Phone logo!
  • Something which Nokia phones gonna have soon I guess! :v
  • It's hate & love war for the consumers
  • God, these new models are so fucking boring. Low end, shitty internals, nary a blade of difference between them. I suppose Nokia/MS will be the only manufacturer that even attempts to innovate now. I've said it before, I hate this path WP is heading down. I know its necessary to survive, but its a damn shame.
  • When WP has a better popularity we will see better WP, companies now want to give WP a chance.
    I think this is BS because people will find WP bad and slow on theses fuckin devices, so it won't success.
  • That's funny I am on a Nokia 630 and had a Nokia 521 both cheap windows phones with 512 Mb but they are both fast and buttery smooth that argument might be valid for android but not WP it still runs great on low end hardware
  • I'm with you, I own a 720 and the OS is pretty smooth, but multitasking + apps startup are sometimes slow, and people (like here in Saudi Arabia) want any reason to say "whaaat! Nokia, no way it's the worse".
    Fuckin stupid people (sorry for this)
  • How many budget new wp8.1 devices does that make now ? Glad to see it more support the better spread the word ms !
  • 512 mb of ram!!!
  • Wellcome Max
  • Why all the negativity.
    Just be glad that there are some oems who are interested in wp.
    I don't care if its a high or a low end device, its a wp device.
    If there numbers are growing even on the lower segment its drawing attention.
    Not only consumers but also developers.
    And it also forces other oems to compete.
  • This exactly, and hopefully if these low end devices sell maybe they'll make some mid range as well. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • LG Sony where art thou ??
  • Yes, bring some high end innovation to the mix, replacing my 920 later this year or early next year, screen turning yellow Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Here have been rumors about a new LG with Windows Phone on board. I guess LG should have shown off their new smartphone. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Speaking of Russia, Vk on Windows Phone is a brilliant native client and I wish Facebook had that
  • The Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe has better specs, better design and  better price compared to this. Unfortunately, the Fly is available only in Russia and the Cherry Mobile is in the Philippines.
  • I understand the frustration that all these new devices are near identical spec wise, but they're also from lots of different markets around the world and I doubt there's going to be a lot of crossover between them. With the holiday season looming a fair few of these are going to get picked up as presents/ first smartphones for kids & older generations etc... If the experience is close to/better than that of the 520, they're going to be an excellent entry point into the ecosystem...
  • It's a good phone. The more OEMs making WP the merrier. Go WP!
  • i think lumia 530 and blu jr have same specs and they both are around 100$. With much better brand and service they have upper hand on IQ400W
  • One Ukrainian SIM and one Russian SIM. Perfect