Age of Empires 2 may hit Xbox if Microsoft can 'figure out' the controls

Age of Empires II
Age of Empires II (Image credit: Microsoft )

What you need to know

  • Age of Empires is a cult classic series that has enthralled gamers for years.
  • Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is coming to PC on November 14.
  • It looks like Microsoft wants to port the game to Xbox One.
  • The game will be part of Xbox Game Pass at launch just other Microsoft Exclusives.

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is a remastered version of the cult classic that launched all those years ago. It's coming out on November 14 for PC, the same day X019 takes place in London. It features a lot of behind-the-scenes refinements that should make it a treat to play on modern machines.

According to a report by Twinfinite, Age of Empires 2 may be coming to Xbox down the line. At Gamescom 2019, the team managed to speak with the game's Creative Director Adam Isgreen. When asked about whether the title could come to consoles, he said the following.

So, the plan is that I want to make the best PC real-time strategy game possible first. Now there's mouse and keyboard support on Xbox, but so many people don't have mouse and keyboard that they can plug in. So, I think the challenge, and what I want to fool around with afterwards, is... once we get this done, we're gonna look at what we can do for console controls, like building a console control scheme specifically for Age of Empires. We don't have anything to announce about console right now, but we're going to go try to figure it out.

Hopefully, Isgreen and his team will be able to figure out a control scheme for consoles. Games like Ancestors Legacy and Cities: Skylines work really well on consoles, so emulating them would serve the project well. Age of Empires needs to come to Xbox because console gamers have been demanding it for years!

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  • I love RTS games. I have since the original C&C. But playing them on console is a nightmare. These are PC games. The only real way to play them on console is with mouse and keyboard support.
  • I once said the same about fps games.... I didn't quit the kb/m business until Halo showed me the right path
  • That would be an easy solution, though I'm sure they don't want to do that because of the confusion it would add. What if someone bought it and then realized they can't play it? Will the Xbox do a check for proper hardware before allowing a purchase? It gets a bit messy when you get about to put this kind of restriction into place. There needs to be some more mouse & keyboard solutions designed for Xbox. The Razer Turret is a poor solution that requires dongles, the mouse and keyboard use different charging connectors, etc. Someone needs to release a set that has Xbox Wireless built in and they both charge with USB-C. Until we have proper hardware, this isn't realistic.
  • I find it hard to believe that gamers have become less intelligent as times gone on.
    They never had trouble, with understanding that peripherals was required in the past. That singing game with mic, guitar hero, light gun games.
    Sure some could be played with controllers but was pretty clear to anyone who bought it, what they was getting and required. Pretty sure most people who wanted to play this on Xbox would be more than happy to use a bog standard kb/m (preferably wireless) if it meant they could get to actually play it. Don't need to use the razor.
  • You're perfectly right.
  • First, put on X1 with M/K support only. That way we can play! I really want this. After that, u can try to put "joystick support". I just want to play it and I don't have a Windows PC . I have MAC for work and X1 for entertainment
  • I strongly agree
  • Well, why not release it even if it's just for Mouse and Keyboard. Every person interested in this gane would absolutely play with M&K. They added this feature. Just release that version and figure out controller issues later.
  • "Every person interested in this game would absolutely play with M&K." This is a completely false statement, especially if released on GP. You may be correct in saying that even most people who are serious about playing this game will, but stop with the blanket statements. I have no intention of plugging a M&K on my XBOX, and I would probably try it on the console, especially if it's 'free'.
  • You wouldn't try it if it said kb&m required.
  • Nope, at least not on Xbox, and isn't that the point of putting it on the device?
  • One of the points of putting it on there. One of the other points is to let people play it who would like to, even if it's via m and k only. If you don't want to, that's fine also.
  • You are missing the point. The original post stated that everyone who wanted to play it would do it via M&K anyway, that was incorrect. Regardless, the point of putting it on Xbox is so casual gamers or others who wouldn't normally be exposed to it can play it. These people more than likely aren't going to have a M&K on their box or even know that that option exists.
  • Sorry. It didn't realize it snowed today. I'll rephrase as you wish, my master. The majority of people. Is that more to your liking? I said work out controller later. Why make all of us who would play it now with M&K on Xbox wait, because you have an issue with using your PC M&K with your Xbox. Seems like a silly reason to make me wait, when M&K controls already exist for the title.
  • Windows Central, if you can ask MS however you can that fans want it to come to Console with just mouse and keyboard that would be awesome. Surely the reason they added this support is for PC games like RTS to migrate over with controls unchanged?
  • Just copy the controls from the Playstation 2 version.
  • Uh. That was unplayable.
  • Well they have Halo wars series to go off of. Sure they could figure something out.
  • I hope with this MS learns that Gyroscopes are important in controllers.
  • They did it great with Halo Wars 2. It'll happen.
  • AOE games are hugely micro management games even for the RTS genre. Go watch a video or Twitch stream. Trying to play with a thanks.