Age of Empires: Castle Siege coming to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 in September

Microsoft has just revealed a new game in their long running Age of Empires franchise that's being made for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 touchscreen devices. It's called Age of Empires: Castle Siege and the free-to-play game is due out in September.

Details about the game are scarce at this point, but a new trailer for Castle Siege shows that it will concentrate on building castles as well as attacking and destroying them. The trailer shows that the game is being developed by Smoking Gun Interactive.

The game will get its first public demo this weekend in Seattle as part of the PAX Prime convention. Microsoft says:

"Be the first to demo the new touch-based, free-to-play game, Age of Empires: Castle Siege, grab medieval weapons and get your picture taken in the OneDrive booth, or compete in other Age of Empires games on our daily Twitch stream at the Age of Empires booth! All will earn you your own limited edition Castle Siege Pinny Arcade pin and your Castle Siege bandana (while supplies last). Join The Siege!"

What do you think of this new Age of Empires game?

Source: Age of Empires on Twitter

  • Woolooloo
  • You just read my mind!!
  • Rogan?
  • I miss this guy so much, I hope he's back too. +920
  • Never played but it looks cool
  • Wood please.
  • Great
  • *-----------------*. My surface RT will love this game
  • Cool
  • Free to download you mean? Every "Free-to-Play" game wants you to BUY something that takes forever to get.
  • True
  • Yeah... I don't touch free to play games anymore. They're fun for a week and after that if you want to keep playing properly you have to pay more money than you'd normally pay on a standard game. It's sad that they're destroying such a good franchise as Age Of Empire by converting it to a junk food free to play game.
  • Free to play is free to play. The items that are purchasable are not required for players to progress or play the game. This is how they finance development of the game. In spite of how kids seem to be raised these days things do, in fact, cost money in real life. Of course, they should also an upfront full cost option to buy to give people options. Unlikely, considering the trend in software as a whole.
  • Unfortunately developers will choose what works. The vast majority of players (literally 99%) will not pay for anything on principal. That leaves the extra ~1% who will plough money into free-to-play games like Candy Crush. Since nobody really buys paid games/apps the developers are designing their games for the small percentage who spend a lot of money and don't think twice about repeatedly buying $1 in-app purchases to advance in a game. Having a 'pay upfront' option is not worth it. You either have to split your game into two separate apps (which splits ratings and stats and creates overhead) or release the app as paid with a free trial + in-app purchases. Games with free trial get downloaded far less than games listed as free (somewhere between 1-10% of the downloads of a 'free' game).   Unless players decide to start actually buying games that have the simple pay upfront purchase option this will not change.
  • There is a trick for it.
    If u live in India u can use your talk time as mode of payment in app purchase. If not
    Do u remember SIX GUNS u can have coolest prizes even in free lottery and i can change date to skip waiting if time is not internet dependant.
  • Hey zekrominfinity, how do you do that actually? How do you pay with your prepaid balance and does it work on postpaid Sims too?
    I'm in India too. Currently have my phone region set to united states, do I have to change it to India? Thanks in advance :) Only asking here because I don't know how to PM in the wpc app
  • It's not necessary as she I play all games of gameloft like asphalt 8 or heroes of order and chaos u can use 30 , 50, 100 as for in app purchase so I expect it getting popular among Indian windows phone so many dev. Are lookin forward to. Have as many in App purchase for their own benefit so we can assume that it may be there in India. And otherwise if in game you need to wait for 30 mins or 2 hours just go to date time settings and forward it by time required.
  • Wow i play age of empires a lot in my pc i hope it is free in windows phone store :/
  • Did you read the article? It says "free-to-play"
  • Aah.. AoE... Missing those Ensemble Studios titles... Watching the intro for AoE 2 - The Age of Kings was something awesome back then...
  • Excellent....Hope it is Xbox Live enable
  • Me too. I Love the pop up sound of unlocking things. :)
  • That's not that PoP up sound of unlocking...its the POp upp sound of unlocking your......
  • Wow :D
  • I love Age of empires. I fact I am playing it right now then I heard my phone ringing and saw this message
  • What a co incident
  • ....coincidence?
  • That's how my tongue slipped
  • *typing
  • Yes I know
  • I hope it will feel faster...
  • Fuck yeah now fuck off clash of clans
  • I gifted "_|_" to my friends playing Clash of clans, as soon as i read the headline
  • Wonderful
  • Looks awesome it reminds me of StrongHold Crusader. I can't wait to play this game!
  • This trailer should be on TV when the game is available. Age of Empires us a huge franchise, ok maybe "was" but it wouldn't hurt foe people to know how awesome WP is
  • Happy! Very happy! I grew up playing this game on my PC!
  • O.....M......G.......!! I love it!! ^.^
  • free-to-play = pay-to-win   No thanks
  • Hoping for Xbox enabled. Should be fun.
  • How do you turn this thing on?
  • Big Daddy.
  • Looks amazing. Well excited!
  • Server closure already announced.
  • Yessssss
  • And still waiting for Age of Empires: World Domination & Zoo Tycoon...
  • I like
  • When's the age of empires world domination coming?
  • Ohhh yeahh!!!
  • Yahooo. My favorite
  • I am not excited for it to be XBox live supporting anymore because they have so deeply screwed Game Hub on my WP 8.1 that I don't care opening that slow piece of shit. They screwed my Game Hub, they screwed my enthusiasm towards XBox Live enabled games. The only reasons for these games being on my phone is that i love that green stripe on the game tiles and that emrald coloured pop up during gameplay
  • there is no games hug anymore, move on.... now it's an app, that does not much, so again move on.
    now games are displayed with apps, xbox live or not, so what has games hub have to do with it? it's obvious Microsoft wants us to see everything in one place. and I like it that way.
    they haven't ruined anything, studios choose xbox live brand or not, and they most likely wont since it brings unnecessary costs, for few idiots who like "achievements"
  • How about the people who like achievements on the Xbox, are they idiots too?
  • Game hub on my phone phone was only place were i can check out my "useless" achievements. I know that the "app" has the feature to check them out but it is so slow that now i am not even bothered to check them(achievements) out. They even screwed the presentation of the hub (app). Whatever it is, it's just SLOW and ugly now.
  • Yahooooooooooooooooo. Wohoooo. Yipeeeeeeeee. Finally after a year aof waiting
  • So, this is gonna fight directly with Clash of Clans, if it comes to WP by mistake?
  • Just hope that microsoft does not land this on Android and iOS like they did with Office and Xbox music
  • Why not? More players.
  • Why not? It will end up a wasteland if It doesn't like total conquest Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • What about age of mythology: The titan expansion. Hope it come on my lumia 520.
  • Oh yes! I will sooooo play the heck out of this! Siegers unite! :D
  • THIS is what they should have done with Age of Empires Online... and don't use steam, nor GFWL, which honestly was better when it was the first option, since steam always had a problem creating the key for you, so it would always ask for a key and people would be like "wasn't it free?" and then puff, they wouldn't play because the bug steam created, so yeah Windows 8 store would have been better... but well, AoEO is dead and nothing can be done
  • The king is dead, long live the king!
  • Pepperoni pizza
    Rock on
    Woodstock Remember those?
  • Cheater! :)
  • This is a Clash of Clans killer! That is if it goes on other platforms.
  • Bullshit, AOE ? let them first release VLC player
  • -__-
  • Now Microsoft Reform Ensemble Studios and make AOE 4 for Xbox One & PC
  • Am so so happy liked age of empires on PC and now coming to my phone am so happy, just hope it supports 512mb of ram
  • Another Strategy game....OMG then I have to find my time for Cloud Raiders and Age Of Empires.....Oops for my Wife too...
  • Yeah...yeah...this is the second AoE game they announce as "coming to WP" and we still haven't seen any of them.   I'll believe it when I see it. And it better have Xbox Live features coming from Microsoft...
  • Thank God MS woke up and understood the power of Xbox branding on WP!
    If they only could bring more games as xbox title on WP and release more than one title per week that would be great!
  • AOE3 was one of the best games ever.  I also loved AOMythology.  They need to remake that into this generations graphics.
  • AOM did have a graphical update. Look for it in Steam.
  • This is a clash of clans mockup, not a real AoE game Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • One of my favorite games on pc can't wait to play it on my Lumia
  • I hope this is similar to clash of clans
  • I'll be playing it. Have nit touched a rts game in years. Nor a WP game in a while.
  • Is this the same game as AOE World Domination ?
  • Nope..different game
  • Think it will be for 512ram?
  • Hope it will run on l620
  • why itchas bad comment from youtube?
  • Because it shows game is for windows, so android & ios users are getting mad and dislike it and making bad comments
  • Definitely hit game if it will support 512mb ram devices
  • Oh dayum, I hope this will 512 supported.
  • Cant wait for this!!!
  • I see myself playing a lot of this game. Sieging was my favorite part of AOE2. Just give me a few trebuchets, handful of siege onagers, and some longbowman, and you're toast.
  • Hope its better than clash of clans.
  • I watched the video which is all about destroying walls, and I can't say I'm into it. Why can't there be a WP game like Pharaoh... or Emperor... or the original Zoo Tycoon (not that mess that was supposed to come out this summer and that looks like Zoo Farmville)... A game where you'd have to use your brain to build the economy of a town. A game that's not only about destroying things for XPs and waiting millions of hours for things to finish building.
  • I am interested in trying this out!
  • Wait, so there are two Age of Empire games being made for mobile devices right now: 1. AoE: World Domination for benevelont Windows Phone, evil iOS, and evil Android; and 2. AoE: Castle Siege for benevolent Windows Phone and benevolent Windows 8/RT?
  • Sounds more like a version of Clan of Clans for windows phone. I would prefer original clan of clans. Get ready to wait 5-15 days for your updated castles or pay crystals to get you there faster. Age of Empires legacy needs to be protected. Hope it will be decent. 
  • Where is the XBOX Version? Still happy with WP and W8  
  • Age of Empires. How far you have fallen....
  • Indeed
  •     I believe I speak for everyone when I say, “It’s about damn time!” Two of the biggest areas where Microsoft really dropped the ball were with games. We all know the problems with Xbox Live so I won’t really get into that but as soon as Microsoft announced WP8, they should have had mobile versions of all of their One/360 game franchises (Halo, Fable, Gears of War, Forza, etc.) ready to go or in development. And I don’t want to hear an crap about it not being technically possible with companies like Gameloft putting out high-quality efforts like the Modern Combat and Asphalt series. For a Halo game to just come out in 2013 for the platform and Age of Empires to just now be coming to the platform is ridiculous.
  • 3 words: CALL OF ARENA
  • Its gonna be a game similar to Cloud Raiders n CoC right? (haven't played AOE ever)
  • Excited for this one. Although not that optimistic about September release. Its Microsoft. More like November Release unless its a paid game with in app purchases
  • is that game availble for 520 8.1 too
  • Why cant microsoft get clash of clans on windows phone
  • The video presentation made ​​me think to the umpteenth variation of clash of clans ... I hope I'm wrong   __________________________________________________ accessoires galaxy s5 achat iphone 6